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(Academy- 7 years after Kyuubi attack)

The villagers backed away and glared at the two people walking down the street. The first was the most disliked woman in the village. Now however people had to do a double take as they saw the woman, the Snake Mistress Anko Mitarushi. Anko at 26 stood at 5'5, flowing purple hair that fell to the middle of her back since it wasn't in her normal wild ponytail, brown pupil less eyes that if one looked closely enough they could be lost into them, athletic figure that was common for most Kounichi in the village, except Anko had D-cup breasts, one of the reasons she normally wore tight mesh shirts. Currently she wore a black t-shirt that fit her like a second skin and a open gray shirt used for the T&I division, loose blue jean pants, shinobi sandals and her headband used as a belt.

Next to her was a 7 year old look-a-like, with green pupil less eyes, light purple hair that was cut to the nape of her neck with two long bangs hanging down to her chin in the center of her face (1), she wore a long sleeve dark green shirt, black shorts, wraps on her left wrist, and her sandals.

They approached the academy at a slow pace. Once inside they made their way to the room that the Hokage had assigned to Thorn. Room 203. before they entered the room Anko stopped her daughter.

"Yes Kaa-san?" asked Thorn knowing that her mother was about to go into "adult mode" as she liked to call it.

"Thorn I want you to have fun and make friends," said Anko looking at her child's green eyes.

"But Kaa-san what if they don't like me!" asked Thorn looking down at the floor slightly.

Anko smiled. "If they pick on you or anything tell me or your uncle Ibiki and we'll take care of it K?" asked Anko.

Thorn nodded and took a deep breath before entering the room.

Once inside she grew scared insistently as every head in the room turned to her. She looked at the teacher who gave her a smile. The teacher looked like a kind man with tanned skin, as well as a large scar across the bridge of his nose. The other man in the room was a man with silver hair and pale skin.

"Hello there. You must be Thorn?" said the man with the scar on his face.

"Hai," said Thorn blushing slightly as all the boys looked at her.

"Well I'm Iruka Thorn-chan I'll be your Sensei from today until you become a genin," said Iruka

"And my name is Mizuki, but others call me Mizuki-sensei," said the silver haired man.

Thorn nodded as Iruka looked around the room for an empty seat. The only one he saw was in the upper left hand corner next to a blonde haired boy.

"Naruto Please raise your hand," said Iruka with a slight frown

A blonde raised his hand making Thorn look at him and blush heavily. The blonde to her was quite cute. He was an inch or so shorter then herself, he had sun kissed blonde hair that looked like it was in a breeze, sapphire blue eyes the shined like the sun, three whisker-like marks on each cheek that kind of reminded her of a fox. He wore a white t-shirt with a flame on it, blue shorts that went a little past his knees, shinobi sandals, and a silver necklace that had a pendent on it.

Thorn walked up and took a seat next to Naruto. She looked at him as he stuck out his hand. "Hi. I'm Naruto," said the blond haired boy

Thorn nodded and took his hand, only to blush. "His hand is so warm," thought Thorn.

"M-my name is Thorn," said Thorn.

They turned to the front as Iruka began his lecture on the founding of the village.

(Lunch time)

Thorn sat in the room rubbing her shoulders in boredom. She found that Iruka-sensei was a kind man, but he was to damn boring for her tastes.

"Board huh?" asked Naruto as he looked at her.

Thorn nodded, having quickly gotten over her blushing problem. "Yeah. Iruka-sensei is nice and all, but that was BORING with all capital letters," said Thorn

Naruto cracked a smile. "You know something your funny Thorn-chan," said Naruto.

Thorn blushed a deep red. "Thank you Naruto-kun," said Thorn.

Naruto and Thorn continued to talk thought out lunch about little things and their dreams. When it came to the subject of family it was strictly taboo as they both quickly figured. Near the end of lunch two girls one with pink hair and a large forehead and a girl with platinum blond hair came in following a boy who appeared to have the worlds largest stick shoved up his ass, as her mother would say.

"The the guy the the pole crammed up his ass?" asked Thorn.

Naruto frowned. "That;s Sasuke Uchiha and his two biggest fan-girls. Sakura Haruno and Ino yamanaka. Both bring shame to Kunoichi," said Naruto.

Thorn looked at him with a tade bit of a smirk. "Sounds like your jealous," said Thorn.

Naruto shuck his head. "No not jealous, just that the guy can have anything he wants, do anything he wants. He is the piratical son of Konoha right now. If he said bow the council and elders would stumble over each other to kiss his ass," said Naruto.

Thorn had to do a double take. "Wow that's deep naruto-kun," said Thorn.

Naruto frowned. "No it's not. It's just the way of the world," said Naruto.

Thorn was about to ask what Naruto meant when Iruka and Mizuki returned to the room.

(half an hour later, Training field one)

Mizuki had brought the students out for physical conditioning. Which in Thorn's eyes was a complete joke. It was 20 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and then 10 laps around the track. It hardly phased her or Naruto. The only others that didn't seem phased where the Uchiha, The Hyuga girl who was glaring at her for some strange reason, the Inuzuka, as well a no clan girl named Ami.

Mizuki smiled at the kids. "Alright take 10 and return here for the first of the three kata that you shall learn here," said Mizuki.

Naruto sighed and sat down under a tree. "What the hell kind of excursive was that? My morning workout is tougher," said Naruto.

"Tell me about it. Kaa-san would have a cow if she saw how bad the training here is," said Thorn taking a seat next to Naruto.

"and we still have 6 years of this to go," said Thorn with a sigh.

Naruto got a grin that made Thorn excited. "I know what we could do," said Naruto.

Thorn raised a brow in interest. "What is it Naruto-kun?" asked Thorn.

Naruto scuttled over to Thorn and whispered into her ear. Thorn's eyes widened before she gave a grin that would make her mother proud.

(half an hour later)

The students returned to the Class with Naruto and Thorn in the front. As they walked they both reached into their thigh holsters and pulled out a few ninja tacks. As they entered the room they dropped them, unfortunately the persons behind them were Sakura and Ino who both jumped in pain.

"Mizuki-sensei! They threw down ninja tacks!" wined Sakura.

Mizuki walked over to them and stared down at them. "You two are in trouble," said Mizuki.

(several hours later-after school)

"Mizuki-teme is a pain in the ass. Giving up 4 hours of detention!" yelled Thorn

Naruto and Thorn walked down the road. Both with sore bodies from the amount of push-ups crunches, and squat thrusts. Both had grins on their face. The tacks had only been the start of their prankster spree. After that Sasuke got Chili power in his eyes, Iruka found himself covered in paint, while Mizuki had wound up with explosive Direa, of course that was the reason for the physical punishment instead of just writing lines.

"It was worth it though," said Naruto.

Thorn nodded at that. As they came to the junction in the road where they would leave off and head to their homes.

Thorn stretched her arms over her head. "All in all I had a good time. I'll see you tomorrow Naruto-kun," said Thorn.

"Okay Thorn," started Naruto only for Thorn to kiss him on the cheek.

Thorn pulled back with a candy red blush that matched the one on naruto's face. She placed her hands behind her back.

"See ya Naruto-kun," said Thorn taking off.

Naruto held his cheek as a few of the women giggled and the men smirked. Most people didn't like Naruto, around 80 percent of the village, but this was probably the only part of Konoha that actually liked and respected the young boy. They already saw the makings of a future powerhouse couple, but the kids didn't see it just yet.

"I just got kissed by a girl," said a stunned Naruto.

(with Thorn)

Thorn skipped down the road although unknowingly. She had just kissed a boy, although her mother would probably tease her about it mercilessly. She came up to the door to her apartment that she shared with her mother.

Thorn took her key and opened the door. "Kaa-san I'm home," said Thorn as she heard sizzling in the kitchen. Thorn looked around the small apartment. It wasn't very large it had two bedrooms a bathroom, and a living room that was connected to the kitchen.

The living room was finished with a long black leather cough that had seen some use, a smaller couch close to the window, a 50 inch flat screen, and deep blue carpeting.

Anko peeked at her child and gave her a loving smile. "Welcome home Thorn-chan. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes," said Anko.

Thorn nodded and picked out a Princess Fuin Movie to watch while they ate. Anko came into the living room 15 minutes later with a plate that had 6 pork chops on it. Thorn smiled as her mother made her favorite.

"I'll get the Mashed potatoes ," said Thorn.

Thorn ran over and grabbed the plate and sat next to her mother on the couch.

"How was the academy?" asked Anko.

Thorn blushed thinking about Naruto. "Fine Kaa-san," said Thorn.

Anko grinned. "Un-uh. You don't get to blush and say Fine. Details," said Anko.

Thorn blush. "well I met a boy today," said Thorn.

Anko groaned. "Please Kami-sama don't let it be that prick Uchiha," thought Anko.

"His name is Naruto," said Thorn blushing again as she said his name.

Anko let out a sigh of relief. "Than you kami," thought Anko.

"He's funny, Kind, cunning, and has the cutest little whisker marks!" squealed Thorn.

Anko frowned slightly as her daughter squealed. "I thought I taught you better then to act like some fan-girl?" said Anko.

Thorn grow a bit of pink to her cheeks. "Sorry Kaa-san," said Thorn

Anko sat back as Thorn went into even More details. "Whisker marks huh? Sounds like the Uzumaki brat," thought Anko.

Anko didn't have a problem with the brat. In fact she saw a bit of herself in him. They were both treated like they had something wrong with them at a young age. Her because of Orochimaru him because of the Kyubi, they both did business in the western part of town were people were a bit more fair and open minded, and the fact that they hung around the Hokage at times.

Anko smiled. "Well sounds like you had a good time," said Anko

(2 years later)

two kids jumped though the trees as a loud metal klink could be heard. Both people jumped away and landed on a tree. A girl turned to her opponent and held up her kunai. Thorn stood a little over 4'7 at the age of 9. her hair remained the same, except her bangs were now blonde. She wore a black top that showed off her belly button, black pants that went down to the middle of her calves, and shinobi sandals. She was currently dirty and bruised from her fight

Thorn grinned at her opponent. "come on. Do I have to give you a reason to try harder Naruto-kun?" asked Thorn.

Naruto grinned at her from his tree sitting cross legged. Naruto stood an inch or so shorter then Thorn, his hair had grown out slightly to around his shoulders, the same foxy grin on his face, wearing a black muscle shirt, blue jacket with black shoulder and sleeves with the kanji for Fox on the right sleeve, white pants, and a combat belt with 4 pouches on it. In his hand was a kunai knife.

"Please Thorn-chan your getting slow. Do we have to play first blood again?" asked Naruto.

Thorn smirked. "Only one way to find out!" yelled Thorn jumping at Naruto.

Thorn throw a kick. Naruto slammed his kunai into the breach slashing clean though. As he free fell. He reached into his left pouch and pulled out shuriken and throw them. They flow at thorn who counted off the trees to avoid them. She pushed off after avoiding the last one and fell at Naruto. Naruto grabbed her hand and punched her hard in the cheek. Thorn took the blow, and returned it via a kick to naruto's kidney.

Naruto growled in pain, as they approached the ground. They broke away and landed. Thorn took this change to slip behind Naruto and cut his cheek, drawing blood.

"I win Naruto-koi," said Thorn licking his cheek.

Naruto groaned. "Damn. What's the score now. 100 to 87?" asked Naruto.

Thorn grinned and put her blade up. "100 to 88 in my favor," said Thorn giving him a V- for victory.

"What do you want oh Mistress of Mistresses," said Naruto sarcasticly.

Thorn grabbed naruto's arm. "Let's go see Ayame-chan," said Thorn.

Naruto nodded. "Let's just hope Ayame isn't to pissed about us not seeing her for a while," said Naruto.

(With the Hokage)

Sarutobi sighed in dramatic fashion. He had been bombarded by the civilian council about seeing the Uchiha get advanced classes with figures like kakashi the best of the ninjutsu users, Might Guy the Taijutsu Master of the village as well as various other masters in certain crafts. Hiruzen stood up and began to walk to the Council meeting that would take place in the next few minutes. Something he'd rather not do, but Budgets had to be balanced and other matters like the war that was happening on the Western Content.

(In the Council Chambers)

The Council chamber was a rounded room that had seats for several council members, mostly the civilians who after the death of the fourth had somehow seized power using their connection to 2 of the 4 fire loads. The hands and eyes of the Diymo.

The Council was divided into 4 parts. The Clan heads. The Inuzuka, the Hyuga, The Nara, The Yamanaka, the Akimichi, The Aburame, and the Empty seats of the Senju, The Namikaze, and the Uchiha. They made the Majority of the Ninja Corps. Providing about 43 percent of the Core combinded.

Next came the Ninja Council. The masters of the Ninja forces who reported only to the Hokage. The Commander of the ANBU Neko, The head of the T&I Divison of ANBU Ibiki, and the ninja who is closest to being named the Hokage after Sarutobi, Aizawa Hitokima.

The Next section of the Council was the elders. Sarutobi's old teammates. Horuma and Koharu

The last part was the Civilian Council made up of nearly 15 people all lead by Danzo and his puppet Sakuya Haruno.

Sarutobi took his seat and removed his hat. "Let this meeting of the Konoha Council come to order," said Sarutobi.

The meeting took nearly 45 minutes with reports of important missions request from the Dyaimo ans various other things. I wasn't until near the end that things took an interesting turn.

Sakuya stood up. "Hokage-sama why has our request for better training for Uchiha-san not been granted?" asked Sakuya.

Hiruzen sighed. "We shall not go over this again Haruno-san. He may be pampered by the Civilian Council;, be we Ninja shall not coddle him like a child who needs feeding," said Hiruzen.

Aizuwa stood. "Hokage-sama he is the last uchiha and is most likely to become the founder of the new Uchiha clan should he take a minimom of 6 wives, but how can we make better connections and demonstrate our power without the Uchiha?" asked Aizuwa.

Shikaku lazily stood as well. "Why are we wasting so many resources on that punk? We have many promising Ninja. Thorn Mitarushi and Naruto Uzumaki are two of those Ninja," said Shikaku.

Sakuya glared at Him. "Why waste time on the Uzumaki 'brat' and the bitch's whore child!" yelled Sakuya only for a kunai to cut a lock of her shining hair.

Every eye turned to Ibiki. "Shut your tongue about my godchild or next time you lose your head," said Ibiki in his most intimidating voice that made everyone shiver. Their was a Reason he was called the Devil's Mind'

Hiruzen packed his pipe and took a quick poof of it. "As for Naruto He is the Last son of the Whirlpool nation and is in the direct line of the throne," said Hiruzen.

Everyone turned to him in shock. The whirlpool Nation was known as the strongest of the strong. It had taken the combined efforts of Iwa, Mizu, and Kumo to even Damage the royal Army of Whirlpool. That brought everyone to the reason why they where so strong. Whirlpool didn't focus on ninja, but Samurai and Sealing abilities. Sure Ninja training was available, but it had only belonged to the three royal clans of Whirlpool.

The Uzumaki, The Yuki, and the lost clan of Crystals.

"If you knew that he was of royal Linage why didn't you speak on it eairlar?" asked Danzo knowing that Naruto now had more value then just the beast sealed inside of him.

Hiruzen gave a chuckle. "It slipped my mind. Besides it was not my place to hide nor to tell any of you. I was asked by naruto's mother to hide it from the council," said Hiruzen.

Sakuya's eyes widened. "His mother! You mean..." said Sakuya,

Hiruzen nodded. "Kushina Uzumaki The last seal master of the Uzumaki before her death," said Hiruzen.

The Council exploded into chaos of words after that. Only settled after Hiruzen flared his chakra. The first to recover was Haishi.

"Hokage-sama it would be prudent to have the boy trained in kenjutsu as well as sealing. His skills along with that of the Mitarushi girl as well as the Uchiha," said Haishi.

"Great and if you found out he was Minato's son everyone would crap themselves," said Sarutobi quietly, unknown to him Ibiki, Shikaku, and Inochi heard him.

Inochi stood. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S MINATO's SON!" yelled Inochi.

This drew everyone's attention as Sarotobi glared at Inochi. "Dammit. They weren't suppose to know until Naruto was at least Chunin," thought Sarutobi as he reached into his his robe and pulled out a piece of paper.

"What is that Hokage-sama?" asked Tsume looking at the paper.

"This Tsume-san is naruto's birth certificate. I keep it with me at all times because this information is to valuable to be left in just anyone's hands," said Minato as he passed it around.

When it made it back to the Hokage Homaru looked at him. "This is unreal! The child of the fourth Hokage has the blood of the Uzumaki as well as the 9-tails sealed inside of him. He will be the most powerful Shinobi in the village within a few years," said Homura eyes wide at the prospect.

"We need to start training him immediately!" said Danzo hoping to take the boy under his wing and turn him into a powerful warrior loyal only to the village.

Haishi looked at him. "Do not be a fool Danzo! We need to set him up within a clan for a base for now. Say my own clan," said Haishi.

Sakuya glared at Haishi. "Screw that Hyuga! We need to enact the CRA for him! I have fertile members of my clan ready to bear children for the good of the village. I'll even bare children if that's what it takes!" said Sakuya.

Hiruzen just looked at her. "No. Naruto shall not be subject to that unless they request it. For now we shall let it drop it," said Hiruzen with a final glare at all.

(With Haishi)

Haishi walked into the Dojo with a look on his face that scared main and branch members alike. Haishi was always a strategist. He saw the big picture and that was that. Everything else was just a means to an end and power was that end (2).

He saw that his eldest daughter was practicing against a branch member with a fire that he had never seen. Hinata at 9 was already being called the future queen of the village. She had grown her hair our in the traditional Hyuga style with her bangs hanging to the sides framing her face. She wore a long skirt, black v-neck shirt, and a-cup breasts. Haishi had a small smirk on his face at that. Hyuga women developed early and large. It was one of the reasons they were the most desired women in the village, even more so then the easy Haruno women.

"Hinata stop your training for a second I need to speak with you," said Haishi.

Hinata nodded and bowed. "Hai Tou-sama," said Hinata walking up to her father.

"What do you know of uzumaki Naruto?" asked haishi

(With Sakuya)

Sakuya walked into her clan compound with an air of confidence. As she walked though she saw many members of the clan, working with the men that had potential and who's children could give the clan all the power in the future. She herself had been assigned by her mother to seduce Minato, but when she failed outright to that little slut Kushina she had been punished by having to handle 10 men at once.

An outrage that was corrected once she became clan head and had her mother sold to a slave ring. Haruno's aged like Ninja. They could keep their sexy bodies well into their 60's..

She passed by a Ninja who had just made the promotion to Jounin. A john she would have regularly taken, but had other matters to attend to.

She found every Haruno who wasn't busy and took them to the clan hall.

"Listen I have big news. Minato Namikaze Son is alive and well. He is uzumaki Naruto," said Sakuya getting right to the grit of things

The women started to talk among themselves.


"The Kyubi kid?"

"In a few years he'd be a real catch,"

Sakuya raised her hand. "Okay Listen we won't be the only clan looking to have him. I'm assigning Jade to handle this," said Sakuya.

"Why Mistress Haruno! I'm just as good as Jade!" yelled a girl who appeaerd to be in her eaily teens.

Sakuya glared at her. "Because Notari you aren't as perfect as she is. I want her to do, besides she knows ninjutsu that can make any man putty in her hands," said Sakuya.

A girl stepped up and made every haruno blush at her because she was the most beautiful. Jade Haruno at 14 stood at 5'3", slender legs that went on for miles, pale skin that glowed even in the darkness, a slightly thick build with C-cup breasts, long jade green hair that was pulled into a single braid, red eyes that looked like rubies, wearing a purple Kimono that was slightly open showing a large amount of cleavage and was slightly hanging off her shoulders and stopped at mid thigh, a white obi sash, long white stockings and high heeled ninja sandals. On her right shoulder was a konoha headband.

Jade was much different from the other Haruno's she obeyed orders, but never had a spark in her eyes. Sakuya had even allowed men to have their way with her, but she never screamed, never cried, never even moaned in apparition for what the men did. Even though she had many men wanting her, even when she had been used for nearly 2 years, she had never had any reaction.

"Jade you are to seduce and if possible get pregnant with Naruto Uzumaki's child. Form now on every other man is nothing to you," said Sakuya.

Jade bowed love on her knees. "As you command Mistress," said Jade in a dead tone.

Sakura who was at the back of the room shivered at her cousins dead tone. To Sakura Jade was always a freaky little bitch.

(a week later)

Thorn smiled at Naruto as he handed her a cup of raman at their usual lunch spot. He had given her the lime shrimp while he ate beef.

"So what have you learned from your mom now?" asked Naruto taking a slurp of his noodles.

"She's teaching me the Shadow Snake Taijutsu Style," said Thorn.

Naruto looked at her. "Really? I thought you needed the Snake contract to learn that," said Naruto.

Thorn shuck her head in amusement at her friend. "No Naruto-kun you need the contract to do some of the jutsu," said Thorn taking a bite of her noodles. "Although I did learn one Jutsu that doesn't require the contract," said Thorn.

Naruto raised a brow. "Oh yeah and what Jutsu would that be?" asked Naruto.

Thorn stood and smiled before holding out her hand. "Venom fist !" said Thorn. Her hand turned purple and she held it out as a knife motion.

Naruto smiled. "Nice. I bet it's as deadly as it looks," said Naruto.

Thorn nodded and let the Jutsu drop. As they resumed their meal Hinata hyuga came over with the blush that was quickly becoming a attachment to her face. Thorn looked at Hinata with a wary look. Thorn knew of Hinata's crush on Naruto, Who didn't?

"Hello there Hinata-chan," said naruto.

Hinata blushed deepened. "Hello Naruto-kun. I was wondering if I could eat lunch with you today?" asked Hinata.

Naruto didn't really think about it. "Sure the more the merrier," said Naruto.

Hinata sat down with her legs folded under her as she pulled out her bento and removed the cover. In it was rice, shrimp, chicken, and a few other things.

"Wow Hinata that smells great," said Naruto.

Hinata smiled. "Would you like to try some Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata.

Naruto nodded as Hinata feed him some shrimp.

Thorn growled in the back f her throat. "Who does this little bitch think she is coming onto MY Naruto like a cheap slut dressed like a fucking princess!" yelled Thorn in her head breaking her chopsticks.

Naruto stopped eating and looked at Thorns hand. "Thron-chan your bleeding," said Naruto with worry.

Thorn looked at her hand and saw that the broken ends of her sticks had one of her fingers. Naruto took her finger and sucked the blood. Thorn blushed while Hinata grew a pissed off look on her face.

"I can't believe this bitch Tou-sama is not going to be happy about this," thought a fuming Hinata.

"Hah take that you Hyuga tramp!" thought a blushing, yet smiling Thorn.

Naruto spat out the blood before taking out some medical gaze and ointment before helping Thorn. "There that should be good enough for now," said Naruto

Thorn nodded. "Thank you Naruto-kun," said Thorn.

Naruto stood up and starched. "Hey Thorn-chan I'll see you later I have to go take care of something real fast," said Naruto.

Thorn nodded as Naruto walked away. As he did so she turned to Hinata with a glared. "I don't know what your trying to do, but stay away from him Hyuga," growled Thorn.

"And what are you going to do if I don't?" asked Hinata getting into a a lowered version of the gentle fist.

"Don't test Me Hyuga!" said Thorn getting into the snake stance.

Before either of them could come to blows The bell for the end of lunch rang. Both backed away and went their own ways.

(With jade)

Jade stood on the street wearing a pair of hip hugger jeans that were lower then normal with a black belt, a gray leotard with no sleeves and shoulders, and a black jacket. Despite her orders to seduce Uzumaki she wanted to study the boy. Just after the academy let out She noticed him walk out with a girl who looked like Anko. Jade had to compose herself as Anko had helped her out numerous times when she was to take someone as ordered by the clan. As Naruto and Thorn separated she trailed Naruto a bit further until they came to the Great Leaf library.

"What would uzumaki-san be doing here? His records show that he isn't very bright," said Jade as she walked in.

She went to the back where the recipient said Naruto would mostly be. She walked to the back and saw that Naruto was reading a scroll. She wanted to know more so she quickly did a henge to look slightly older and have sliver hair and blue eyes. She walked over and pulled out a few scrolls before setting at the table with Naruto. She opened a scroll and saw that it was a fire jutsu. She looked over at Naruto and caught a glimpse of what he was working on.

"Sealing for beginners?" asked Jade slightly surprised that he was working on something most Chunin didn't learn.

Naruto looked at her with a smile. Jade looked at Naruto. Something that touched her in a way that was strange to her. Almost like he was touching a piece of her that had been buried by her damned clan.

"Hai Miss," said Naruto.

Jade gave Naruto a small smile. "Rai'a," said Jade.

"Well Rai'a-san I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I came across section on seals in a school book and it got me thinking. What if a used them for pranks," said Naruto.

Jade looked surprised. "You are quite interesting Uuzumaki-san," said Jade giving her a smile.

(A few weeks later)

Naruto walked though Town with a smile on his face. He had made quite a few friends in the last few weeks. Mostly with Rai'a and Hinata. Rai'a was a genin who was hoping to become a chunin. And Hinata was hoping to become a medic ninja.

He was headed to the weapons shop in his part of town so he could buy a set of scrolls to practice on when he ran into someone. He fell on his but and looked up at who he bumped into. The woman looked a lot like thorn, had large breasts, at least to him, wearing a mesh body suit that stopped at mid thigh, a orange mini skirt, and a tan trench coat.

"Oh crap!" said Naruto.

"Oh Crap is right Gaki! That was my favorite Dango!" yelled Anko.

Naruto gulped. "Please let me make it up to you! How does 20 sound," said naruto.

Anko put away the kunai. And smiled. "Already trying to buy your way into my pants huh Gaki? I guess that's why my kid likes you," said Anko.

Naruto looked at her. "You know Me?" asked Naruto.

Anko snorted. "Of course I know you kid. All Thorn talks about is the 'cute blonde who is her best friend'. Said Anko

"Although I still can't figure out why she hasn't gone to Fan-girl stage 6 and raped you yet," Thought Anko

Naruto gulped as Anko smiled. She lead him over to a booth as he ordered the Dango. What happened next was the longest 45 minutes of Naruto's life. Anko gave him Dango while trying to get to know him. She consistently tried keeping him off balance, leaning forward to give him a good look at her breasts. He looked away blushing. She had even spilled a little tomato juice on her breasts before licking it up. She was sure he was going to have a nose bleed, but he looked away while other men just passed out.

Anko smiled. "He's a bit of a prude. I don't have to worry about him trying anything with Thorn anytime soon. And she exaggerate about him. He is a kind kid. I wonder if they'll be a couple in a few years?" thought Anko with a sly grin.


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