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V. A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love
Setting: Alternate Universe, Hogwarts!Klaine / Pairing(s): Klaine

"Dear Mister Hummel: Due to your circumstances and past events, you have been accepted as a transfer student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins on September 1."

Kurt sighed, looking around the train compartments, his Marc Jacobs bag slung over his right shoulder. Several Hogwartians were giving him interested looks—some girls did, to his amusement (If only I were wearing what I normally wear)—so he uncomfortably turned around and headed back down the way he started. He was even afraid to speak—they would probably think his high-pitched voice and American accent peculiar—something he hadn't feared since his second day of Little Wizard Preschool back in Ohio.

The train lurched forward, and Kurt grabbed a hold of a compartment door quickly—a reflex—and fell over, pulling the door open with him. Damn it, he thought irritably, shooting back up immediately, regaining his stiff bearing. The students in the compartment stared at him curiously, and he flushed red as he muttered a 'sorry' and continued down the aisle. I'm never going to find a place to sit, he thought miserably. Kurt peeked into more compartments—they were all full. Jeez, for a famous magical academy, they don't have enough places for their students to sit to actually get there.

Sighing, he resorted to standing in the middle of the train corridor awkwardly, occasionally stepping aside so that people could pass through. For the first few minutes of the actual train ride, he flipped through the copy of Vogue he brought along for the ride and dodged a wayward charm that flitted through the air in a flurry of golden sparks. There were times that he had to balance himself like a surfing Muggle whenever the train gathered speed. Oh, how his friends back at The Ohio Academy for Magic would laugh if they saw him, Kurt E. Hummel, in a situation like this.

That was when he had enough of standing in the damn corridor. Kurt slammed his magazine shut and restarted his search for a proper compartment to sit and sleep in. He was still very jet-lagged; he missed the Ohio time zone. Several students began walking around the corridors to stretch their legs, already in their robes as well. He took a chance and tapped the shoulder of one of the boys passing by him.

"Uhm, excuse me, I'm new here—"

He met a pair of bright, hazel-green eyes, and a head of gelled-down black hair. A very handsome young man, probably an inch or two shorter, stood before him, grinning broadly. For a brief second, Kurt nearly lost his bearing.

"My name is Blaine." Blaine extended a tanned hand towards him.

Kurt bit his lip and responded, shaking his hand and letting go quickly. Oh my god, his hands are soft. "—Kurt. Do you happen to know if there are any open compartments I can sit in? I've been standing here for the better half of an hour, and I really need somewhere to sit."

Blaine gave him a small chuckle. "You can sit with my friends and I. We've got plenty of space! If I had seen you earlier, I would have brought you there straight away!"

Kurt gave him a sheepish smile. "Sorry. I don't usually sound this…desperate. You see, I'm a transfer student from the United States—"

"—That's awesome!" Blaine exclaimed. "Well, I figured that out from your accent, and the fact that your uniform has no House patch on it yet…come on. Let's get you situated."

Kurt was caught by surprise when Blaine grabbed his hand and pulled him down the corridor. He had to catch his breath and fight back a small squeal as the handsome boy brought him to a compartment near the back of the train.

"Well, here we are!"

Blaine opened the compartment door, revealing a group of two boys and a girl.

"Wes, David, Rachel, this is Kurt. He's a transfer student from the United States," Blaine announced, revealing Kurt, who waved shyly from behind.

"Oooh, the U.S.A.?" the girl, Rachel, asked, obviously interested. "I was born there, but raised here, in the U.K."

Blaine led Kurt in and they sat down; Blaine by an Asian boy (either Wes or David, he would find out eventually), and Kurt by Rachel.

"My name is Wes," the Asian boy said, nodding stiffly, holding out his hand, smiling. Kurt shook it.

"David," the other boy grinned, shaking Kurt's hand as well.

"Obviously, I'm Rachel Berry, star of Hogwarts' elite Show Choir run by Professors Schuester and Flitwick."

"Oh, Rachel," Blaine rolled his eyes. "You see…Rachel is a little bit of a diva."

Rachel snorted. "Speak for yourself, Blaine."

"I concur," Wes nodded, laughing.

Blaine rolled his eyes and folded his arms, leaning back in his seat as a smirk graced his lips.

"Wait, Hogwarts has a Show Choir?" Kurt asked, his interest piqued. "I never knew that; it wasn't mentioned in any of the letters I received from Professor McGonagall."

"It's a new club," David explained. "We have two choirs, actually: the one by Flitwick is the all boys' acapella group. Blaine, Wes, and I are a part of it. Rachel's a part of the mixed gender group run by Schuester."

"Interesting," Kurt said with a smile.

"Do you sing?" Blaine asked, interested. "Because you can join either one if you can. Flitwick is a bit strict about who joins the Warblers, though."


"The boys' name for themselves," Rachel rolled her eyes. "Our group is called the New Directions."

"I love singing. I've always wanted to be a part of Muggle Broadway; it's simply amazing."

"I love it, too!" Rachel squealed, clapping her hands happily. "Though, I do adore Celestina Warbeck. She's timeless."

"'A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love' is the most annoying song on the Wireless. The Weird Sisters are more awesome," David countered.

"Their songs are terrible," Rachel scoffed. "Ugh, you boys and your Top 40s."

Wes and Blaine collectively sighed. Kurt assumed that such an argument was normal between the two friends. "I'm a fan of Celestina Warbeck," Kurt spoke up, legs crossed. Rachel turned to face him, smiling smugly. She shot David a playful, 'I beat you, bitch' look, and nodded in approval.

"So, Blaine, what songs did you discover over the summer, aside from the ones we exchanged over owl?" Wes asked, taking out a leather journal and a quill. "I suggest we perform songs by the Muggle favorite, Pink."

"Eight-part harmony would suffice," David added. Rachel rolled her eyes and turned to face Kurt.

"They have a council. It's hilarious," she whispered. Kurt gave her an incredulous look and turned to face them again.

"What house are you in?" Kurt whispered back to her, still facing the boys talking.

"Slytherin. Can't you see my tie?" Rachel said proudly, pulling at her collar, revealing her grey and green-striped tie. "Hopefully you get into Slytherin as well."

"Blaine hasn't put on his uniform properly yet, but he's a Slytherin as well. Wes is a Ravenclaw, and David is a Gryffindor."

Slytherin. Must get into Slytherin, Kurt thought determinedly. "I hope I get a very good house. Or an accommodating one, at least."

"Besides Slytherin, Ravenclaw is your best bet. Honestly, I can't stand Gryffindors—well, I tolerate David because we are friends and he and I can have tasteful arguments, debates, and whatnot—so hopefully you don't become a Gryffindor. Blaine has a sister, as well, in Ravenclaw, and she's very decent. She's a fourth year."

"I see," Kurt nodded.

"Here's the sheet music," Wes said, handing Blaine a long roll of parchment. Blaine hummed the notes on the paper and nodded.

"Is it in your natural key?" David asked.

Blaine nodded again.

"Blaine's the male lead of the Warblers," Rachel smirked. Blaine flushed, smiling embarrassingly.

Kurt gave him a smile. "Do you mind if you sing for us right now? I'd love to hear your voice."

"Aw, not now—"

"—Yeah, right, Blaine, we all know you want to serenade this young man here," David winked. Kurt was taken aback.

David, Rachel, and Wes exchanged furtive, amused looks. "Come on, Blaine, sing already!" Wes demanded, punching Blaine gently. Blaine cleared his throat and began to sing.

You think I'm pretty
Without any makeup on
You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong
I know you get me: so I let my walls come down

Kurt felt his insides melt as he heard Blaine sing, his voice smooth and perfectly in tune. As he broke into the chorus, Kurt could not help but let his jaw drop as Blaine hit the notes perfectly.

He was in for an interesting year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Author's Note:

OH, GOD, THIS WAS CORNY AS HELL. If anyone is curious as to which house I would sort Kurt in...it would be Ravenclaw. And the mention of Blaine's sister? Yeah, I slipped in a little bit of Danielle Anderson in there because I love her. She's the one OC I will perpetually write about.

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