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"Zoe, why aren't you awake yet!" Her mother cried, bursting into her daughter's room. To her dismay, Zoe was still in bed when she was supposed to be up 15 minutes ago.

Zoe hid herself under the covers, mumbling "Mfft, five more minutes, mom"

Mrs. Orimoto rolled her eyes "Teenagers…" She walked to the window and pulled the curtains apart, letting the sun burst in to Zoe's room.

The sun's brightness protruded Zoe's blanket, causing her to groan "Fiiine! I'm up, I'm up!" Triumphantly, Mrs. Orimoto grinned and left her daughter to get ready for school.

"It's your first day of high school sweetie, get ready!" her mom sang as she walked down the hall

Zoe rolled out of bed, rubbing her eyes "Please, don't remind me"


Zoe gaped at the sight of Shibuya High School. Sure, she was here for orientation and seen the school before. But the size seemed one hundred times bigger since she actually had to attend it now.

She walked up the large steps, and entered the building. Before she knew it, she was engulfed in a large crowd of people. Everyone was pushing and shoving, greeting old friends and talking about their summer vacation. There was barely any walking space, and the only way to get through was by brute force.

The blonde just walked around where she could and went wherever someone shoved her to. Eventually, she ended up in a hallway that had much less people. Dusting herself off, she continued down the hall to look for her first class.

"Zoe! Zoeee!" a familiar voice called

Zoe whipped her head around, seeing one of her closest friends Jeri Katou, run and tackle her for a hug. Followed by Takato, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly "Sorry Zoe, Jeri was really excited to see you" he grinned

Zoe smiled back "No harm done, it's not like I'm not used to this" she laughed

Jeri squeezed the poor girl like there was no tomorrow, practically crushing Zoe's limbs


Zoe leaned over, gasping for air when Jeri let her go. "Oh gosh...So Jeri, how was your summer?"

"Oh it was amazing! I volunteered at a summer day camp, and Takato was there too!" she beamed, turning to Takato who barely said a word yet

"Takato, did you have fun with Jeri?" Zoe teased, causing the brunette to blush furiously

"I h-have no i-idea what you're t-talking about, Zoe" he stammered

Jeri tilted her head to the side, acting oblivious to the situation "Huh? Oh hey, Zoe I almost forgot! What lunch do you have?"

"I think I have 2nd, what about you?"

Jeri jumped up and down excitedly "Yay! Me too, well I gotta go Zoe. I have no idea where my classes are" she admitted shyly

Zoe waved her hand dismissively "No worries, I bet half of the freshman here feel the same way. See you later!"

Jeri waved at Zoe, and quickly paced down the hall to find her next class. "Where's Room 304?" she wondered, glancing at the room numbers as she walked

101, 408, 223, 990, 306

"Wait-What the heck?"

Behind her, Takato was sprinting down trying to catch up with her after saying farewell to Zoe. "Jeri, wait uppp!"


The day progressed on, and Zoe was as bored as ever. All the teachers did was talk about class rules and expectations.

Be prepared during class, don't be late…Blah, blah, blah. I heard this lecture a million times. She grumbled in her mind, while leaning her cheek on her hand. Why is school so boring!

Luckily, she found all her classes with ease. And slowly became used to her surroundings more and more.

Well at least I have one less thing to worry about.


Zoe walked quickly to her next class, placing a hand over her all ready grumbling stomach.

Just one more class and then…FOOD! She cheered

It was History with Ms. W. Once Zoe walked in there was an assigned seating chart with everyone name's on it. She glanced at the sheet, and went straight to her desk while other students were just walking around and chatting with others.

The desks were paired up in two's, just to Zoe's luck. She was hoping she would sit by herself in separate desks like in all her other classes. But, it couldn't be too bad. Right?

She took out her things and sat there. Zoe was quite early, so she dazed out and overheard the conversations around here.

"Look at how tan I got this summer!"

"Dude, you should see the new video game I got. Death Smashers 4! WIN!"

"Ugh. Why do I have to sit with her?"

"Put the lime in the coconut, and shake it all up!"


The bell took absolutely forever to ring, so she turned to see if someone was sitting next to her yet. To her dismay, a boy was already sitting there.

Darn…I wanted to use that seat as a foot rest. T.T

She didn't get a clear view of his face, since he was turned the other way and leaned his cheek on his hand. But from what she saw, he was a tanned brunette that seemed like the jock type.

The bell rang and Ms. W started giving the same old lecture all of Zoe's previous teachers gave her. She gradually zoned out and started staring at the boy next to her. He still wasn't facing her, and she became confused why.

Is it my fault? Is there something on my face?

Is my hair a mess?

Oh no… she gasped ...Do I SMELL?

She wiped her mouth, smoothed down her hair, and did a quick sniff on her clothes. Nothing seemed to be a problem. But the fact he was scooted all the way at the other side of his chair and not even facing her, made her worried…and then annoyed

What a jerk. I smell totally fine.

Zoe was relieved when class ended, hurrying out the door for lunch. That boy never once looked at her, and at this point she could care less. If only she saw the young brunette was staring directly at her as she exited the classroom.


Zoe walked into the cafeteria and it was already packed. She scanned the room for any sight of Jeri, and was relieved when she saw Jeri screaming her name a few tables down.

"ZOE! ZOEEE! SIT HEEERE!" She yelled

"You can stop screaming now, I'm right next to you..." Zoe laughed, placing her lunch on the table as she sat down.

Zoe looked around the table and saw all of her friends. Jeri, Takato, Kouichi, J.P, Rika, and Ryo. It was just like middle school. Zoe liked that very much.

"Ugh, why is this school so huge? I barely saw any of you guys today" J.P complained, while munching on some chips.

Rika smirked "I was glad I didn't see any of you guys today"

Takato rolled his eyes "Thanks so much, Rika"

"You're welcome."

"Hey Kouichi, where's you're twin?" Jeri chimed, shifting her gaze all around the cafeteria. "We never got to meet him!"

Kouichi pointed at the table right in front of them "Right there, acting like I don't exist. As usual."

Jeri looked at all the boys at the table next to them. It was the popular-slash-jock guy table, of course. All the guys were joking around and laughing their head's off. Her gaze averted to a certain guy at that table "Hey Zoe, do you know that boy?" she whispered, gesturing her head over there.

Zoe looked ahead to the table, and saw the brunette from her History class staring right at her. She stared right back at him and had to admit, the boy was pretty darn cute. Shaggy brown hair and intense hazel eyes. She stared for a few seconds, unable to take her eyes off him.

"Oh Zoe, looks like you have a secret lover" Jeri teased

The blonde broke her gaze and turned bright pink, avoiding the brunette's hazel eyes.

"Looks like someones in l-o-v-e..."

Zoe rolled her eyes and continued eating. She went right back into her conversation with her friends, but could feel that boy's stare. Stare, stare, stare. He was still staring at her, she even turned around to see if there was someone else behind her. But the table was facing a wall.

Maybe he's interested in the wall?

Don't be stupid Zoe, what boy stares at walls?

Zoe's cheeks turned bright pink again, and all of a sudden became self-conscious of every move she made.

Jeri saw how fidgety and uncomfortable Zoe was, which in her mind was a sign that Zoe liked this boy. And since Jeri was Zoe's close friend, she just had to play match maker. "Zoe, come with me for a sec" Jeri smiled, standing up from the table.

Rika turned towards us, eyeing Jeri "Where are you two going?"

"Bathroom!" Jeri grinned, dragging Zoe away.

"I really don't understand why girls need to go to the bathroom together" Takato shrugged

Ryo shrugged too "I guess it's a girl thing" he then went back to goo-goo eyeing his future girlfriend, Rika.

She narrowed her eyes at him "I need a restraining order from you, Ryo"

"Love you too, pumpkin."


Once in the bathroom, Zoe removed her hand from Jeri's grasp "What is it?"

Jeri looked around to make sure nobody else was in the stalls "Oh Zoe, it's so adorable! Too people from completely different cliques in love! It's kind of like Romeo & Juliet, eh? Except we don't want to kill them!" She gushed, her head in the clouds.

Zoe eyed the brunette like she was crazy, until she realized what she was talking about "Are you kidding me? I don't even like him. He's probably staring...at the wall."

"Ohh Zoe, you are too cute" Jeri teased, pinching Zoe's cheeks "He likes you, you'll see. I can tell when a boy likes a girl"

"Really? Than what about Takato?" the blonde smirked

Jeri blushed furiously "W-What about him?"

Zoe gently laughed, grabbing her friend and exiting the bathroom

After school Kouji was walking home with the brunette boy. Their close friendship caused by the fact they lived right next to eachother.

Kouji smirked at the boy "So Takuya…You and that blonde girl, huh?"

Takuya gave him an incredulous look "What are you talking about?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Kanbara. During History you were turned away from her the entire time, and I saw you're face. As pink as my brother's underwear from April Fool's Day" he sneered

Takuya averted Kouji's gaze, kicking a pebble on the sidewalk "Well did you see her? She's so cute..." he trailed off, picturing the girl's soft blonde hair and sparkling emerald eyes. "Besides...I look like an idiot compared to her"

"You always look like an idiot compared to anyone" Kouji scoffed

"Not helping." The brunette grumbled

"Well do you ever plan on talking to her? I mean, avoiding her won't win her over" he said, rolling his eyes

Takuya lowered his head "I…on't…ay…" he mumbled, his cheeks growing pink

"What was that?"

"I said I don't know what to say!" he yelled in defeat. Kouji laughed "Oh man, you must have it bad for her. Why don't you just make her laugh or something? Girls like to laugh…right?" he pondered

"Yeah, that's a good idea. I guess I might try that" Takuya smiled, scratching his messy chestnut-brown hair

I'll win her over with my amazing witty charm...I'm witty, right?

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