A/N: I'M ALIVE! I just haven't had a lot of time to write fanfictions because of college… I've got a $23,000 scholorship I gotta maintain and that involves a lot of studying…. Sometimes I think too much… anyways, this is a Chukie/Tommy fan-fic. i hope you guys love it! I apologize if my grammer or spelling sucks; I haven't really written a fan-fic in a while….But I hope you see through it and enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: The Introduction

Hi, my name is Chuckie Finster and I'm 19 years old. Not a lot of people can say this, but I've had my friends since I was a baby, and over the years our group grew. It all started out with me, Phil, Lil and Tommy. Phil and Lil would always argue about or agree about the same thing and even say things at the same time. I guess it's a twin thing. I was more of a coward; everything scared me, especially clowns. I still don't like them, to be honest… but Tommy was always there when I needed him. He was the leader, the brave one and my best friend. With his "trusty screw driver" we would go on these insane adventures. I don't remember all of them, but there are some I could never forget, like when we went camping in tommy's back yard. I was so scared, but tommy made all my fears vanish. I honestly never knew why… maybe it was his natural confidence and fearless attitude… Then there was angelica… that crazy bitch… and Suzy… I had such a crush on her… Dil and Kimi were the last ones to join our group. Dil is so weird, but the coolest people are never normal. Kimi is my step sister and I love her so much; sometimes, I think we should have been the twins because we have so many things in common. Kimi and I are greatly interested in French and Japanese culture… but we were interested in the same person at one point, but Kimi won that battle. I guess her and Suzy do make a cute couple. They've been together for almost three years… talk about love.

But over the years, we've changed. Phil and Lil are now the college partiers. Every weekend, the DeVille twins throw a huge party at their house full of booze, pot and all that other shit. Their parents are always away because of their mom's new business; she's selling work out supplies and weight machines, and her husband is doing all the legal and filing work for her business. They had to move to California in order to keep their business striving. Every once in a while, you'd see their mom on tv with her weights and crazy woman muscles… i think she's a lesbian… but if I ever told anyone that, Phil and Lil would probably kill me… they also have matching tattoos on their left arms… once again, I think it's a twin thing… they don't wear the same clothes anymore though; Phil's got a preppy boy style, with neon polo's, cargo shorts and a white baseball cap he wears every day. Lil's got long brown locks tight tang tops and short denim skirts. She always wears her pink clip-on streak, but she's too afraid to die her hair. She think's she'll gray early. Over all, Phil looks like your average douche bag and Lil looks like a slut. I would never say that to their faces, of course, because they're really nice people. Angelica's in a rehab right now. Because she was naturally a bitch to everyone, they simply ignored her and she became a social outcast. She became addicted to heroin and tried selling it to become more "popular". She was eventually arrested and was in a juvenile delinquent center from 12 to 15. When she came out, she was a changed girl… not in a good way though. She was now addicted to heroin and acid. She always said mixing the two put her in this coma like states for a week, but a high like she never reached before. Eventually, her parents noticed that she was becoming a skeleton and disgusting form of her old self and found all the needles. She was actually on that show, the intervention, and she's been at a local rehab ever since. It's been 3 years since we last saw her and she had a relapse that day too. Karma kind of sucks, but I'm glad she's safe now… Suzy is the singer of a band called "Spring Breeze". It's alternative and they just had their first song played on the radio. She's very successful and all around a great person. She looks about the same as she use to but she dresses more like a woman, of course. She's also strait edge… except with sex. My sister and Suzy have so much sex, it makes me want to pull my hair out… their so loud and they make my room shake. Yes, if you haven't realized it yet, my sister and Suzy are lesbians and that's okay with me as long as they keep it down. Suzy looks completely strait, but Kimi is one of those girls you look at and say "yup, she's defiantly gay." She shaved half her hair off and kept the other half at shoulder length; she has two inch gauges, snake bites and a tattoo on her back of the "NO H8" logo. We had a feeling she was gay at 16 when she shaved her whole head for an "image change." She's weird and dramatic, but I still love her. Dil's doing pretty well for himself; he opened a website called "" and he sells some of his crazy inventions there… yes, he made the big gummy worm, if that's what you're wondering. He dresses like a nerd, but the type you'd want to hang out with, rather than want to give a wedgie. Then there's me. I'm not a coward like I use to be, and as sarcastic as I sound here, I'm actually a pretty nice guy. I traded my nerd clothes for hipster threads. Yes, I have the hipster glasses and they're prescription. No, I don't have the hipster attitude. My braces came off and I'm now freakishly tall. But it's cool, I never really fit in anyways. I'm very serious about school and, like Suzy, I'm strait edge. I've never had a girlfriend and I've only been kissed twice. I take all that closeness stuff very seriously and I'm a secret hopeless romantic.

Then there's Tommy…. He's still the leader, he's still brave, but now he's a surfer. He dresses like classic beach bum and always wears a leather necklace with a shell tied on it. He has a chill, friendly attitude to go with his new style. He always wears a bright smile and makes you feel like you mean something to the world. He has dreams and ambitions like no other and a "we can do it" attitude. He knows everyone's name and is there when you need him the most. But, he's my best friend, so he puts me before anyone else… aside from family. I'm actually the only one he lets call him tommy. Everyone else calls him Tom. He'll charm you and treat you right, and from my recollection, he has not broken the guy code. At all. The only thing with Tommy is that, like me, he's never dated a girl. He's kissed many girls, but he would always say "I just didn't get any feelings from her". He said he wants to find the right person. Though, all these girls always flood him with their numbers. Tommy's extraordinarily good looking… lucky bastard…

If you would have asked me two years ago, I would have said Tommy was defiantly strait; he just needed time to find the right girl. But a year ago, we were sky gazing at the beach (because we were bored) in complete silence. Then tommy said in a soft voice "Chuckie… you would be my friend no matter what, right…?"

I turned to him slightly and smiled saying "of course, man… you didn't sleep with my mom, did you…?" we both hysterically laughed because the group has dubbed my mom as a MILF (Mom I'd Like to Fuck). As soon as tommy caught his breath he said "no… I'm bisexual, Chuckie." I was completely shocked but tried not to show it. Tommy continued "I just would rather love for love rather than for gender… do you understand what I mean?" That sounded more like Tommy. He had always been a guy who didn't like to follow a preset line, but rather make his own. I smiled at the thought and said "yeah, I have a gay sister; why wouldn't I?" Tommy smiled again and said "good, cause it would suck without my best friend!" giving me a friendly punch on my arm. A warm sensation crossed my face but I simply laughed it away and continued our adventure in the clouds from the ground.

I haven't seen him hit on or hook up with any men since he told me, but I won't act too shocked when he does, but I wonder how everyone else would act… I'm the only one who knows after all, and I know Phil's a little homophobic, when it comes to men. I wish I could say that this new summer's going to be simple and relaxing, but I know I would be lying.