Broken Promises

Well, another poem. I expected to do mostly one-shots, but these are easy to type up. Hope you enjoy!

My battle has been fought,

My enemy vanquished.

I have one this fight

Against my mortal foe.

Who was once my friend,

Long ago.

But no more.

He is dead now.

I have triumphed,

But at a terrible cost.

His attacks found their marks.

The blood saturating these cliffs

Is mostly his,

But, much of it is mine.

And still I paint the rocks red.

But, my life isn't the highest

Price paid.

No, it is two promises made

To two girls.

One made recently.

I promised her, the gentlest soul,

That I would return

From this Final Valley.

The second is old.

I promised her, the warrior-healer,

That I would bring him back alive.

Both are broken.

He is dead.

I won't be going back.

My heart aches,

Yearns to keep those promises.

But it is impossible.

Soon I will follow my former friend

Into the abyss beyond life.

Now the light fades.

I am done.

My life is inconsequential.

But, my two promises of a lifetime


But, I have another regret.

My insurance

To myself

For a safe return

Was expressing my love for her.

Now she won't know.

But, one day, far from now,

When she joins me,

She will know.

As I fall to

The blood-soaked earth

I make a promise I will keep.

If I am graced to Heaven

Where those two will go,

I will apologize for broken promise.


I will embrace the Pure Soul

And tell her my love,

The only promise I can now keep.