This story came about when I talking to my friends about how there were often "satsumas" mentioned in the Harry Potter books. we found out, eventually that a satsuma is the same as a mandirin. The mandirins also seemed to be at the Burrow a lot...

Then these stories sprung out of it. It's mostly just fluffy randomness about the Weasleys and their satsumas!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is J. K. Rowling's.

Bill walked into the kitchen, running a hand through his hair, which had fallen out of it's ponytail. He went straight to the fruit bowl and stopped. It was empty apart from a couple of brown bananas and a bruised apple. Before he'd left for work it had been full of satsumas.

He went to the bin and looked inside. All he could see were many layers of peelings that obviously came from satsumas.

"Um, Fleur?" He called.

"Yes?" she called back.

"Did you eat all the satsumas?" He asked.

There was a groan as Fleur heaved herself up from her chair and waddled through, her hands on the huge pregnant belly. Suddenly there she stood, in the doorway.

"Is zat what zey are called?" She peered into the fill rubbish bin. "In France we call zem clementines."

"So, you did eat them all?" Bill asked, confused.

"Yes," She paused "Do we 'ave any more?"

"More?" He looked bewildered "You need more?"

"Oh, shush." Fleur folded her hands over her baby bump and said, a little defensively "I was 'ungry."

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