When Love Isn't Blind

A/N: Timelines have no meaning in this story, I needed the men for the story and so they are appearing out of season so to speak...

Chapter One:

He's dreaming he has to be, he doesn't hear voices in his head. Not anymore, not since he'd lost Shannon and Kelly. There is no way…and then it comes again. Soft, hesitant and somehow, oddly familiar.

Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? Please, I'm hurt and I don't know where I am.

Gibbs wakes up, knowing without looking at the clock that it's o' dark thirty hours. A quick glance confirms the time: three a.m. it's early even for him. What was going on?

He looks over at the empty space beside him. He hasn't had a bed partner for several years now. Lovers he's had plenty and he's had a few ex-wives but no one that he can consider a real partner, not since…

He heads into the shower and comes back out ten minutes later, rubbing a towel over his damp hair. He unwinds the towel at his waist, and once again glances at the empty pillow. The last time he'd dreamt about someone, she'd still been alive. They both had. Not sure what he's thinking, he dials his friend and mentor.

"What's the matter Probie?"

"Not sure Mike. Gut feeling, someone is hurt, in danger. Meet me at the Yard; I'll pick up Ducky." Gibbs hangs up before Mike can respond and finishes getting dressed.

Mike Franks frowns at the abruptness of the phone call. "Damn Probie, you're getting more like me every day."

Heading out to his truck Gibbs then dials Ducky.

"Mallard Residence, oh hello Jethro."

"Meet me at the Yard Duck?"

"At this hour? Whatever is wrong Jethro?"

"Not sure Duck, just meet me and Mike there ASAP." Gibbs hangs up and drives directly to the Yard where Ducky and Mike are just arriving. Both men look at Gibbs who heads immediately for MTAC.

"What is going on Michael?"

"Not a clue, Ducky. He called me and then called you. Something about his gut."

"Ahh, the almost famous Gibbs gut. I wonder what he's planning."

They wait, knowing that Gibbs won't keep them wondering for long. He's back within minutes, shaking his head as he comes towards them.

"Figure it out yet Probie?"

"I know that I heard someone say they were in trouble."

Mike exchanges a concerned look with Ducky. While the Lead Agent hasn't divulged Gibbs' past to the ME, he figures that the older man might question what Gibbs is talking about. He isn't disappointed.

"What happened Jethro?"

Gibbs sighs as he leads them to the nearest fleet vehicle. "I heard someone pleading for help just before I called you two."

Mike glances at Ducky who pursues more answers. "What did that person say Jethro?"

Gibbs starts the engine and backs the car out of its assigned spot, heading for the exits. All three men show their badges to the guards who raise the gate and wave as they leave.

"I woke up hearing someone say, 'Can anybody hear me? Is anybody there? Please, I'm hurt and I don't know where I am.' I'm not imagining things either. I just…I know that someone is in trouble."

Mike says nothing but he notices that Ducky starts preparing a sedative, just in case they would need to subdue Gibbs later. Gibbs growls as he passes a slower moving vehicle and neither of the other two men are surprised when lights and sirens start immediately afterwards. They are surprised however when the police car passes them and heads north; the same direction that Gibbs had said they needed to be going. Silence fills the car as they follow the police cruiser to an almost deserted side of town.

When the car finally slows, Gibbs pulls up behind it and is out of the car and almost beside the police officer before the other man knows he's there. Gibbs inhales when he sees the carnage lying in wait for him. Two vehicles, one almost hidden in the wreckage of the other. By some miracle, neither vehicle has caught fire even though Gibbs can smell the gasoline fumes in the still night air. The police officer doesn't waste time; he's calling in for an ambulance and paramedics as well as a fire truck

"My Dear God! Can anyone still be alive in all that?"