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Information for new readers: This story will be set with the original Sailor Moon anime series rather than the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal or the manga. I'll be taking liberties with how things will work since the original show didn't really go into certain aspects of the show; also, powers will be fiddled with here and there. I'll be going more into that when we get there, though.

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Trigger warning for this chapter: Suicide and war.

In the Light of the Fading Moon


She floated above the ashened rubble. Scorching wind blew, bringing in wafts of rotten flesh and pungent blood. It toyed with her loose strands of hair and the feathers of her wings; their silver and golden radiance tarnished by blood and fire and other carnages of battle.

No, not of battleā€”of war.

Shivers wrecked her naked skin despite the heat gripping her skin. She curled in on herself, knees guarded her eyes from the ugly picture below. The mangled bodies dotting red streets still haunted her mind. Her stomach churned, and she gulped back the acidic taste.

Hours of silence gripped the world.

The whirlwind finally died in her heart, giving her clarity of what had past. She curled closer in on herself as a new truth threatened to weigh her down to the bodies below. Gasps escaped her mouth and sobs wrecked her body again. She clamped her mouth shut to suppress rising tides of despair ripping at the insides of her throat.

The lotus crystal hanging from her bare breasts dug into her hands. She sobbed, pleading with it for anything to reverse the damage. She had done it before, hadn't she?

All the crystal could do, though, was give her weak warmth to run through her veins.

Her wings gave out.

Her crash drove her body into fits of pain. Her subconscious began to blacken, recede into the folds of her mind.

Pathetic! A white glow burned her fading consciousness. If you want it bad enough, what are you willing to do? Will it. Bring this world new life and correct this destruction.

Her vision blurred into twilight.

Will it.

The bright glow glared her down. Her face contorted into a grimace as her mangled limbs responded to her last surge of motivation, placing her hands on the crystal. It, in return, changed from a soft warmth to a burning pain.

Make it happen.

And so, she did.





This opening is inspired by Poe's quote from the"The Philosophy of Composition" and my reaction to it. Unfortunately, it may still come across as poetic. If it does, please tell me. A true poetic repretation would be Ahiru from Princess Tutu as she chooses to defy her destiny because she wants to continue living and protect those she loves.

This piece is for the Crossover Challenge and the Summer/Autumn Event, all of them on the Digimon Fanfiction Challenge Forum.

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