I am in the process of writing a One Tree Hill story which will have the majority of characters in it from Season 5!

The story is about Lucas Scott (writer) and Lindsey Strauss (editor) who are currently dating.

Lucas went to LA to propose to Peyton, Peyton said "someday", Lucas says she said "no" and returned to Tree Hill extremely hurt and never really forgave Peyton for the hurt.

No reference in the story to Lucas going to see Brooke but he has been dating Lindsey for a while and Lindsey is not exactly confident of Lucas's feelings for her.

Lucas says he loves her and only her and that Peyton is and will only ever be a friend to him!

Nathan and Haley are in the story and they have Jamie, it is Jamie's birthday party and the usual crowd are there including Granny Deb with the creepy clown!

Brooke returned from NY to Tree Hill because she wanted to have a baby and raise her child in Tree Hill, she also has Clothes over Bro's and Victoria is around!

Peyton wanted to return to Tree Hill to settle down back there as she hated LA and was lonely. She still loves Lucas and would like to get him back although he is not her main reason for returning. She has sworn Brooke to secrecy for her reason for returning – she has an important appointment to attend the day of Jamie's party and when she goes she gets bad news.

Brooke gets impatient waiting for Peyton at Naley's house so constantly phones Peyton but gets no answer

Brooke is worried about her friend and before she knows it the police have arrived and there has been a terrible accident – is it Peyton – who is hurt and why is Peyton not at the party?

What was Peyton's appointment and why is she devastated at the outcome of it and will Brooke spill the beans as to why Peyton really returned, will Lucas and Peyton get back together, will there be a happy ever after in that quarter or will he stay with Lindsey and accept a peaceful and happy and easy life!



All rights belong to the CW and I own NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING on ONE TREE HILL!