Killjoy: Hana I keep telling you no you can't have Ryo-ohki

Zaara: Really Hana! You really pissed off the girls

Killjoy: And please do not try to kidnap her again for god sake mine and Zaara' Houses were nearly were destroyed when you hid from Thorn and Aoi when she let Runa take control.

Hana: (Gives the puppy dog eyes) But she's so cute. I have to have her!

Tsume: I both find this Amusing and slightly embarrassing

Zaara: Even you have to admit that you've had thoughts of taking Ryo-ohki for yourself

Tsume: Ok I do admit I find her adorable But i am am alpha dammit.


Human speech

Human thought

Demon/boss speech/Jutsu

Demon/boss thought



The first thing that the Team saw when they entered the village wasn't the gate guards or even civilians, but a full blown festival going on with games and such.

Runa turned to her teammates and asked the question that was on all their minds. "Did either of you know that there was going to be a festival?" asked Runa.

Both Naruto and Thorn shuck their head.

"That's because They just throw this together not a week ago," came a light voice behind them.

They spun and Ban got a wicked grin on his face. Standing just behind them was a woman who could pass as a modal. She looked to be around 17 or 18, standing at 5'4, with C-cup breasts, short blue hair that looked like a bob cut, blue eyes that could have passed as Naruto's, tanned skin with a pink star under her left eye, wearing a skin tight one piece spandex suit with no sleeves and long legs, combat Shinobi sandals, a combat Shinobi belt, and a Chunin vest.

She gave a wave and walked over to Ban before giving him a hug. Ban returned the hug in a brotherly sort of way, before he pulled back.

"Hey there babe? When did you get back?" asked Ban with clear happiness in his voice.

The woman shrugged. "About 2 days ago. So are you going to introduce me to your cute little students?" asked the Woman making the squad blush.

Ban Laughed. "Sorry. Guys I'd like to introduce you to Himiko Kudo My little sister from our Genin Days," said Ban.

Himiko smiled. "Nice to meet you guys," said Himiko shaking each of their hands.

"Sempai what's this about anyway?" asked Thorn.

"Well Apparently someone did something no one else can do and beat Tora," said Himiko.

The three teens looked at each other and at once replied. "Ryu-okki,"

Himiko looked at them in surprise and curiosity. "That's right! How did you guys know?" asked Himiko.

Ban smirked and took out his cig. "Ryu-okki is their pet," said Ban

Himiko looked at them, before she busted out laughing. "thank you. We don't know how many generations have had to deal with that damned cat," said Himiko.

Naruto looked at his teammates, before shrugging and heading towards the Inuzuka compound to retive Ryu-okki.

(Inuzuka Compound)

Hana Inuzuka stood with a camra clicking away at the site before her. She had to admit that it was the cutest thing she had ever seen and she wanted to remember it always. That and Make a killing from the Kounichi 'Cutest thing of the year award.

What the prize was 100000 ryo.

"Hana-san," came a voice from the door of the Kenneal.

Hana turned Around to see Naruto, Thorn, and Runa or was it Aoi. It didn't matter.

"Hey guys. I was just taking a few pictures," said Hana.

Runa looked at Hana. "Pictures? Pictures of what?" asked Runa.

The three Gennin came forward and saw the 'cutest' thing ever. Ryo-okki was doing her Cabbit dance, but was leading a group of pups in it. Runa and Thorn gushed at the sight, before asking Hana for pictures, while Naruto was chuckling to himself.

Naruto got off the wall and turned to leave the kennels. "You girls have fun. I have to train," said Naruto.

(In Town)

Jade wore something of a frown on her face as she made her way down the street in her mission gear. Apparently she would have to head out with Anko, Gekko, and Rin to take care of a simple B-ranked mission. Of course it would be good to get out of the village and away from her most hated Aunt and Cousin.

"Jade-san?" came a voice that she immediately recognized.

Jade spun around and gave a smile to her only real friend besides Yuugao. "Hello Naruto-kun. I didn't know you had returned," said Jade.

Naruto nodded. "I just got back today. Your headed out on a Mission of your own Jade-san?" asked Naruto.

Jade nodded. "Yes. It should be done fairly quickly. We are only delivering a scroll to the Capital, but it is important that it's gets there soon," said Jade.

Naruto nodded. I understand. I hope to see you soon Jade-san.

Jade nodded, before giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek. Naruto blushed heavily as Jade smirked. "I haven't forgotten about our date," said Jade.

Naruto scathed his head before turning to his home. "What is with my luck with women," thought Naruto.

(Naruto's Apartment)

Naruto walked into his apartment and removed his currently nameless sword. And set it next to his bed. He walked over to the cupboard and looked for something to eat, but nothing was there.

Naruto frowned as he would have to go shopping soon. Naruto sighed, before picking up his sword and closing to head to Ichiruka's restaurant for something to eat. As he opened the door he was meet with the Bun haired girl who lived downstairs.

"Oh it's you... m... Tentwo," said Naruto girnning at the girl.

The girl frowned. "It's Tenten. Honestly Naruto how can you forget my name every time we talk," said Tenten.

Naruto grinned. "A Skill I guess," said Naruto only to be hit by the Righteous Female Fist Jutsu.


Naruto sat up and grinned at her. "So what do you want anyway Tenten. I'm feeling a bit hungry right now and want to get something to eat before I start messing with seals or my Kinjutstu set," said Naruto.

Tenten nodded, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a set of 100 yen notes. "2000 yen.

Naruto took the money and nodded to her. Alright. Two months rent. Your good. Is there anything else?" asked Naruto.

Tenten was about to say so when she looked at the sword that Naruto had. Now Naruto may have a hard time remembering Tenten's name at times, but he did know one thing about the girl and that was that she had a sex fetish for weapons, ESPACALLY swords.

Tenten pointed to the sword. "T-that's the sword of The Legendary swordsmen Kenpachi Zaraki," said Tenten on the verge of an orgasm as she stared at the weapon.

Naruto looked at the sword that was sitting on his back and nodded. "Yeah. I found it in the land of the Sea. It was almost crying," said Naruto.

Tenten reached for the sword and touched it only to moan as she felt herself cum, and that was just by a touch of the sword. She faltered slightly and leaned on the door. Naruto sweat dropped at this.

"I got to go Tenten," said Naruto.

Tenten nodded and turned to leave. She really needed to get her fetish under control. It could be bad for her one day.

(a little over a week later)

Naruto slowly awoke to a loud knocking on his door. He tried to get up but was very sore thanks to a night with both Thorn and Runa. Who know they were into THAT sort of thing. He slowly got from under the two girls and walked to the door after putting on a pair of shorts.

Naruto opened the Door and Saw Ban standing there. "Are the girls here?" asked Ban with pure business in his voice.

Naruto nodded going to to Shinobi mode. "Hai,"

"Get them and meet me at the south gate. We have a B-ranked mission to attend to," said Ban as he vanished.

Naruto frowned and walked into the room and woke the girls before he dressed in his Mission attire and slipped his sword onto his back.

Aoi yawned and looked at her lover while holding the covers to her body. "What's going on?" asked Aoi.

"Mission," said Thorn who had already dressed in a black skirt, white tank top, black vest, and loose armlets. (1)

Aoi nodded and quickly dressed in a form-fitting all black leather suit with it only zipped halfway up letting her breasts breath. She sheathed her sword on her side and put several unlocking shrunkens in her pouch before picking up Ryo-oki. The nodded to each other before vanishing in a swirl of leaves.

(With Ban)

Ban sat at the gate with his cigarette in his mouth a bit agitated at having to save kakashi's lame ass. He throw his cigarette away just as his three students appeared. Ban stood up.

"Alright here's the deal it seems team 7 has gotten into a bit of trouble," said Ban.

"What kind of trouble Sensei?" Asked Thorn.

Ban pulled out a scroll and opened it. "It appears they've run into the Momochi faction,"said Ban.

Naruto looked at Ban. "Momochi faction.

Aoi looked at her boyfriend. "The Momochi faction is a Rouge Shinobi band that is lead by Zabuza Momochi Former member of the SSS (2). He defected when the Fourth Mizukage came to power almost 12 years ago. His faction consents of around 20 Shinobi with all of them being at least Chunin in level," said Aoi.

Ban nodded. "You got that right, but we got a bit more Intel. So far we know he has the Demon brothers on his payroll as well as a Hunter Ninja in his back pocket," said Ban.

"That bad huh?" asked Naruto.

Ban nodded. "It gets worse. Gato Head of Goto's shipping is involved," said Ban.

Thorn stiffened. "That guy? His whole family history is one fucking gangster after another calling shots in the underworld," said Thorn as they paused inside a tree.

Ban nodded. "Right in one go. His Great Grandfather started it as a way to make money, but all he did was simple drug trafficking, Then he moved to the big time and got people doped up on Fade. Turned them into slaves for his operations," said ban as they started up again.

"What about the next two generations?" asked Naruto trying to get Intel on the 'Money' of the operations.

Nothing Major as far as I can tell, but his dad took it to the next level with human smuggling and Gato took it a step further. Slave and Sex rings!" said Ban gripping his fist tightly.

No one said another word for the rest of the way to Wave.

(Road to outer village)

A woman stood in a tree with her three subordinates. Two of the Former Iwa Ninja that made her sick to her stomach, but were useful to her masters plan.

Kimiko Kaguya was as beautiful as she was dangerous. At 17 she was fairly tall compared to others her age and gender standing at a good 5'7" with unusually pale skin mid c-cup breasts, not very top heavy, and more then once she was glad that she didn't have breasts the size of watermelons as they would hinder her fighting style and movement, long sliver hair fell to the middle of her back with red beads on the bangs, vivid green eyes, two red dots right above her eyebrows and in the center of her forehead, soft features as a scowl was prominent on her face. She wore light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a loose white obi sash.

"Hey Kimiko-chan are you sure that they are coming this way?" asked one of the Missing Iwa nin.

Kimiko looked at him. "Don't ask such a foolish question to me again fool," said Kimiko.

The Iwa nin glared at her. "What did you say you little bitch! If it wasn't for Momochi-sama you'd just be another toy," said the Iwa ninja.

Kimiko looked at him and throw her hand at him making him flinch as did the other ninja with her. The Iwa ninja held his gaze locked on hers hoping to prove that he didn't fear her. Kimiko didn't blink making the man fear her even more. She turned around making the man sigh in relief, before she quickly spun around and slashed his across the throat with a sword made of bone.

"Kimiko-san was that necessary!" asked her Mist subordinate.

Kimiko coughed, before dropping the sword. She reached into her pouch and pulled out a pill and swallowed it. It took a few seconds but she got her breathing under control. "Hai. It was necessary. He questioned me. One of Zabuza-sama's most valuable tools. I won't have problems within our ranks. I am his enforcer, his sword that will destroy anything in his path to free the Mist," said Kimiko.

The Mist shinobi nodded. "I understand that Kimiko-san as I am one of his tools as well, but your condition..."

"Means nothing when compared to his goals," said Kimiko turning from the man.

The other Iwa ninja was about to interject when he stopped. "Our targets are 20 minutes out," said the Man.

"Well lets not keep them waiting," said Kimiko

(10 miles outside of town)

Ban stopped in the trees with his students following suit. He looked around and knew that someone was ahead of them.

"What is it Sensei?" asked Aoi drawing her sword.

Thorn frowned, before putting Ryo-okki on the forest ground making her hiss at the trees. Naruto looked around and drew his sword.

"Someone's here. Be on your guard. From here on out we walk," said Ban as he pulled on a pair of fingerless gloves leaving the straps open.

As they began to walk Aoi's ears twitch slightly before she moves in front of Thorn blocking a hail of kunai with her blade. After that Thorn quickly reached inside of her card case and pulled out three fire cards and aimed them at the tree. They burst forcing the ninja from the tree.

"Water style: Ink madness!" yelled Naruto drenching the man in oil

Ban moved and slapped a tag on his back. "Fry you son of a bitch. KAI," said Ban releasing the seal making the man explode.

"Thank you for getting rid of that weakling," came a voice from in front of them. They turned around and glared at the two people.

The first person was a woman who was probably a year or so older then Naruto, while the Man looked really strong. He had black hair, a five o'clock shadow with a light mustace, standing at 5'10 feet tall, wearing the traditional gear of Kiri, and across his back was a sword.

Ban stiffened. Damn," said Ban.

Naruto looked at Ban. "Damn! Damn is never good," said Naruto holding his sword.

"Konaru Akima. B-ranked missing nin and Lt in the Momochi faction. Said to have been close to obtaining a rank within the SSS, but was denied because of his bloodline. Shortly before the bloodlines purge," said Ban

Thorn never took her eyes off the two of them but still asked Ban. "What is his bloodline?"

Ban shuck his head. "It was never recorded in the Bingo-books," said Ban.

Thorn shuck her head.

"Enough," said Kimiko as a pure white blade slid into her hands. "You die here so you won't interfere in Zabuza-sama's plans," said Kimiko.

Ban glared at the girl. "Naruto, Aoi take the girl. Thorn your with me," said Ban.

Konaru smirked. As he looked at Kimiko. "You mind giving me some room Kimiko-san. I'd hate to explain to Zabuza-sama that you were hurt while I was using my bloodline," said Konaru.

Kimiko nodded, before taking a step forward. "I planned on moving anyway. Your within the range of my attacks and I can't have you in the way," said Kimiko.

Naruto and Aoi vanished before appearing next to Kimino and slashing at her. Kimiko blocked using two swords. Naruto's eyes widened as he realized that she wasn't using swords.

"Are those bones?" asked Naruto.

Kimiko nodded. "Yes," said Kimiko throwing them off. Before pointing her sword at Naruto. "My full name is Kimiko Kaguya the last member of my clan and last wilder of the Dead bone pulse," said Kimiko.

"Dead bone pulse?" asked Aoi putting her sword and holding it slightly in front of her.

Kimiko looked at her. "It is the most feared bloodline in Kiri. It allows me to manipulate the speed of my bones growth as well as the location of calcium deposits. My bone that they remove from the body immediately regenerates. I can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel," said Kimiko.

Aoi frowned. "Stronger then steel or not your not going to beat me!" yelled Aoi, Charging in while swinging her blade.

"Dance of the Cresent moon!" yelled Aoi as she came down.

Dance of the Camellia!" said Kimiko.

Kimiko brought her bone sword up blocking Aoi. Kimiko pressed forward forcing Aoi to dig her heels into the ground as she was pushed back by the kaguya. Naruto rushed froward and throw out a punch to her jaw. Kimiko's head was turned, but Naruto winced in pain as Kimiko raised just looked at him, before raising her blade and slashing at naruto.

Naruto jumped back, but had a deep cut across his chest. He looked at Kimiko. "We're not dealing with just any old kunoichi. She's as deadly as a lake is calm. One wrong move and were done," thought Naruto

(Ban and Thorn vs Konatu)

Ban cracked his knuckles. "Watch my six and follow up," said Ban.

Thorn nodded as Ryo-okki stood next to one of her mistresses.

Konaru smirked before making the 'come on' motion with his left hand. Ban charged forward and throw a punch at Konaru. Konaru blocked with his right arm. Ban's eyes widened as he heard the sound of rock smashing. His left came out of nowhere and Ban skidded backwards.

"SENSEI!" yelled Thorn throwing a few cards at Konaru.

The cards hit Konaru as he raised his arms as the cards exploded. With smoke covering the area. Thorn rushed over to Ban who was sitting up with blood sliding down from his lips.

Ban sat up and glared at Konaru. "At least we know what his bloodline is now," said Ban standing up and flexing his right hand making it pop.

Thorn looked at the some and saw that Konaru was standing there, but on both his forearm;s and body was solid rock. His shirt was ripped to shreds thanks to the jagged parts shooting out his his chest, back and shoulders.

Konaru smirked at them. "Let's play," said Konaru pulling his fist back. Earth Style: spiked fist Jutsu!" said Konaru as his hand became spiked.

"Ban groaned. "This just got a lot harder," said Ban charging at Konaru with Thorn pulling out two kunai and following up.

Konaru squraed up and throw out a punch at Ban, Ban did a side spin to the right and did a double sidekick that knocked Konaru's head to the side. Thorn throw her Kunai at Konaru only for them to bounce off his body. Konaru spun and fainted a punch making Ban try and dodge to the side only to take a knee to the gut. Ban's Eyes widened in pain. Konaru grabbed him as he went up and punched Ban sending him flying again.

Thorn cursed and started to run though hand signs. "Water style: Water Drill Jutsu!" yelled Thorn shooting out a drilling water ball.

Ryo-okki opened her mouth and fired off a beam of lightning that struck the ball causing it to have properties in both water and lighting when it Hit Konaru.

Konaru didn't think about the little animal having any type of chakra manipulation let alone an element. He didn't have to to move so he throw up his hands to block the attack. The attack hit his hands, but with the added charge of electricity he was blown back with the electricity doing substantial damage to his body. After the attack broke off Konaru fell to one knee panting. He looked at Thorn preparing to charge, but jumped back due to instinct ads ban hit the ground that he was just standing on with an open palm strike leaving a semi-sided crater.

Ban smirked at him. "Did you forget about me you bastard?" asked Ban.

(Kimiko vs Aoi and Naruto)

Kimiko blocked a power strike from Naruto and leaned backwards to avoid the precise attack from Aoi. Another bone sword jettison out of her left hand that she aimed at Aoi. Aoi did a quick spin , but was still cut just under her right eye. She jumped back as Naruto throw a kick at Kimiko's chest. Kimiko jumped backwards and stared at the two ninjas who were also swordsmen. Kimiko was use to dealing with people who's skills were below hers. Even as a child the silver haired beauty didn't have much competition in the department of Kenjutsu. And yet here were two people of GENIN rank giving her a hard time.

Kimiko narrowed her eyes, before dropping her bone swords. She dropped low and dashed forward Naruto prepared to Attack, but Kimiko slipped past him. And allowed bones to grow out of her fingers, almost like claws (3). She swiped her claws at Naruto and slashed his across his chest. Naruto growled, but started to back pedal as she lashed out her her claws. Naruto stopped and tried to parry her attack, only for her to slip to the right and stab Naruto in his back. Naruto let out a wile of pain.

"AOI! I'm taking over now. Sword on sword isn't going to work," yelled Runa.

Aoi Nodded to her Sister. "Do it!

Aoi screamed before her eyes flashed gold and Runa came out. "Get your claws out of him!" yelled Runa running though hand signs. "Hell's Illusion Style: Body Rot!" yelled Runa as a invisible ring rushed out of her head and hit Kimiko making her drop to the ground. Kimko grabbed her arm as she saw that it was starting to rot away.

"AWWWWWWWWW!" yelled Kimiko.

Runa ran over to Naruto and looked hi over. The puncture wounds were closing, but they were still bleeding badly. Runa cursed as she turned to Kimiko who had broken the Genjutsu and was looking murderous. Runa took hold of Aoi's sword and swapped places with her sister.

(Ban & Thorn vs. Konaru)

Ban and Konaru were moving around each other, almost in a dance as they tried to strike, kick, and punch each other. Ban was faster, but Konaru was stronger and it was showing. Thorn stood by close, but out of the way of the fight. Ryo-okki too watched with her eyes locked as if waiting for an opening.

Ban jumped back out of a strike, before grabbing Konaru's arm. He gave him a smirk and squeezed down. Konaru howled in pain as the rocks were crushed, but the bone underneath as well.

Konaru jumped back and did a few one handed signs. "Kimiko-san retreat! Mist Style: Hidden mist Jutsu!" yelled Konaru as the mist rolled in.

Ban glared at Konaru. "Your not going Anywhere!" Said Ban lashing out at the spot where Konaru had been standing.

Konaru's voice projected from all around him. "In due time we will finish our battle. After all this is a battle between two men from two dying clan's," said Konaru as his voice faded.

(With Aoi and Naruto)

Kimiko frowned and stepped backwards into the mist. "What is your name?" asked Kimko as her eyes fell on Naruto.

Naruto frowned at her. "Naruto Uzumaki Genin from the hidden Leaf village," said Naruto.

Kimko nodded. "I see. Well then Uzumaki-san the next time we meet in battle you will fall," said Kimiko stepping into the mist until her body was no more.

The mist cleared allowing them to see each other. Ban leaned up against a tree and grabbed his side and gave his neck a quick snapping motion. Giving off a horrible creaking sound.

"That big bastard nearly broke my fucking neck," said Ban.

Naruto sat next to him and removed his shirt showing off a few deep cuts that were slowly healing.

Naruto smirked. "look on the bright side," said Naruto.

Aoi looked at Naruto. "What bright side Naruto-kun?"

Thorn sighed. "The fact that were still alive to talk about it and we have the enemy on the run," said Thorn.

Naruto nodded. "I think that beats death any day," said Naruto.

Ban looked at his students and was a bit amazed at how much they had grown.


Tsume:That was not fair.

Hana: (Laughing so hard she can't stand straight)

Zaara: Okay even I didn't think an Alpha would fall for that.

Killjoy:Oh my god that was hilarious haha we had one cabbit dance in private and you almost become a fan girl hahahaha.

Tsume:Oh shut up.

Zaara: It was fun seeing a alpha like you become a puddle of goo! (laughs)

Tsume:GOD DAMMIT (storms out the door.)

Killjoy:hahahaha see you all next time.


one: Think of Tifa from Advent Children, which we do not own and Tifa is property of Squre Enix.

Two: Seven Shinobi Swordsmen

Three: Think Yoriko from X-men. Which we do not own.