And now, Clandestine, How it Should Have Ended. Because every 100 word drabble needs a 1400 word response to make everything right with the world again.

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For Bellalove72, he was only a Cubbie for a couple of hours, it's all better now. (And I hope I got some of those White Sox references right!)

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I'm chatting with the girls when my niece hollers across the yard, "Auntie, there's someone at your door. It's a man!"

I hurry to the door, not missing the teasing cat call of my family and my sister in law admonishing Tina for her tone. I mean really, where does a six year old learn that kind of intonation.

I near the door, hearing more impatient knocks. I yell though the door, "I'm coming, I 'm coming!" When I yank the door open and I am stunned to see Edward standing on my doorstep with a lage box in his hands.

I'm completely dumbstruck. I just stand there with my mouth gaping open. It seems like we stand there for an eternity before he motions for me to let him in, and I stand back so he can enter. I must be on automatic pilot because if I had a thought in my head, there's no way I'd let him in.

Finally my brain kicks in and I chase him down the hall, "Edward, you can't be here," I whisper-yell to his back.

He turns to face me and his deep green eyes bore into mine. He's so much taller than me; I have to look up at him as he steps nearer. "That's bullshit Bella, I let you play that card once before; but not this time."

I'm a little rattled by his intensity. Things definitely hadn't gone well since I last saw him almost five weeks ago in that hotel room; but I hadn't heard from him since, and I didn't really ever expect too again. It actually hurt a little that he hadn't chased me, not that it would have worked; he was still one of them, and I was still one of us.

Finally, I begged him, "Please Edward, my family is here. We're having a barbeque for my niece's birthday, please can we talk tomorrow?"

He looked down the hall towards the back yard and back to me before a beautiful smile broke across his face. That smile was going to make it really hard to say 'no' to whatever he was going to ask. His eyes twinkled a bit when he winked at me and said, "Perfect, I've been wanting to meet your family," before turning on his heel and heading for the back door. By time I processed what he was doing he was already out the door.

I followed him, almost tripping on his discarded box. I couldn't resist a peek, so I lifted the top just a bit. It was completely fully on Chicago-freaking-Cubs gear. Oh god, this was going to end well.

I quickly scanned the yard for the clueless cad and saw him making his rounds though my uncles and dad. I rushed to his side, pulling him by his elbow for a more private conversation.

"Edward, what the hell do you think you're doing? I can't believe you came here with a box of that shit! You can't buy these people off! They're dyed in the wool Sox fans! They sing their kids to sleep with Let's Go Go Go White Sox! They bleed black and white!"

I was interrupted from my tirade by his raucous laughter. He was laughing so hard, he actually doubled over. "Bella…You think I brought that to bribe them?"

By time he finally calmed down, I was ready to feed him to the wolves myself. Let him go ahead and make a fool of himself. They were going to roast him. It would probably be the only time in their lives these guys would ever let a Cubbieburger pass their lips.

"Come here," he said as he pulled me over to the fire pit. "Just stay her for a sec, I'll be right back," he asked before jogging over to retrieve his box.

He set the cardboard container of evils at my feet and called my family's attention. As if anyone was looking anywhere else.

"Can I have your attention? Please forgive me, I didn't realize there would be so many people here for my declaration to this woman," he said pointing at me. I heard my dad huff at the remark. Unfazed, he continued, "I've practiced this a lot, but I thought it would just be the two of us," he gestured between him and me, "So I'll have to edit this on the fly to make it more family friendly," he added with a wink.

My father's groan drowned out the snickers from everyone else. I could actually feel how red my face was and my ears felt hot enough to ignite.

"I know some of you recognize me, but in case you don't; my name is Edward Cullen. I play second base for the Chicago Cubs," he hangs his head, listening to the rounds of boos. "I know, I know. I was young and foolish when I signed with them."

"But I fell in love with this; dyed in the wool, sings herself to sleep with Let's Go Go Go White Sox and bleeds back and white, South-sider," he said with another wink.

Those winks were going to kill me. I'm pretty sure I heard my Uncle Mike admonish me for associating with a Cub and something about them being like cockroaches you can never fully rid.

"But she said it couldn't be. That all of you," he said while pointing around the yard, "That you'd never accept me and she couldn't bear to lose all of you."

Turning back to me, he takes my hands and holds them to his chest. The look he gives me makes me makes me shiver. But then, a playfulness crosses his face, "Bella, Deny thy father and refuse thy Sox;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Cub."

He has the most beautiful, cheesiest grin on his face. It totally matches that cheesy-ass line. "Did you just…did…you know that's the girl's line, right?"

He nods while bending over to open the box at his feet. That's when I realize it's not just Cub's gear in the box, it his Cubs gear. He pulls out his jersey and tosses it into the pit. The heavy material seems to both melt and burn and I'm entranced by the way the flames consume his game shirt. Then it dawns on me, and I look to him for confirmation.

"In this box is every piece of Cubs anything I own, and you can burn it all. If I can't be with you because I'm a Cub, I won't be a Cub anymore."

I shake my head, "You can't do that. You can't just quit for me."

"It took a month of negotiations, and my agent is really pissed because they're only paying me about half of what the Cubs did, but I was traded to the Mariners this morning; I'm not a Cub anymore."

Stepping forward, you take me in your arms. I throw mine around your neck. We're whispering now; and conversation not meant to be heard by the guest awkwardly trying to watch without looking like they're watching. "I've been miserable without you, I would have come back; this cross town rivalry is stupid and it wasn't worth losing you."

He chuckles, "I think it's a little late for that now."

"I'm sorry."

He reaches up to cradle my face, clearing my tears away with his thumbs, "Bella, I love you. Will you come with me?"

"I'd go anywhere with you," I reassure, nodding into your shoulder.



I wrinkle my nose; you throw your head back and laugh. "I wouldn't ask you!"

He's looking at me that way again, the way I can feel in my toes and he slowly lower his beautiful, prefect face to mine. I think he's going to kiss me; I need him to kiss me. I can barely feel the flutter of his lips against mine, "I love you Bella"

I pull back slightly, so I can look him in the eye again, "I love you too, Edward"

His lips crash into mine. I'm soaring, and I forget we have an audience before one of my aunts starts a round of whooping cheers. We pull apart, and I know I'm blushing again.

Without missing a beat, Edward announces to the crown, "Get your galoshes baby, we're going to Seattle!" and then he old movie-style dips me and plants another silly, cheesy, perfect kiss.

The End