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Rod of Asclepius

Chapter Three: Gauze and Tape

After pacing with her eyes didn't ease the knot in her stomach, Olivia decided to bite the bullet and call her lover. Olivia picked up her cell phone and after a quick glance around the squad room to ensue no other ears were listening to her, dialed the Alex's number on speed dial. She cleared her throat and listened for the click of an answer. Then her lover's answering machine popped on. Either Alex was ignoring her calls or she shut off her phone to remain undisturbed.

"She's probably ignoring me. I would ignore me if I acted that way to myself."

"I really fucked myself over this time," she muttered to the little get well bear sitting on the corner of her desk, a present from Finn. The bear reminded her of something Alex would get for her when she had a rough day and needed the soft cuddle for cheer. Finn set it there to make her smile. Instead now she felt warm tears gather in her eyes. She dipped her chin to hide them.

Wiping her eyes, she spotted her partner strolling into the squad room with all the cocky pizzazz of a all-star football quarterback. She pointedly ignored him as he strutted up to his desk, located right beside hers.

He pointed to the little white bear. "Cute bear. Did Alex get it for you to ease her guilty conscience?"

She flipped him off. "Screw yourself without lube. Finn gave it to me. He at least feels bad I got injured."

Elliott laughed. "Sure Liv. Keep thinking that." He sauntered over to the coffee machine and filled up his mug. As an after thought, he grabbed another for Liv and filled it up too.

"Here you go klutz. Now do you want to hear about the case or do you just want to totally sit this one out. I thought the Captain gave you another day to get better?" Elliot sat down at his desk and arranged some folders into neat little piles.

"Eh he did. But to tell you the truth, I was getting sick of Alex babying me."

Elliot laughed. "Are you telling me that you had Alexandra Cabot waiting on you hand and foot and you got sick of it. Boy… Are you sure you're feeling okay? Didn't hit your head harder than you thought when you fell down?"

"I do have a headache, so its plausible. Now, as much as I want to get involved in the case, I think I better sit this one out. You know how I get. All antsy and controlling."

"Oh yeah, not to mention completely arrogant when you know you're right."

"Well, I usually am. Right that is. It's you who should be worried about this case. Without my expertise, you'll both flounder," Olivia smirked then rubbed her nails on her shirt in a pose of arrogance.

"Ahh, shut it girl. We be just fine, me and the stapler," Finn commented, having been eavesdropping on the conversation, but wisely chose to stay out of it until just that moment.

Olivia laughed as she understood the nickname for her partner. "Stapler. Is that because you…put the clues together…quickly?"

"Ha, oh. Hahahah… Klutz." Elliot turned around to stare at the suspect/victim board and watched Finn as he put the pictures and fact sheets up on the glass.

Olivia frowned and stared at her desk phone, willing it to ring, but it stayed quiet. She sighed and went back to getting caught up on her DD5's and ignoring her stupid partner and his new friend Finn while they talked about the case. After twenty minutes, she shut down her computer and checked her watch. It was almost four o'clock, and she hadn't heard from Alex the whole day.

"Maybe she won't come and pick me up," she mumbled as she stared at a picture of the two of them she kept in her desk drawer to cheer her up during horrible cases. It usually worked, but not today. She set it back into the drawer and shut it closed with a bang.

A few hours later, Olivia still sat in the squad room working on her paperwork. She called Alex but got no response. "I'll give her another hour then I'm calling Munch in as back up," she mumbled as she shut down her computer and stared at the display board where Elliot pinned up the suspects earlier in the day.

A face caught her attention. A face she recognized but couldn't quite place him. She was still staring stupidly at the board when she heard the click of heels on the hard floor outside of the squad room.

"Baby?" Alex walked into the room and stared at her lover, as she stared at the board with a puzzled expression on her face. "Olivia," she shouted.

Olivia shook her head to break the daze and looked over at Alex. "I've been calling all day."

"I know and I've been ignoring your calls." Alex stopped walking and leaned against Finn's desk a good distance away from her lover. She knew if she got close to Olivia, then she would forget her promise to herself to make her lover apologize first. She was usually the one that caved, the one that pleaded forgiveness even when she wasn't the one at fault just to avoid another argument and an empty bed later.

"I didn't think you would be here to get me," Olivia said as she stared at Alex, not sure what Alex would say.

"As you so harshly pointed out Liv, I'm the reason your in that condition. I can't just leave you to fend for yourself, even though you probably deserve it." Alex dropped her gaze to the ground to avoid Olivia's.

"I was an ass and I kept trying to get a hold of you to apologize. I was the butt of the jokes today by the way." Olivia reached out and picked up the stuffed bear, holding it up and looking at it. "Finn gave me a bear." She smiled at the dorky looking bear and then set it back down on her desk.

"At least he has sympathy for you." Alex walked up to stand beside her lover and gazed down into her misty brown eyes. "It was an accident and we just won't say otherwise." She sighed and wondered what they would say if asked for the truth behind the accident. While contemplating excuses, a warm hand reached out and clasped hers, pulling her in closer until she stood between her lovers splayed knees.

Olivia looked up into hooded blue eyes. "I'm so sorry darling. Forgive me for being a jerk. I'm really glad you brought along my pillow because I must say, it hurts. I don't want to sit down again for a while once we get me standing up again." She winced as she shifted on the pillow to get a better look at her lover's body.

"Don't worry, we'll work something out." Alex smiled then leaned down to kiss Olivia.

"Wow," Finn yelled and jumped back then turned around to give the women privacy.

Alex pulled away from Olivia. "Hello Detective Tutola. Sorry to frighten you."

Olivia wiped her lips then sat back gently to watch Finn flounder under ADA Cabots glare. With a soft laugh under her breath, she grabbed her keys and notebook in preparation for leaving.

"Hello Alex," Finn squeaked out, his back still firmly to the women.

"You may turn around now. We won't kiss again," Alex laughed at his plight.

"Nah, you go on and kiss your lady all you want too. I just needed a file." He turned around and walked over to his desk, gazing at his feet the whole way.

Olivia laughed. "Hey Finn, help me get down to the car, will you?"

"Sure, sure. Be glad…to." He grabbed the file. "And don't worry about this asking for help thing, it'll be just between us." He winked then helped Olivia to her feet with Alex holding on to her other arm. Slowly they made their way to the elevator and down to the car. It wasn't until they prepared to get Liv into the car that Alex remembered they forgot the pillow up in the squad room.

Finn winked. "No worries. Be right back." With a blur of his bright red, flapping jacket, he ran off to grab the pillow.

Alex leaned down and whispered, "I'm sorry about today. Let me try and make it up to you. I think I figured out a way for us to… be… and not have you be hurt again." She winked.

Olivia coughed. "I meant what I said, you know, about you not having to be celibate for the four weeks. I'm sure we'll…figure something out." Alex leaned down to kiss a soft cheek then nuzzled a warm ear before pulling away.

Finn ran out of the building, a pink bag clutched tightly in his hand. "Cabot, you owe me some like meatball subs or something equally butchy for having to carry this all the way down here. The unis saw me."

"Don't worry Finn. I'll get you Yankees tickets when Liv gets better."

"Yeah baseball, it doesn't get any more manly. Beer and hotdogs. Yum. Now will you take me home please? I want some pain meds and to try that thing we talked about," Olivia whined.

"Don't whine Liv… Uh, thing?" Finn asked with raised eyebrows.

"Just don't ask because you won't want to know," Alex said as she placed the pillow in the passenger seat and they eased Olivia down onto the pillow gently.

After her lover was situated, she stretched up and hugged Finn as she whispered, "you're my kind of man Finn. Just don't tell Liv." She pulled back, winked then ran around the car. Getting inside, she started up the car and pulled away from the station, her injured lover relaxed in the passenger seat, and no doubt counting the many ways she had to make up with Alex tonight.

Finn stood on the sidewalk and watched the women leave. "Damn I need me a woman like that. A little broken butt might be worth it to snag a lady like Miss Cabot." He whistled a joyful tune as he walked back into the precinct to grab the correct file since he grabbed the wrong one earlier.

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