Title: No say at all
Author: AnnieVH
Summary: Milo has an opinion or two about Alex and Robin.
Rating: teen for the F word.
Genre: friendship
Characters or Pairing: Milo/Rick, mentions Alex/Robin, Alex/Alice and Robin/Tim.
Prompts: hardboiledbaby's "what does Milo *really* think about Robin?" and drabbles100 097. Writer's Choice - selfish
Warning: the F word and kind of possessive friendship.
Spoilers: for Alex and Robin's love life throughout the series.
Disclaimer: don't own, just burrow.

Robin is happy and Milo doesn't think it's fair. Sure, it's selfish, but he's not voicing it so it really doesn't matter if he hates her new boyfriend and thinks her recent decision to get a new partner just plain stupid. Timothy. Sounds like something you'd name your pet rat. He looks like a coward, but then again so does she. When he lets this particular thought slip to Richard, he takes it to heart and snaps, "Because she left a relationship that wasn't working?"

"Because they gave up too easily." Milo explains. "It takes hard work and patience."

"Spoken like a true marital counselor, maybe you should find yourself a new job." Rick says, disdainful. When Milo glares, he just insists, "It's her life, Milo, you have no say in it."

Milo knows this. He's not stupid, but he's also in no mood to "be a good friend and offer some support" as his partner suggests. All he wants is to shake Robin and Alex up and say, "You're both making the worst mistake of your lives! Quit being so damn lazy and work things out!" Not in his place to say it? Well, too fucking bad! He may not be an expert on relationships but he's kept one for almost twenty years now, so they should give him some credit.