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Chapter 1: Pictures




When life gives you lemons, spit the lemons in life's eye.




"You're evil." The black haired girl stated, looking at a picture, a smirk playing upon her lips.

"Yes, but you love it." The blonde replied, running a hand trough her hair. The black haired girl, nodded, her eyes glued to the picture.

"So how did you do it?" The blonde threw a smug smile her way.

"Simple. He is my brother after all."

"We are going to be rich, Rin. Rich!" The girl, Rin, smiled and took the picture from the other girl's hands. She looked at it, her grin becoming wider every second.

"Yes, Zatsune...we are." The picture was the one of a sleeping boy, his blonde hair framing his face. He was wearing a pair of black pajamas, the shirt unbuttoned, exposing his flawless skin. In one word...he looked sexy.

"His fangirls are goin to pay a fortune to have this." Zatsune smirked. The two girls high-five'd eachother before putting away the picture and grabbing their backpacks.

"Yeah, but I still have a question." Rin stated, looking at the girl from the corner of her eye.

"If he is a player and he slept with almost every girl in the whole school, then why would they want pictures with him when they already saw him naked." Zatsune stated. Rin nodded.

"Simple. They're greedy bitches." The girl laughed at her own joke and Rin just shook her head.

"I'm amazed actually...how you always manage to give something of his to the fangirls but you never get caught..."

"Well, I'm his little inncocent sister, right? I don't even know he is a player or has a fanclub." Rin smirked and Zatsune shook her head.

The buss' doors opened and the two girls stood up, getting off and walking towards the school.

"Change of topic. So, something new with Kaito?" Zatsune stated. Rin blushed.

"W-what are you talking about!" She stated, wide ayed, at the girl. Zatsune rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed. She sighed and run her hand trough one of her ponytails.

"Stop pretending." Suddenly the blush adorning Rin's cheeks vanished and the wide eyes changed to amused.

"Fine. Nothing, actually. You know he's a teacher."

"Yeah! The hottest teacher in the school! Duh!" Rin agreed with a smirk of her own.

A few moments later, school came into view and both girls sighed at once. Rin quickly searched trough her backpack and handed the picture to Zatsune.

"Here. You make the copies." Zatsune smirked and nodded.

"Rin-chan!" Both girls looked towards the source of the voice, eyebrows raised. A girl with the same hairstyle as Zatsune was waving at them.

"Miku." Both girl sighed and Zatsune rubbled her temples, the girl's voice already giving her a headache.

"And you know what's the worst part?" Zatsune said, looking at the teal haired girl dragging another one to twards them.

"She is one of his toys and she's my cousin. I fell so ashamed..." She continued. Rin silently agreed with her.

"Heh..well I guess I'll see you later. Akaito is waiting for me." She smirked at the girl and gave her a suggestive wink. Rin shook her head but smiled none-the-less.

"See ya." With one last glance at her cousin, Zatsune headed towards the school.

"Hey Rin-chan!" Miku smiled, hugging the girl.

"H-hey Miku-chan. What's up?" The teal-haired girl smiled wider and jumped with joy.

"You won't guess it, Rin-chan!" Rin blinked and tilted her head to one side.

"New credit card?"


"Parents leaving for the week-end?" Miku shook her head.

"Another party?"


"New song?"

"God, I wish- but no."


"I have a date with the hottest boy in school!" She practically shouted. Rin blinked. There were only two boys that rivaled eachother for the girls attention. First, There was her brother, Kagamine Len. It's shocking how someone can look like a shota in 8th grade and then when coming into high school to magically appear like a "delicious piece of meat" like some girls say. He was always at the top of the class. Of course, that was expected from the class president.

Next, there was Hatsune Mikuo. He was Miku's older brother who loved to make fun of her and would always, always recieve a punch, slap, kick or any other harmful action from his sister afterwards. He is also at the top of the class and girls swoon over him lie crazy. Not to mention he has a kind heart. But unlike Len...Mikuo is actually sincere. When he loves someone he loves it with all his heart and will never cheat on that special someone. Len...Rin didn't even though her brother loved someone. Everyhting was just a game to him. That was the main diference between the two boys.

But that didn't stop the girl to ambush them like bees to honey.

So if Mikuo was her brother, then the only one left was...Oh. She had definatelly seen this one coming.

Rin smiled at the girl and patted her shoulder.

"Good for you." Then her smile was quickly erased and she started walking towards her first class. Algebra. God, how she hated that...

"You are such a meanie, Rin. Be happy with me." Miku whinned in her high-pitched voice. Rin flinched, now understanding Zatsune's headaches when it come to the teal-haired girl beside her.

"Why should I be happy? It's your date, not mine. And thrust me, as much as I would like to hear the 'juicy' story after the date, I think I'll pass." Rin repliled. Miku pouted and shook her head, turning at the silver-haired girl.

"She is so mean, right, Haku?" Rin blinked and looked behind her. There she was, Haku, the shyest girl in the whole school. Haku blushed and nodded.

"I..I guess." At that, Miku turned to Rin with an "That's-what-she-said" look. Rin giggled and waved her hand in the air.

"Alright, alright. But no late phone-calls or I swear I will no longer talk to you." Miku smiled happily.

"Agreed." And there goes her sleep, Rin thought.


"Okay so the formula for this-" Nonsense. All the words that came out from the teacher's mouth were nonesense. She didn't even knew what half of those mean anyway. And this was Algebra, not History or Chemistery.

Oh, but Chemistery was actually pleasant...especially when it involved a certain Blue-haired teacher...

Rin sighed. Unfortunately, that particular class wasn't in her schedule today. Such bad-luck she had. But untill that class, all she could do was day-dream. Yes...everyone day-dreams sometime. Some more, some less. Rin was one of those persons who day-dreamed all week and then be fine for the next month. Yes, weird, she acually couldn't get it herself, all she knew was that her mind worked differently sometimes.

Rin shook her head, blonde looks swaying with her movement. She grabbed her pencil and started copying the formulas on the table. She stopped, however at the middle of the first one. What was the use of this? She'll need almost none of it in life. Somehow she doubted Math will save her life one day. That was practically impossible.

Her eyes averted around the class-room. She was one of those kids that sat close to the back of the class so it was an advantage. From there, she could see Miku scribbling furiously in her notebook, probably writing a new song already. Her eyes wandered again untill it fell on Akita Neru. The school's gossip source. Even now, she was typing at her phone who was hidden underneath the table. Rin smiled sightly. Whatever it was, it was big, for neru to be texting in Gakupo-sensei's class. He was the strictest teacher in the school. She let her eyes roam the class-room yet again untill they landed on someone very familiar to Rin.

Her brother, Len.

He was a relative nice guy, Rin admitted. with his blonde hair and blue eyes. The one thing that annoyed her to no end was the small ponytail that he kept since child-hood. She had seen him without his ponytail and he looked almost gorgeus. It wasn't wrong for Rin to think thoughts like that because she only saw Len like a brother on nothing more, but his 'Hotness', like the girls in her class would say, had started to bug her.

Many girls came to her with the hope of becoming her friends, thus being closer to Len, or just marching up in Rin's face and demaning answers for their questions about Len. How many times those girls left with their hopes crushed and some even with their noses (Compliments to Zatsune), Rin lost count.

The bell funally rang and she stood up, picking up her bento and walking over to Neru.

"Hey, Neru. Something new?" She smiled at the blonde haired girl. Neru looked at her for a second before her eyes went back to her phone, fingers furiously tapping against it. Not soon after that, Neru thrust the phone into Rin's face with a red face and a smug grin.

It was a picture of Len. The same picture she gave Zatsune. Rin's eyes widened and she turned around.

"N-Neru-chan! I really don't want to see that!" She declared in a high-pitched voice. Neru just shook her head before grabing her bento and following Rin to their usual lunch spot. Miku and the others were already there.

During the trip to the tree, Rin kept a smug smirk on her face, being careful not to be seen by Neru. Not that she will notice anyway...she was too absorbed by her phone.

"Well what do you know...Zatsune sure works fast..."

So, heRe is my first attempt at writing a Vocaloid-based fanfic. BEar with me, it will get better soon enough. (I hope. XD)

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