Time for Nigie!

One night in his house, Nigel Uno tossed and turned in his sleep, due to something really really scary.

Inside his nightmare, Numbuh 1 found himself in a forest area, only he was only half as tall as the grass. "Where am I?" he asked himself. "And how did I get so small?" He then heard a loud buzzing noise, then looked in fear as he saw a bunch of giant horseflies come up from behind the grass. "AAHHHH!" he screamed as he tried to run away from the pursuing flies.

As he kept running, he stopped when more flies ambushed him, this time carrying needles. "NEEDLES!" he screamed as he tried to run the other way, but the flies from before ambushed him, carrying needles as well. As the flies slowly approached him, Numbuh 1 shielded his eyes, expecting the worst. "AAAAHHHH!"

He finally awoke from his nightmare, gasping for air. "Phew. It was only a dream. AAAHHH!" he screamed when a large fly jumped up from below his bed, holding a needle. "KATIE!" Katie then reverted to her normal form and began laughing.

"I GOT YA!" she exclaimed as the Nightmare King came up as well, laughing.

"That was NOT funny, you two!"

"When you took her as your sister, you should've expected SOME consequences!" the King said.

"UP HIGH!" Katie exclaimed, high-fiving her creator.

"DOWN LOW!" The Nightmare King then crossed out Nigel's name on his list. "Well, I'll see you kids later. I have to go scare…." He sighed. "F#%king Patton Drilovski. SON OF A BITCH!" With that, he flew out the window and back to West Virginia.

"Who makes his schedule, anyway?" Nigel asked.

Katie just shrugged.

Well, there you go. So, anyway, I got back to writing DUTCHMAN again. I mean, after all, Eva and Kade have to get together SOMEHOW! Well…I'll see you later.