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Chapter 17: Day Four: Night

I felt my heart stop as Tommy uttered those words to me. I felt like time had gone too fast and feared that this amazing day could potentially turn into a horrible one. Tommy had a neutral tone throughout the phone call so I couldn't really tell just by his voice if it was a bad or good phone call. Then Tommy hung up and shouted "she didn't break her sobriety! We can pick her up and she's okay!" Tommy had this huge smile on his face as he grabbed my face and pulled me in for a celebration kiss. We both hugged and screamed with joy, causing the cart to move, which caused me to tense up and get back in my previous position. It didn't really help that the Farris wheel started going down as this happened either. Tommy sweetly sighed and rubbed my arm again until we made it all the way down from the top and got off the ride. The both of us texted everyone to make them aware of Angelica's situation, then started walking to the car. By the time we made it, everyone but Dil and Phil where there.

"Typical, Phil being late." Lillyann rolled her eyes and said to herself. We waited for a good ten minutes before we saw the two of them running to the car. Dil was completely flustered. I asked what took them so long and Phil quickly answered "the poor kid couldn't handle the zipper and got really sick. But he threw up on everyone behind us. It was awesome" Phil smiled stupidly.

"My motion sickness pads were a complete failure" Dil frowned.

I've never seen Phil this happy about something before, but then again, Phil can get excited about a lot of stupid things and I guess this is just another story he could tell his friends while drunk. We then jumped into the car and drove to the hospital. When we got there, Angelica looked really tired but happy to see us. She ran over to Tommy and gave him a tight hug. " I was so scared but I'm so happy you guys found me." she started to cry "Thank you so much." Tommy tightly hugged her and said "I couldn't imagine my life without you, Angelica." Then, we all came around them for a group hug. Even Phil, who strongly felt that group hugs were stupid, joined in for the hug. We then all went into the car, as Angelica was telling us all about the night she was kidnapped.

"It was terrible." She sighed. "So the night started good, I was drinking with Lil and we were having a good time. I didn't drink too much because I was still a little hung over from the night before. Then, this guy approached me. I knew it was fucking Harold and that making out with Lil wouldn't be good enough to get him away from me, So I had some trusted friends try to ward him off, but that didn't seem to work. Then, we received these shots from a random dude saying they were from Harold. I tried to see if they were drugged, but when I took a small tasted, I didn't notice any flavors of date-rape drugs I recognized, so I stupidly thought it was safe to take the shot. I know I took a shot of patron, but this was a new wave of drunk I was feeling. So, Lil and I took our drunken selves to an area we thought was safe and fell asleep there. By the time I woke up, I saw Harold on top of me with this… crazy look in his eyes." She shivered. "I knew I was in trouble then. I tried to escape his hold, but he injected me with something that made me really tired again and paralyzed me for a short amount of time. He had his way with me…" She then started to sob. "I felt myself giving up on living a safe and healthy life until I saw you, Chuckie. You saved my life. Thank you so much." I smiled as I felt Tommy put his arm around me. Even though I only heard Angelica say thank you, I felt like Tommy was thanking me for finding her too.

As we pulled back into the beach house, everyone was happy and laughing. All was good again and I loved it. Even though we wanted to celebrate, we all really hadn't slept too much, so we decided to keep our celebration simple. I volunteered to cook a really big dinner while everyone else went to take care of other chores around the house. As I was finishing up dinner, I felt a hug from behind and a kiss on my cheek. "Hello, chief Chuckie" Tommy said in a sweet voice.

I smiled and said "you know I'm not a chief; I'm just a chemist who's pretending to do an experiment"

"but you're really good at cooking" Tommy smiled "and that's a gift." I smiled, quickly turned around and gave Tommy a quick peck on the lips. As I started platting all the food, I suddenly had an idea. "Hey Tommy," I started. "do you still have your mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe on your phone?"

"Yeah." Tommy smiled "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If you mean bake Angelica her favorite cookies so she gets really happy, then yes." I laughed. We then gathered all the ingredients and made a quick batch before dinner got too cold. Before we invited everyone down, Chuckie quickly heated up dinner in the oven so no one would suspect that they baked cookies and so their dinner would still be warm. Before we could even call everyone down to eat, the whole table was filled our hungry friends. Seeing the enjoyment on their faces while eating my food gave me great joy. We all told stories about our nights of partying and laughed over inside jokes until we couldn't breathe. Eventually, I brought in the chocolate chip cookies and Angelica's eyes lit up. "Cookies!" she yelled as she grabbed three and started eating them with pure enjoyment. Everyone else snaked on the pile of cookies as well. After dinner, we cleared the table and all went to go do different things. Dil and Phil went to their room to discuss different ideas for how to improve the anti-motion sickness pads, and all the girls decided to sleep. Tommy and I headed back to our room for a good cuddling session. I was staring at the window as the curtains gently swayed with the cool night breeze. Tommy was cuddling me from behind and would softly let his fingers slowly make circles around my forearm. Every time he swayed his fingers around that small section of my skin, I felt my face turn redder. I knew it was time to say something. I needed to know what exactly we were.

"so," I started. "We've been kissing a lot lately. What does this mean, Tommy?"

He cuddled me tighter and kissed the back of my neck and whispered "I like you." I turned my body around so I could face him.

"I like you too" I smiled. He had this look of pure pleasure in his face has he cupped my cheek and pulled me in for another kiss. As we separated I looked him in the eyes and asked "What does that make us?"

"Well," Tommy began "I think we can skip the dating part where we get to know each other because we've been doing that since we were babies." Then, he put on his sweetest smile, grabbed my hands and whispered "Chuckie, will you be my boyfriend?"

I felt a smile curl on my face after hearing the question that I've wanted to hear since I realized how much I liked Tommy. I whispered "Yes" and pulled him in for another kiss. We just laid there and sweetly kissed each other, but we didn't realize the world was still moving. After kissing for a while, I left to use the bathroom and I glanced at the clock. It was 2:03 AM. Tommy and I had been making out for about five hours… it's amazing how fast time goes by when you feel like this. and I still have 3 more days to go. These are going to be the best three days ever.

I walked back to the bed to find Tommy fast asleep. I smiled and laid next to him, holding him closely to my chest. I let the soothing sound of him breathing slowly transport me into my dreams. For the first time in my life, my life was even better than my dreams.