My darling Jehanne,

Not a day goes by when I do not think of you, and wallow in my remorse. I miss you more and more every day. I miss your voice, your laugh, your smile, and most of all, the feeling I get in my stomach whenever I'm around you. Words cannot even begin to express my misery as I lie in bed at night, wishing you were there with me. I find myself this night writing the same letter I have tried to write a hundred, no, a thousand times.

Je t'aime, et ont toujours, Mon Cher. (I love you, and always have, my dear.) I realize that now, only after knowing that you are gone.

Tu me manques, et sera toujours, Mon Amour. (I miss you, and I always will, my love.) I realize that now, as I always have, but I was simply too afraid to say it. In the midst of war, my emotions rise above my strength, leaving me weak as I lie to myself and say that I could live without you and feel no pain. No matter how many times I try, I cannot seal this pain of mine away.

I remember things you used to tell me at times like this, but I cannot heal by them. Instead, they make me miss you more. I have tried not to think about you, but I cannot, nor do I want to. I do not want to forget you, but I don't want to suffer this pain.

Et je vous rappelle comme tu étais à mes yeux, mon saint. (And I remember you as you were in my eyes, my saint.) I remember you, and I wonder if I could've stopped. Like waterfalls, my memories with you come into the front of my mind faster than I could write a single sentence.

J'espère que vous vous souviendrez de moi, et ne pas penser du mal de moi pour vous manquants contre ma volonté. (I hope you will remember me, and not think badly of me for missing you against my will.)

S'il vous plait, se souvenir de moi tant que je serais toi, comme j'ai été dans les mémoires qui ont été heureux. (Please, remember me as I would you, as I was in the memories that were happy.)

If this letter does not make its way to you, I am sorry.

If you are unsettled by what I have written, I am sorry again.

Toi pour toujours, (Yours forever,)