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There once was a tale of girl not quite right, of a man as mad as a hatter, and the friends that saved a world.

The problem with growing up, is at one point, you are supposed to put away childish things. But what if you try, try really hard…and the things simply don't let you?


"I sail the seven seas blue, all in a moment simply to forget you…" Alice hummed to herself as she stood on the deck of her ship, "The White Queen," watching as the captain maneuvered them into Port Gaverne. She looked at the land with an old eye, weary of her 21 years of life. She knew what would happen when they took harbor. Her mother and sister would be waiting, trying their best not to let on how much they wished she would give up this life of an adventurer. To settle down and be a right English miss. The only problem was she was never quite right, now was she?

"Miss Kingsley?" The young captain tapped her shoulder, "Madam?"

"Captain Croft, how can I be of service?" Alice inquired keeping her eyes trained on the shore. She knew why young Croft came, he wished to call. He had tried to keep his intentions restrained while on the boat, ever aware that she was owner, but now, now they would be in England, equals as such. Alice knew she had to say no…he didn't even like tea.

"Actually madam, I was hoping to ask, if perhaps, before one of us set sail again, if it would proper for me to come to call?" Captain Croft asked. His blue eyes trained on Alice's face and his hat in hand, he hoped she'd say yes. Croft was not a bad sort, simply not the RIGHT sort. So Alice knew, she could not let him entertain such ideas, for she was not right, not right at all.

"Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk, Captain?" Alice turns to look at Croft and still barely sees him. It is in moments like these, when she is done with adventuring, that it is the hardest for Alice to remember, to remember the way they were, her old friends. She missed them terribly, about as much as she missed her father.

"Miss Kingsley?" Croft almost reached toward her but stopped himself. In that moment, she looked so sad, so lost, so something almost indescribable. Almost like she lost a bit of herself.

"Captian, Miss Kingsley, we are settling her in now," The first mate informed the two. Alice nodded her head and walked towards her cabin to collect the meager possession she would carry with her. Captain Croft looked at her for a moment.

"She ain't for you Capn'n," The first mate told him, shaking his head.

"Not that it is of any concern of yours, sailor, but yes she is." Croft told the impudent first mate.

"No Capn'n, she ain't. She's marked sir, already claimed and suffered for. Underland and her Hatter will have its champion, sir, best not meddle with that." The first mate told him with a nod of his head.