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It was either late at night, or early in the morning, but I didn't know. The dream I had just had was so vivid, I couldn't possibly just go back to sleep. Sitting up, I rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly. I put on slippers and quietly slipped through my door. The hallway was dark and quiet as I walked down to lower floor. I arrived at my door of my best friend's room.

His name is Link, and we've been best friends since I could even remember. I get butterflies in my stomach just by hearing his name. Every day we ride our loftwings together over the clouds and Skyloft. It's difficult not to crush on him. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and a grin is always playing on his lips. His brunette hair is messy, but it looks great on him and reflects his personality. I often day dream about running my hands through his hair... He's charming and a joker, and he's always there to cheer me up. Link is to me what the goddess's chosen hero is to the goddess herself.

I smiled as I opened his unlocked door, remembering all the other times I had already walked through his doorway. I kicked my slippers off and slowly creep towards his bed where he was sleeping. Surprisingly, despite him being a heavy sleeper, he woke up when I stopped walking.

"Zell... ie?" his deep, muffled voice asked. I took a seat next to him on his bed and leant my head on his. He shifted upward and held me close to his bare chest (making me squeal, of course). His baggy pants of the Skyloftian garb still adorned his body and his hair was ruffled by his pillow. A blanket decorated his shoulders, his legs still under the covers of his bed.

"Hi," I greeted him, sheepishly. He laughs quietly but knows I have more to say. "I had another nightmare. It was too vivid, for my taste," I sniffled as a tear or two ran down my cheek.

He murmured an "Aw," and twisted the ends of my blonde locks. His grip on myself grows tighter as he asks, "Do you want to talk about it?" His voice was hesitant, for he knew that the nightmares got worse and worse every time.

I seized one of his hands and start to tell him about the nightmare. "I was chained by my ankle to the floor in some firey place. It was like a volcano, I even saw lava. Some strange monsters were patrolling around me, making sure I wouldn't escape. And their leader..." I trailed, trying to find a way to describe him as flamboyant but menacing. "He was thin and grey-skinned, wearing a revealing outfit with holes that were shaped like diamonds. He... needed me for something, though I can't quite remember. As he was about to take me away, a tall woman with strange paintings on her face rescued me, but... It wasn't her I wanted to be rescued by," I blushed, bracing myself for the next sentence. "It was you... but every where I looked, you weren't there. This woman took me to a spring right by this place I was held captive in, and wanted me to leave. But... behind her shoulder, you were just entering the spring. I yelled and cried to see you, but she wouldn't let me. And... she was angry at you... she told you that you weren't there in time to save me..." By now, the tears were falling like a waterfall from my eyes. Why wouldn't he be there for me? Was this... prophetic? Was this actually going to happen? My body shook violently, and he held me tight. I cried and cried and cried, and Link wiped away each and every tear. When I quieted down and stopped shaking, he spoke to me, lifting my chin up so we could see each other's eyes.

"Zelda," he said, sternly and confidently. "I swear, if anything like that ever happens to you, I will be there to save you. I'll kill all the monsters and their leader. If some woman gets angry at me for not being there in time to save you, I'll push her out of the way and run to embrace you. I'll always be there, Zelda, right by your side, you and I against the world." His voice was so sincere and I couldn't help it. I sobbed into his chest, whispering words of love to him. To my surprise, he didn't tense up, stop, or anything. He just held me close as I continued my crying.

When my crying died down a few minutes later, I was starting to fall asleep on his shoulder. I murmured into him, "Don't ever leave me," many times and each and every time he would return this with a firm "I won't."

Sensing my fatigue, he lay back down, still holding me. He draped the blanket over both of us, and I felt warm next to him... and that's when it hit me. The Wing Ceremony that Link and I were participating in was tomorrow - or today, I still didn't know what the time was. I deprived him of his precious sleep he needed to win the race.

My head was resting right by his left ear, so I whispered to him, "I'm sorry I woke you on a night you need your sleep most. But I hope you win the race tomorrow so the 'goddess' and 'her hero' can have their special moment..." I then pressed my lips to his cheek softly. His face stretched into a smile, and I dozed off happily.

I dreamt of Link that night. We were atop the goddess statue, but it had to be in a different place... There were trees every where. He held the harp I was supposed to play at the ceremony. His smile suggested he was fond of me, and his eyes shined. He abruptly held me close to himself, and whispered, "Always there."

I awoke to the sound of him saying my name, telling me to wake up. Lazily, I buried my face closer to him, unwilling to break this embrace.

"Zelda, if anyone sees us..." He gritted through his teeth.

I shook my head. "Let them. Let them talk, I don't care."

"Zel, the ceremony? You're going to be late..." He reminded me. This jolted me up and he was up on his feet to help me to mine. I slipped on the slippers I wore last night when I came to his room in the first place.

Hugging him, I whispered a "Good luck," and stood on my toes to kiss his forehead. As if it was instinct, he grabbed me and kissed me briefly, and I was thrilled. My face burned up and his rough lips felt amazing against my soft ones.

Without a word, he walked me to his door, his hand on my waist and forehead nuzzling my head. I regretted walking out of his door and his embrace, before whispering, "Always there."


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