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Time had passed since Holly discovered that she was pregnant. Gerry was quickly becoming weaker every day. It was hard for her to see him like this. He slept a lot, barely eating anything. The only thing that kept his spirits up was talking about their baby. He was excited, that she could see. It seems that their baby was the only thing keeping him alive at the time. Holly was six months along now and was quickly showing.

Both Holly and Gerry had checkups on a cool fall morning. After a few months of discussing, they both decided that they needed to know what their baby was, for Gerry's sake mostly. First, came Holly's visit. As the two of them waited for the Doctor to arrive, the discussed possible baby names for their little one. Holly's doctor, Dr. Jessup, walked in smiling at them. She admired this couple greatly with all that they are going through.

"Hi Holly, Gerry how are you feeling"

"Not the greatest, but I will manage" He replied, shakily.

"Now, Holly, the nurse tells me that you and Gerry have decided to find out what the baby is?"

"Yes!" Holly replied rather excitedly. She grabbed Gerry's hand. He gave her a weak smile, but the twinkle was still in his eye. Dr. Jessup gathered the materials that she needed for the sonogram and began the procedure. Gerry and Holly's eyes looked at the screen and couldn't help but smile at the image of their little baby.

"Well, let's see here…. Looks like Baby Kennedy is a…hmmm…. Is a girl!" Dr. Jessup turned to Holly and Gerry and saw the looks in their eyes. Holly smiled from ear to ear as she wiped a few stray tears of joy from her face. Gerry was in awe.

"A girl?" He asked smiling. It was the biggest smile Holly had seen on his face in a long time. "A baby girl? That's my little girl?"

"Well, I can see that you two are pleased." Dr. Jessup smiled at the two of them. "She looks strong and healthy. A little on the small side, but that will change in time. I'll see you in 2 weeks ok, Holly?" Dr. Jessup escorted them out. "And congratulations!"

Holly and Gerry smiled as they walked down the sidewalk. They held each other's hand hoping the next appointment would make them just as happy.

"I'm sorry Gerry, but the Chemo is not working" Those were the words that were haunting Gerry's every thought. Holly sat there in disbelief.

"What do you mean it's not working?" Gerry said with a hint of anger in his voice. Tears were forming in his and Holly's eyes.

"Gerry, the tumor is still there. In fact, it's grown some. The only option I see now is the surgery. I know that there is a risk that you won't make it through the surgery, but without it you more than likely won't see the birth of yours and Holly's baby." Gerry's doctor, Dr. Turner, hated having to tell him such grim news. Gerry looked at Holly and squeezed her hand. With that small squeeze she knew his mind was made up.

"When will you do it?"

"In about three weeks, that will give you some time to recover from the Chemo. Are you sure about this Gerry?"

"I have a little girl coming in three months, and I plan on being there when she's born."

"Gerry, you do realize there is a chance you won't make –"

"No, my little girl is going to need her father. And her father she's going to have. Schedule the surgery."

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