Legendary gardens- Island of knowledge

somewhere in between the Grand Sea, Silver trench and Stormy Sea, was a group of nine islands, each one under the care and protection of a legendary pokemon.

My name is Kyu, I'm the head of a research facility on the smallest of the nine islands, known as Island of knowledge, why? well it is under the protection of the eon Dragons Latios and Latias.

on this island lives a small community of pokemon, most of which are employed at the combined research and rescue centre of the nine legendary gardens, the title of the nine islands.

You see I'm a pokemon scientist, a pokemon who is a scientist, got that? Good, I'm a ninetails if you hadn't guessed, Kyu meaning nine.

What we do here, is develop new items based off or inspired by human technology, or make something that humans will one day copy themselves. What we make is used on rescue missions all over the globe, from Kanto, to Unova.

I'm the head of the research department, my partner, Spitz is head of the rescue department, he's a charizard, the company's best long range fighter.

The head of the company is Hermes the Latios..yes people he's named a messenger god, because that's what he does, he handles requests from pokemon across the world and sends out teams accordingly, his Mate, Lara the Latias runs the hospital.

What you are about to hear is how our greatest inspiration turned against us, and everything we did to save them.

War had broken out against all of humanity and the Legendary pokemon.

And it was up to us to end it, whatever the cost...