My drabbles that are not submitted into Ten Times Ten will go here, and probably the rest of whatever oneshots I do from now on, including ones filled for challenges. This one came from the 'Drabble Tag' game in the YJ forum, second from the top. There's a link in my profile.

I'm gonna say it right now, and it will not be repeated for the duration of this fic series: Young Justice ain't mine. That's right, ain't!

Pairing: Wally/Superboy Prompt: "This is Superboy!" :D "He can't fly..."

Word Count: 580

They were supposed to be covert. In and out, quiet and stealthy. Batman's secret Shadow Force.

And they were out in broad daylight, being mobbed by reporters after their last mission took just a wee bit longer than they planned.

"Robin, are you still working with Batman?"

"Green Girl, hey! Who are you?"

"Who's the kid in the Superman shirt?"

Among all the yelling and questions, Robin kept his arms crossed, muttering about how Batman was going to go ballistic on him. Should have kept a low profile. Somehow, he just didn't think Batman would be at all impressed with his bomb-making skills or the supposed necessity to blow up the entire warehouse.

M'gann tried her best to answer the questions and assure the media they were in no danger while a slightly singed Artemis glared them all down. It...really hadn't been a good mission for her. Aqualad went for the diplomatic approach, fielding as many questions away from whether or not they were with the Justice League.

And Wally, well…

"Hey, Mike! You're a little out of your usual beat, huh?"

Of course he knows reporters by name. He just would; it came with being the Flash's apprentice. Dealing with the media was an all too common occurrence. Kid Flash grinned for the cameras, fully at ease. They were out in the open anyway, so why not make the most of it?

"Yeah, KF, but you know how it is. So what, you're with a team now?"

"Sure what it looks like, right? Let me tell ya, it's incredible!"

"I hear you. Who are these guys then?"

"Well, everybody knows this crazy guy," Kid Flash slung an arm around the Boy Wonder, who stood stock-still, mentally freaking out, "Robin's our tech guy and general ninja master. Say hey, man!"

Robin ignored the cameras and leveled a blank look at his friend.

"You do realize how screwed we are, right? He's going to implode and explode at the same time."

Kid Flash sent a quick grin towards the cameras and pushed Robin away.

"Yeah, he gets a little weird after missions. Ignore everything he says and does. This is Miss Martian, basically awesomeness incarnate. Miss M!"

"Oh, uh," she turned from her own gaggle of reporters for a moment, "Not now, W – Kid Flash."

"Right. She's busy. That guy over there's Aqualad; he runs this crazy thing, helps keep us alive. And the leprechaun over there's Artemis. She's…almost decent."

"Haha, I take it you don't like her."

"I wouldn't mind if you take her entirely. Oh, man, almost forgot. Yo! Big guy, get over."

Kid Flash called over to the silent teen with his arms crossed over his chest. He grudgingly walked over to Kid Flash.

"Don't tell me what to do."

"Sorry," he replied automatically, grinning widely, "Mike, this is Superboy. He can't fly!"

"Why would you say that?" Superboy asked, almost sounding offended.

"Because you can't."

"That doesn't mean you have to tell the planet," he waved a hand at the cameras. "Why don't you tell them you can't vibrate through walls?"

"Hey! I'll be able to one day."

"You can't now, but you don't hear me telling everyone."

"You just did!"

"You started it."

"Excuse me for trying to introduce you to Mike! I'm sorry."

"…Sorry too."

"It's okay. Now let's try this again. Mike, this is Superboy. He's a sensitive soul who can't fly."

Superboy glared, and they found out, at least he had heat vision.