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The atmosphere in the T-shaped tower was filled with excitement as the five teens got ready for their day of relaxation on their "beach". Shouts were heard throughout their home as some tried to find various beach items, pack picnic baskets, and get everything put together.

"Yo Rob! Have you seen the football?" Cyborg hollered down the hallway in the direction of the Boy Wonder's room.

"Isn't it still in your car from the last time we went to the park?" Robin called back while locating his black swimming trunks. When he didn't get an answer from the metal man he assumed that he had gone to the garage to check the T-car.

"Robin?" a voice said from his doorway. Robin turned around and smiled at Raven.

"What's up Raven?" he asked before turning back to his closet to look for his beach towel.

"I was just thinking, what if the Titans East can't handle Jump City while we're…at the beach?" she asked, "They don't know the villains around here like we do. Besides, don't you feel guilty for asking them to watch our city while we play around in the sand?"

"Raven, the Titans East can handle anything Jump City can dish out. Plus, we did promise to give them a day off sometime in the future. Everything's all set," Robin reassured the dark haired teen.

"I don't know…" she looked at the ceiling. Robin tilted his head and peered at her through his mask.

"What's really up?" he questioned. Raven's gave didn't leave the ceiling as she debated on whether or not to tell him what was on her mind.

"It's…Beast Boy," she crossed her arms, eyes still trained on the ceiling, "This past week I've been trying to figure out why he…likes me," her cheeks tinged pink at this, "and today's the last day of our Spirit Week, so I'm assuming he has something big planned." She paused at this, and Robin abandoned his efforts at finding his towel.

"That doesn't sound like something to worry about," he raised an eyebrow. Raven let a hiss of breath out through her teeth.

"Maybe not for a normal person," she narrowed her eyes as if she thought she could burn a hole through the ceiling. "I don't do well with emotions. Although you should already know that." Robin scratched the back of his head, pondering his next words.

"Well…with Beast Boy you do," he said carefully. Raven finally released the ceiling from her gaze, and instead pinned Robin down with it. He took this as a cue to continue. "I mean, you guys hold hands all the time, he hugs you, I'm assuming he's kissed you," Raven felt her cheeks get hot, "and there! Right there you were just embarrassed but look at my room-" he gestured around, "Nothing's flying around or breaking. I'd say you're doing just fine with emotions." Robin concluded, proud of his speech. Raven continued to look at him for a few more seconds before opening her own mouth.

"I didn't mean in relation to my powers." She stated. Robin's proud look dropped, and suddenly he was the one hot from embarrassment.

"O-oh…" he stammered.

"What I meant was I don't do well with emotions because I…just don't know what to do with them," she sighed. "Beast Boy tells me all of these things that he likes about me but…I don't know what to do with them," she looked back up at the ceiling, "I wish there was an "Emotions for Dummies" handbook." She muttered to herself. Robin shook his head in confusion.

"You don't know what to do with what Beast Boy's telling you?" he tried to clarify. Raven nodded. "Well…I don't think you have to do anything Raven," he said. She looked back down at him with skepticism written all over her face. "He's telling you because he wants to, not because he wants you to do something. These are things he likes about you; you shouldn't have to do anything about them!" Robin smiled, "If anything, you should just keep doing them." Raven stared at the Boy Wonder for a few seconds.

"So…I do nothing?" she asked.

"Pretty much," he chuckled at her amazement, "Just keep doing what you're doing and you and Beast Boy will be together forever." Raven smiled a little before pointing behind Robin.

"Your towel is under your bed in case you were wondering," she told him. Robin spun around and fist pumped victoriously.

"Yea! Thanks Raven!"


Just as Beast Boy had predicted, the weather was beautiful in Jump City. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky.

"BEEEEEEACH DAAAAAAY!" a loud yell echoed across the sandy shore outside of the tower as Beast Boy raced towards the ocean, boogey board held above his head. The green teen jumped into the water, leaving his companions behind. Raven kept pace with Cyborg, who was carrying their large picnic basket. Raven carried a beach umbrella as well as her beach bag. Robin was holding Starfire's beach bag, and Starfire was floating down to find a spot for their towels to go.

"Aren't you glad you're dating the string bean?" Cyborg nudged Raven, who just shook her head. Raven began to set up her (and Beast Boy's) towels while Cyborg and Robin began to pass the football to each other, and Starfire joined Beast Boy in the waves. As soon as her umbrella was up she retrieved her book from the bag, got comfortable, and began to read. After about 20 minutes she realized she couldn't focus on the words in front of her though, and after attempting to immerse herself into the text, she gave up and decided to watch her teammates have fun in the sun. Cyborg had begun to eat his portion of their picnic lunch, and Robin joined Starfire in the water. "They really are adorable together" she thought to herself when Robin picked up Starfire and threw her into the water. "I know they'll be together for a long time."

"Hey Raven!" Cyborg yelled from the picnic basket, "Come on over, the food is fine!" she chuckled to herself and made her way over to the metal man.

"We should have packed you your own basket," she commented at the sight of their depleting lunches.

"I'm a man, I need enough food to keep me strong," he laughed as he picked up another sandwich. "Want one?"

"Sure," she shrugged, "Thanks." Soon the rest of the team joined the pair for some much needed lunch. Starfire insisted on putting mustard on everything she ate, which everyone was used to by now of course. The rest of the day consisted of Beast Boy being thrown into the ocean (multiple times, mostly by Cyborg, although once by Raven when he gave her a bear hug after having just come out of the ocean), a game of football that ended in a tie after Robin called Cyborg out for cheating (apparently storing the football in your chest compartment is illegal), and of course many stolen moments between the couples of the team. Cyborg even got to see Bumblebee for a few minutes when she stopped by to give Robin an update on the city.

It was starting to get dark when Raven realized her green boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Hadn't she just seen him getting out of the water to help get the fire pit ready for s'mores? Confused, she cast her gaze around their beach-y cove. As if he could read her mind, he suddenly appeared on the blanket next to her.

"Hey Rae!" he beamed. She couldn't help but give him a small smile in return.

"How's the water?" she asked.

"You tell me," he beamed even wider before morphing into a dog and shaking himself out. Raven shielded her face with her arms and leaned away from him.

"Beast Boy!" she yelled in annoyance while he morphed back. He chuckled at her scowling face. "Why'd you do that?"

"Because now I can convince you to go into the water with me by saying you're already wet," he took her hand and began pulling her up.

"Beast Boy…" she tried to take her hand back, but his grip just tightened. "What about s'mores?" she asked hopefully.

"We can go in after we eat!" he said before finally pulling her into a standing position. Raven hesitated, so Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "Please Rae? For me?" she looked up (damn his growth spurt) at his pleading eyes, and sighed.

"Alright," she muttered. Beast Boy's eyes sparkled and his smile widened. "But only because you said please."

"What if I said 'Please kiss me Rae?'" Beast Boy waggled his eyebrows. She slapped his chest, but surprised the both of them by reaching up on her tiptoes and planting a light kiss on his lips.

"Only because you said please," she said as she gave him another small smile. Beast Boy stood frozen, a silly grin on his face. "S'mores?" she prodded his arm.

"Right, s'mores!" he said gleefully while taking her hand and practically dragging her to the fire pit. The team shared ghost stories (although Raven was forbidden from telling any), made jokes, and talked about just about everything while they roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores. Finally, at around 11 o'clock, Beast Boy took Raven's hand and brought himself closer to her ear. "Ready to go swimming?" she rolled her eyes, but got up anyways and headed to their towel to dispose of her beach shorts and shirt. When Beast Boy caught up with her they headed to the ocean together, and when they reached the shore he swept her up bridal style and carried her into the water.

"Beast Boy, I can walk," she scolded him half-heartedly. He just smiled and put her down to stand in the waves. "So why'd you want to go swimming so badly?"

"You'll see," he stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. The two sat in comfortable silence until a large bang startled them.

"What-" Raven looked around wide-eyed, expecting some villain to pop up from the dark water, but was still when an explosion of red light up the night sky. Another boom, and another explosion, this time green. She felt Beast Boy's chest shake as he chuckled at her reaction. "Fireworks?" she asked, watching the sky illuminate with colors.

"Yupp. I called in a favor," Beast Boy shrugged. He nestled his face in her neck but refused to move even though he felt her stiffen. "I thought this would be an appropriate way to end our Spirit Week." From the shore they could hear the rest of the team's "ooh's" and "aah's" at the spectacle. Raven finally relaxed into Beast Boy's arms and let herself enjoy the moment. After a few minutes, Beast Boy tightened his grip around her waist, and opened his mouth against her neck. "You wanna know why I love you Rae?" he murmured.

"If you want to tell me," she said back. He kissed her neck, an action that gave her chills, and lifted his mouth to her ear.

"I love you because you accept me for who I am. You love me for me, and no other reason. I may be childish at times, or say stupid things, but you still love me, and that's why I love you," he said softly. Raven turned in his grip to look at him.

"Beast Boy…" she said quietly, but he nuzzled his nose against hers and smiled.

"I'm not done yet," he said, "I love you because of who you are. I love everything you do, all of your quirks, your sarcastic comments, when you hold my hand or catch me looking at you; I love everything that makes you Raven. I wouldn't want anyone else." He smiled. Raven felt herself smiling back.

"I don't want anyone else either Beast Boy," she whispered, "I love you." Beast Boy grinned before taking her face in his hand and leaning in to kiss her. For once, Raven let herself fall into the kiss, and brought her own hands to his neck. The pair was completely unaware of the early "grand finale" of the fireworks above them. Later on the people who had been working the show would claim that the remaining fireworks had suddenly been surrounded by "some kind of black energy" and had gone off without warning. But as the workers scrambled to stop their fireworks from blasting off into the sky, all Raven could think about was the feeling of Beast Boys lips on hers, his hands on her waist, and the fact that he loved her and she loved him.

Nothing else mattered.

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