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Cooking was never her forte. In fact, she hated cooking. However, the aroma of Dublin Coddle, his favorite Irish dish, filled their tiny apartment. She looked at the clock, expecting him home anytime now. She knew that everything ok, it had to be ok. He promised her it would be. The shrill sound of phone filled the apartment. She ran over, noticing for the first time the dark skies and the occasional rain drops on the window pane.


"Hey Holly!" It was Gerry's best friend, John. The two of them had opened a chauffeuring business together a few months back without her knowing. She had been upset at first but quickly changed her mind about it considering the extra income that was coming in.

"Hey John, How are you?"

"Good, Good. Hey listen, Gerry made it home yet?"

"No not yet. He should be home any minute though"

"I'm really worried about him, Holly"

"Why would you say that, John? He's fine. He told me he was going to be ok. You know him, John. He's a healthy singing Irish guy. Healthy, singing, Irish guys don't get sick."

"I know Holly bu-"

"No buts John!" She paused trying to gather herself together. John was a great friend but he could get her flustered from time to time. She glanced out the window to see her beloved husband walking up the side walk in the rain. Even though, she thought it odd of him that he didn't take a cab in this kind of weather, her heart skipped a beat seeing her husband coming home. "Hey John, Look he's home. I'll have him call you in a bit ok?" And with that she hung up.

The sound of Gerry's footsteps echoed up the stair well. They were a little slower than usual. Almost as if he was counting them one at a time. He glanced at every door, crack, and piece of chipped paint on the wall. He finally reached the door that at the moment he dreaded going in. Placing his key in the lock, he slowly opened the door. He was met with a smile and soft lips touching his own. He looked down and saw her bright shining eyes examining his face. When she wasn't greeted with smile, hers left her face. She looked up to him with worry in her eyes.

"Gerry, what is it?" A lump formed in his throat. His eyes began to feel moist. He took her by the hand and led her to the couch. Rubbing his hand over his face, he was finally ready to tell her.

"It's not good, love."

"What? What do you mean it's not good? Gerry, tell me what's wrong?

"The uh…the migraines are being caused by a tumor that the doctor found today." Holly looked at him in disbelief. This wasn't part of their plan! Tears started flowing down her face.

"A tumor? Where?"

"In me brain, love. The Doctor wants to do a biopsy on it in two days. After that, he will tell us where to go next."

Holly got up off the couch. Tears were steady flowing down her face. She stomped in the kitchen, slamming cabinet doors and throwing things around. Gerry could only watch, with his own tears flowing down his own face.

"This wasn't part of the plan, Gerry!" she yelled from the kitchen. "We just started making a decent living! We were going to move out of this apartment and finally start our family!"

"Love, we don't know anything yet!" He walked towards her and pulled her to him. "Look, I know it's a scary thought. Believe me, I've had a million things going through me mind on the way here. But, I promised you that I'm not going anywhere and I mean it Holly, with all me heart, Love." He gently kissed her. After turning the stove off under their forgotten stew, Gerry picked Holly up and carried her to bed, allowing her to cry herself to sleep on his chest.

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