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Chapter one- Apology by Alesana


Sweat drips in my eyes
screams of lust we cry

It was during that moment- the moment that Naruto brought him back- that he loved her. He didn't know what came over him. He didn't know if it was her green eye's; her pink her that reached right below her shoulders. Would she look that beautiful under him? Would her eye's hold the love that they did now? Would she say his name, would she scream his name?

When he and Naruto walked into the club; he noticed banners- all had 'Welcome Home' written across them. All meaning nothing to him; all because of the pink haired little vixen in the center of the lights; blue and black florescent lights brightening her eye's as she twirled and twisted her hips to the luring beat. Their eye's clashed; onyx against emerald. Holding her gaze he walked forward; gaze darkening as she turned her backside and winded slowly as the skirt lifted to her thigh. And in her hands she held a glass of sake.

He was behind her in a matter of seconds; his head in the crook of her neck. Breathing in deeply as her arms wrapped around his neck; his arm wrapping around her waist, bringing the back of her bottom tightly against his groin as they grind hotly to the the fast sexual beat. His right arm reaching towards her drink; bringing the drink to his lips- throwing his head back as the drink went down his throat.

"Want to go some where else?" The alcohol spreading hotly down his system as his gaze and judgement fogged as she nodded.

Tonight, you are, everything
You're everything...
You're everything to me

The door of his apartment was smashed open as the drunk couple smashed them selves on the door; lips, teeth, saliva, clashed against each other as he lead them down the hall way and up onto the stairs. She tumbled, as he landed against her; his lips trailed down her neck and into her shirt. The vally of her breast beckoned him; the sweat meeting his lips as he tore down her shirt and licked the tops of her breast. She moaned as he tore away the holding's and replaced them with his finger's.

The ring of his phone awoke her from the lusty frenzy she was in as she tried to push him away.

"Sasuke" he shuddered as her breath whispered his name. "Stop- you must have something-"

"SHH my blossom. You're everything... Everything tonight you're everything."

They were both on the bed meeting as one. Her screams echoed, his grunts sped up as he was close to his release...

No more as I wake
From this perfect dream...
I'll escape from Eden's walls
Can I not stay and live this lie?
For I must think only of myself

He woke up; his breath coming out in quickening puffs. and his arousal finely evident. His eye's glanced around the room to see if it was really real. The dark walls of the Uchiha household staring back at him. He was there but she wasn't; she wouldn't be...because after all... Damn it! Why couldn't his life ever be right? Why couldn't he pretend? Why couldn't she be there for him? To hold him?

I'll do anything! Just don't leave me! I'll be there! I'll stick with you!


Why couldn't she stick to her promise? Why couldn't she be there for him when he needed her most? She could've


if she were still...


there with him...


He jumped as his red haired team mate busted into his room.

"Are you OK? I heard groaning and whispering-no screaming- of her name." The false concern was evident as her eye's screamed rage. "Are you having nightmare's again? Do you need me to me help you?" Her eye's trailing down towards his problem.

He grunted.

And to think that you will not be scared
Or surprised I severed all these ties
This is the end

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you

He ignored the screaming red head under him as he relieved her- and try to relieve him self. She wasn't her. She just wasn't. She didn't have the pink her- but only and ugly shade of red. She didn't have her emerald eyes- just hideous red ones. The anger filled him as he pounded harder- feeling her shiver and come for the third time that night. He tried to look at her; he just tried to imagine her face- her voice screaming his name. But he couldn't.

He looked down at the figure below him. "Help me try to get over her. Help me forget." He whispered.

She moaned.

He wouldn't be surprised- hell the whole entire village wouldn't be- if he left again. He couldn't stay in a place where she wasn't. He just couldn't.

I feel so numb to see this bitter end...
(It has come to this...) End of beautiful illusions
(Broken pieces) Will not mend
(...One last kiss) To save our past now

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you
One last false apology
Help me get over you

The light greeted him; as he woke up. His bed was empty. As always. The sent of the red head was on his sheets; as always on every other night.


He turned around to see her standing; her smile filled his heart as he stepped forward to touch her face; to caress her skin. But once he touched- or tried to- she disappeared.

Just an illusion ; just an image of his tortured mind.

Now we must let go...

Urgency overwhelms me as I must restrain my flood of tears

I refuse to be slave to your false beauty again

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you
One last false apology
Help me get over you

He had to...he had to let go of her. He looked towards the gates that held her body. The leaves crunching under hiss feet as he walked forward to the spot she laid.

He kneeled down to face towards her and whispered his last words to her.

"Gomen ne Sakura-chan."

He looked upto the sky. "Help me Kami-sama. Help me get over her." He whispered.

if she was still alive...


then maybe..


they could've been together.


It was during that moment- the moment when Naruto brought him back- he learned the being that brought him back. The anchor to him and thiw world- had let go.(He had it all planned out..he contacted the Hokage a month before that when he came back... that he would marry her...but he lost her)

Because a greedy missing nin couldn't keep his sword in his sheath.

In my mind blood drips from your eyes
A beautiful last goodbye

It was because of him... he lossed his being... his was because of him that he had lost her.

Here lies the beautiful soul


Sakura- soon to be Uchiha- Haruno

May she rest in peace.

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