LbN: Written for The Teachers' Lounge drabble thread. :)

Charlie Weasley sat down on the bright orange bedspread. The bed creaked a little as Ron scooted away from him. "Look…" he began.

"Can we just…forget this?" Ron begged, already the color of a strawberry.

"It's no big deal!" Charlie said, trying to make the situation better. It was his fault, really, for not knocking first. Fred and George had been getting on his last nerve (family reunions tended to do that), so he'd come upstairs for a bit of peace. All he'd wanted was to ask his brother for a game of chess. He'd been wholly unprepared for what he walked in on. "I mean…we all have…interests and…er…habits—"

"Please, Charlie, shut up!"

"I'm just saying, it's nothing to be ashamed of. But I'm not going to tell anyone, if you're worried." He looked at the piece of…literature…Ron had dropped. "Fancy a game of chess?" he asked, in a last ditch effort to erase the awkwardness from the room.

"Fine. Be down in a minute."

Charlie nodded and left the room. He'd never pictured Ron as a Twilight fan….