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Rod of Asclepius is the name of the staff carried by the Greek God Asclepius, the God of healing and medicine for those curious to know.

Rated M for spice… I was bored at work, fell off my chair and got this idea while listening to people telling me all about their shitty days. Yay for me! ;+)

Rod of Asclepius: a tale of falling off the shaft

"Oh, baby…oh…so good," Alex moaned loudly, rocking her hips up and back on her lover's lap, riding the silicone appendage buried deep within. Olivia sat in her rocking chair situated in her apartment living room. She grabbed the back of the chair with her hands, threading her fingers through and gripping the wood hard.

"That's it, Al…ride me," Olivia laughed deeply and thrust upwards with her hips to sink her faux cock deeper inside, giving a quick rotate at the in stroke to hit all the sensitive spots within. Alex tossed her head back and moaned, "fuckkkk Livvv," as she leaned back and hooked her feet together behind the chair and squeezed her knees around her lover's waist, using the grip to rock harder. The chair Olivia sat on started to rock fast on the rockers beneath them and creak slightly.

"Slow down Al, we're going…to fall on our asses," Olivia whispered into the soft skin of the sweaty neck she was nuzzling and kissing.

"Make me. God, so close…faster baby." Alex began to shiver and held on to the chair tighter.

Olivia picked up the pace of her thrusts, pushing in hard and pulling out fast. The small plug nestled inside Olivia rocked with the rhythm of their intimate dance, causing her to moan almost as loud as Alex, but not quite that high. "So good. Uh. You like it this way, don't you babe?"

"Fuck, I love it." Alex sank her nails into Olivia's shoulder as the rocking cock hit a particularly good spot inside and she screamed. Olivia lifted her face and kissed Alex to quiet her, as her hips began to tremble hard while she thrust. Alex tightened her hold on her lover. "Liv..babe…I'm so close," she gasped against warm lips. "Don't you dare stop."

"Wouldn't…dream of it," Olivia gasped and trembled, heat bubbling within her core, and her release just a few thrusts away. The chair creaked louder and louder as they danced together faster. Each intent on reaching orgasm, and not planning to stop before.

Alex began to shake as her release gripped her body, and thrust her in and down hard. Olivia felt the cock being pulled back inside and clamped down hard as Alex started to orgasm. She moaned and let Alex take the lead.

"Fuck Liv. I'm coming." Alex pulled in closer with her wrapped thighs and moaned, gripping the chair and pulling hard, the wood rocking dangerously back and forth on the rockers.

"I know, I feel it…God, so good to be inside you." Olivia grunted out as her orgasm grabbed her hips, causing her thighs to spread as the plug nestled within was sucked inside her by her muscles. She rotated her hips as she came, giving Alex the needed friction to carry her through her intense wave riding.

Alex shook and squirmed, leaning in to kiss Olivia as her trembling stopped, Olivia following closely behind and also leaned her head back with a sigh. Their combined weight tipped the chair back. Alex opened her eyes. "Fuck Liv, the floors coming."

"That's nice Al," Olivia murmured, not sure what was happening and not really caring as her mind floated on cloud nine. The chair hit the floor with a bang. "Fucking shit…what did you do?" Olivia screamed as her head ricocheted off the back of the chair and bumped back into Alex's forehead. Her butt hit the bars of the back with a crack of pain. She scrunched up her face in pain.

"Ow," Alex screamed as the cock was yanked from within her clamped core with a pop, then her body sprawled forward haphazardly, and her elbows banged the wood of the chair hard.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked, looking at her lover's scrunched up face. "Are you in pain Liv?"

"Eh…if I think so."

"What do you mean, you think so?"

"Well, my hips are numb and my legs are cramped. And I've got a lump on my head where I whacked your hard head. It's too early to assess the damage."

Alex stood up, reaching her hand down to Olivia in offering. She took it and let Alex ease her to her feet. She stopped mid stand, leaned down on her knees and mumbled, "fuck owww…owwww. Hurts."


"My butt."

Aww baby. We need to take you to the ER. At your age, you might have just broke your hip," Alex sincerely said but giggled under her breath.

"Eat me," Olivia scowled. "I'm in pain here. Now, stop laughing and help me."

"We need to get you cleaned up and dressed," Alex muttered as she walked over to Olivia and gently removed the strap-on. Olivia hissed as the soaked plug was pulled from her cramped wet lips.

Alex kissed her lovers sweaty and sore forehead softly as she stood back up, and tossed the strap-on away to the floor for cleaning later. She led Olivia over to the reading chair and helped her to sit on the cushy surface while she ran to the bathroom for clean clothes and a towel. Throwing on clothes quickly, she grabbed some sweats for Olivia and ran back to the living room. Her lover sat bent at the waist and exhaling in loud pants, her forehead pale and soaked with sweat.

Looking up at Alex, she said, "hurts to sit. I think its my tailbone."

Alex winced. "I hope not. A broken tailbone will definitely mess up our sex life."

Olivia huffed and said with a squeak, "I'm in pain, and all you can think about is us not being able to fuck. Wow, love. You can still masturbate you know. I'm the one incapacitated."

"Sorry Liv."

Alex walked over and wiped the sweat away with a towel while Olivia closed her eyes. She gently wiped her clean and helped her pull on the sweats then grabbed two pillows off the couch. Olivia looped her arm around Alex's neck for support, stood up slowly and they waddled slowly to the door. Alex grabbed her keys and they left to go to the nearby Emergency room.

Alex eased Olivia down onto the back seat of her Audi sedan, helping her turn over and lie on her stomach for the quick jaunt to the hospital. She jumped in, revved the engine and they sped down the busy Manhattan streets. Olivia groaned with each bump and jostle of the car. She moaned with relief when Alex pulled the car to a stop and opened the door to help her crawl out and stand up.

They slowly made it into the Emergency room, were told to have a seat and wait. Alex opened her mouth to yell, but Olivia squeezed her hand and said, "it won't do any good, just piss them off. Come on."

"Right, okay." She helped Olivia to sit on the pillows she brought then sat down beside her with a huff. "What are we going to say? I mean…are we going to say what happened or fib?"

Olivia turned her head and looked at Alex, meeting her blue eyes and responded, "fib. Definitely going to fib. I am not about to tell some homophobic Doctor that I was fucking my girlfriend with my fake cock and we were so enthusiastic that the chair fell backwards. Nope."

Alex laughed. "Well it's what happened. And your speculating; you don't know for certain that the Doc will be a homophobe."

"So what? I'm telling them I fell down and that's that." Olivia crossed her arms and sighed, lowering her gaze to the floor.

The pager at Olivia's waist beeped, signaling their wait was at an end to see a Doctor. "Well there you go, you do come when called." Alex giggled soflty.

"So not funny. Keep making cracks like that and you'll be sleeping on the sofa for the next few weeks while my broken ass heals," Olivia said.

"Uh…" Alex opened her mouth to say more, but the Doctor walked up to them and asked, "Olivia Benson?" The Doctor looked between the two women in question. Alex pointed to Olivia and said, "she's Olivia Benson."

Alex looked at the Doctor standing in front of her and noticed the spiked red hair and the beautiful green eyes of the woman in the white coat. Her gaydar pinged with a bang. "I'm Alex Cabot. Miss Benson's girlfriend."

Olivia whipped her head around and gasped. "Oh, fuck. I think you gave me whiplash Al."

"Your own fault," Alex murmured as she shook the Doctor's hand and smiled warmly at the woman. She and the Doctor each grabbed and arm and tugged Olivia up to a standing position. The Doctor flicked a finger at a nurse, and soon Olivia was settled in a wheelchair and being wheeled down the hallway.

Alex turned to the Doctor and said, "I'm going with her." She stepped forward but was halted by the Doctor.

"Technically Miss Cabot, you are not allowed back with Miss Benson. But…it can be at my discretion. Loopholes you know."

"I'm an attorney, so I do know a thing or two about those loopholes."

"Come on." With a turn and a few steps, the pair pushed through the swinging doors and followed the scowling Olivia as she was pushed down the hallway to an exam room.

In the exam room, the Doctor poked and prodded then finally asked the dreaded question, "so Miss Benson, how did you injure yourself," she smirked at Olivia and winked at Alex.

Olivia stuttered, coughed then said, "fell down…hard. Hit my butt." She flushed red and glared at Alex who shrugged and stayed silent.

"MMhm, I'm sure. Fell down on your butt. Must have rubbed your skin raw when it impacted the floor?" she asked skeptically.

"Yup, hurt my butt horribly. The hard chair whacked it hard," Olivia answered without hesitation then turned red. "Oh…Oops." The Doctor laughed deeply and patted Olivia's shoulder sympathetically.

"It's okay. Been there, fell on that before." She turned to Alex and said, "you should be gentler with your girl next time." Alex nodded and blushed. "Well Miss Benson, you need x-rays to confirm, but it looks like you bruised or broke your tailbone. As long as it's a clean break, then we'll let it heal on its own. I'll give you some pain pills and you'll need to sit on a pillow for about four weeks until it heals. No strenuous activity during that time either."

"Damn," Alex muttered before she could stop herself then looked sheepish at the two other women and shrugged.

"I'm a cop though. You mean I'm going to be on desk duty for four weeks?" Olivia whined and looked up at the Doctor with a pleading expression.

The Doctor shrugged and said, "sorry." She wrote in the chart and handed a piece of paper to Olivia with a wink. "Here's your pain script, and my card with my phone number." She winked then continued, "my girlfriend and I are new to the city and don't know many couples. If you're interested that is."

"Definitely," Alex answered and walked up to shake the Doctor's hand once again then she left the exam room, leaving the couple alone.

"Ahh, we made a new friend," Olivia teased, then said sarcastically, "and you only had to fuck me so hard, I broke my tailbone in order to meet her."

Alex laughed and walked up to the exam table, looking down into Olivia's eyes. "Accident aside, I loved being with you that way tonight. I am sorry I tipped us over backwards though."

"Shit happens, then you move on. But you are explaining this to Elliot and the Captain."

Alex threw up her hands in defeat and whispered, "fine," then leaned in and kissed Olivia. She pulled back. "See, hospitals aren't so bad after all."

"Not with you here they aren't. Now kiss me again before that crappy nurse returns."

"The Doctor flicked the do not disturb sign as she left," Alex whispered and did as her lover asked, laughing gently at how their evening of love turned out.

Olivia mumbled into the kiss, "smart Doctor…a rarity these days."

"Liv, shut up."


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