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Everything is now set after "The Serpent's Shadow".

75. I will not try to make a "The Red Pyramid" movie.

Things were calm and cool after Apophis had been defeated. Sadie, Carter, Zia, Walt, Felix and Jazz were all sitting in the living room talking about what to do now.

"Let's go see a movie," suggested Walt/Anubis, whatever the Osiris his name was.

"Yeah we can see Men In Black 3 or The Avengers (A/N: Both Awesome Movies)" replied Zia.

"I wanna see Madagascar 3, those penguins are awesome," said Felix.

"Hey we should make our own movie based on The Red Pyramid!" shouted Carter.

"What a wonderful idea dear brother, let's do it!" yelled Sadie.


"So who should play us in the movie?" asked Sadie as she surfed IMDb.

"I think you should be played by Chloe Mortetz, she's pretty cool," suggested Walt.

"Yeah, she was great in Kick Ass. Who do ya thing should play Carter?" commented Zia.

"I think I should be played by Tyler James Williams, he played Chris in 'Everybody Hates Chris'" said Carter.

"But he's like twenty and last time I checked you were 15," replied Sadie.

"So he's better than Jaden Smith," grunted Carter.

"True," responded Jazz.

Getting the film going...

"Hey I just called Thoth, he said he'd write the script," confirmed Walt from the phone.

"Disney is out, they want to cast Miley Cyrus as Zia," said Sadie.

"What about Lionsgate? They did good with The Hunger Games," suggested Jazz.

Carter ran in the room. "Guess what guys Warner Bros will take the film!"

Opening Night...

To sneak into a movie about them seemed weird but the magicians couldn't wait to see it.

"But what if it's bad?" asked Carter.

One movie later...

"That was... " started Sadie.

To Be Continued Later, Maybe.

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