So, a quick spoiler alert (It's not much really) This chapter is set about half way through Red Hood and the Outlaws#1, just before Teen Titans#1 (Changing the backstory of the Titans, of course. I don't like how they erased the friendship between Tim and Kon) setting the scene for Nightwing#1 and although I haven't gotten my hands on Batgirl#1 or Batman and Robin#1 (Ran out of money) I am guessing it is before those two. However, there are mentions of things which take place in the comics. I am just making up what happened to Cass and Steph.

It was two months later, that Nightwing found himself absentmindedly rubbing the back of his neck as he stood on a ledge at the edge of Gotham city, overlooking the raised tent of Haly's Circus. The rubbing had become a nervous habit, the raised skin where the implant sat, no longer an alien feeling under his fingers. Leslie had tried everything she could think of to remove or deactivate it but it seemed that it would now be a permanent part of Dick Grayson's life. However, she had managed to alter the device so Deathstroke could no longer control Nightwing. At least, until the mercenary managed to hack the new signal, something which easily could happen since the mercenary's escape from prison a month ago.

Dick had to admit, he had been surprised Slade had taken so long to escape. The Justice League had been furious; none more than Bruce and now a worldwide search was in progress, trying to track down the villain.

Pushing away those thoughts, Nightwing gave a small sigh and crouched down. Normally, he would be analysing his environment, or lost in thoughts of his old home at the circus and the night he lost his parents. But no. Tonight his musing was about his second family.

Two months since he had been shot by Slade. Two months since the dynamics of the Batfamily had changed. Admittedly it wasn't a bad change. Bruce and Damian were finally working together, the Dark Knight finally learning to listen to his youngest while the current Robin had finally learnt that he could trust his father.

Even Jason was making an effort. Almost exactly a week after disappearing from the Manor, the former villain had returned, dragging a beaten but not broken Roy Harper with him. No one was quiet sure why Jason had done it, but Dick hadn't complained at the return of his best friend. Roy had been equally glad, claiming that he owed Jason his life. Realising that Jason was once again going to leave, Dick had jumped at Roy's comment, making the archer promise to take care of his brother. Roy had agreed and followed Jason when he tried to disappear. Even now Dick was keeping an eye on the new team, named the Outlaws by the Justice League. Admittedly Jason wasn't too happy with the situation, but Dick knew Roy and Kori would take good care of his brother.

And then there was his teenage brother.

Tim had moved out of Gotham shortly after Dick was released from bed rest. Dick remembered spending three days helping the teenager make the move to New York, including half a day rigging Tim's new penthouse with explosives (And Dick certainly wasn't going to ask why. He would just put if down to teenage paranoia.) Now Tim was out of contact, playing a complicated game of media espionage against a global anti-meta organisation calling itself N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Dick had to admit, he was a little afraid of what N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was capable of; its connection to the disappearance of several teenage Meta's enough to gain the Leagues notice. Nightwing just hoped Red Robin was small enough to slip through the cracks the organisation left until the League could finally respond. After all, it was Tim's friends who were being targeted.

As for the rest of the family, well...

Barbara had returned from Europe. The surgery was a complete success and she was slowly regaining the use of her legs for the first time in years. Dick had made a habit of dropping by every day, taking her to her appointments when she needed it and generally being a shoulder to lean on. Barbara had been thankful, helping Dick with all his cases even as she worked to regain the now absent title of Batgirl.

Steph had retired the cowl, instead returning to her old identity, The Spoiler. Taking on a new purpose in the family, Stephanie was now working as a runner between Batman and the members of Batman Inc, delivering everything from technology, through to new training methods around the globe. And when she wasn't travelling, the girl was living in Hong Kong with Cass, enjoying being a partner of the Black Bat.

It seemed to Dick, that the world was fast changing around him. Bruce and Damian were getting along, Jason was being social and Tim had left home. Babs was walking again and Steph was out of town.

Dick looked down, his eyes drawn to his own chest and the red print across the front of the costume. None of the family had been happy when Dick had decided to recycle the Renegade costume, Bruce least of all, but to Dick it had felt right.

As Red Hood, Jason wore a red bat across his black chest. As Red Robin, Tim was a black and red blur in the night. Even Damian seemed to have picked up the red and black theme. Red and Black were now the colours of the Robins. Dick didn't wear the costume to remind himself of Renegade, but to honour his brothers.

Light slowly washed across the city as the sun rose. Realising he wasn't going to get anything more done tonight, Nightwing climbed to his feet and jumped off the edge of the building, letting his jumpline catch his weight as he swung across the city, making his way home.

It had been Bruce's fault really, that Nightwing was no longer in Bludhaven.

The Dark Knight had realised that his oldest was going to leave again and had acted quickly, buying an apartment in the middle of Gotham city in a poor attempt at keeping an eye on his son. Claiming it was a thank you gift for caring for Damian for so long, Bruce had transferred everything into Dick's name, leaving no room for arguments and forcing Dick to accept the present.

Dick had accepted reluctantly but was soon seeing the upside to the situation. Bludhaven wasn't far away and the apartment was near the more interesting parts of Gotham. It was close to several transport points for the Justice League (Superman had spent years trying to talk Nightwing into becoming a full member of the League and had jumped at the opportunity during Dick's brief time as Batman, making Nightwing an automatic member whether he liked it or not. Dick had to admit, he wasn't unhappy at the situation.) The apartment also served as a meeting point and safe house for Batman and Robin.

Reaching the large window, Dick opened it and dropped onto the carpet. He could already tell he had a visitor. Silently walking through the dark living room, he headed to the spare bedroom, pushing the door open.

Robin was curled up on the bed the boy had long since claimed for himself.

Damian had embraced the apartment as a second home, often dropping by in the night when he was bored or tired or injured. Bruce had gotten use to it and most mornings, would sent Alfred with the car to pick up his youngest.

Dick looked up at the bedside clock. He had an hour before he would need to wake Damian and hand the kid over to Alfred, allowing the older man to go back to the Manor to feed Bruce and the younger to go off and feed Ace.

Slowly he reached forward and ran a hand gently through Damian's hair, ignoring the sleepy threat as the younger hero roused from sleep for a moment. Backing off, Dick turned and left the room, instead stepping into his own room and stripping off the costume, replacing it with a pair of loose pants and a t-shirt.

Walking barefoot to the kitchen, the first Boy Wonder made himself breakfast before turning to the open window, leaning against the kitchen bench as he watched the sun rise.

Another night safe for the innocent and Dick Grayson had to admit, he couldn't wait to see what the day would bring.

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