SO Dollybigmomma and I took a road trip to Arizona and on the way back we passed a prison van while driving on the I-10 just out of El Paso Texas. We were in an SUV and struggling to keep it in our lane through the cross winds trying to blow us off the road. I was driving at the time and kept looking at this van keeping up with me as I was flying at 100mph and thought dang that could be a good story. SO here it is the good story that I thought of and Dollybigmomma didn't like when I pitched it to her. It isn't full of humor like most and Edward is really bad in it. I will try and warn you when something sensitive is going to happen but there is no actual rape.

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On with the show.

The Devil's Path

Chapter 1


I groaned when I saw I would be riding with Mike Newton again. Talk about a jerk. He was a sexual harassment suit just waiting to happen. I wasn't all that crazy about this particular job since it wasn't actually fighting crime the way I wanted to, but at least it was helping keep the public safe, and I got to travel a lot, if you could call driving hardened criminal around the country travel. Maybe I should have considered becoming a cruise director after all. At least the guys I ogled on the ship could buy me a drink and maybe not want to murder me at the end of the night.

"You're all loaded, boss. Have a safe trip," Warden Banner called to me. I just nodded and went to get in. We had loaded the guys in through the back. We didn't want them anywhere near the controls, so there was a grated barrier between where Mike and I would be sitting. We would be taking turns driving through the night nonstop. Our prisoners were known to be dangerous troublemakers and were being moved to a higher security facility in Huntsville, Texas.

"Hey, gorgeous, want to ride on my bus?" Mike winked at me as we pulled away from the prison heading east, the late afternoon heat shimmering in waves off the desert landscape surrounding us.

"Been there, done that, and I don't want to get the t-shirt," I said causing the inmates to make all sorts of rowdy 'you've been slammed' noises.

"Baby, if you get on my ride, you'll buy season passes," prisoner 6661313 said.

He was hot, really hot, but I shook my head at him. "Sorry, honey, but if your dick can fit through these holes, I don't think I will," I said poking my fingers into the grate and grinned.

He laughed at me, unaffected by my jab. "It most definitely won't, baby, but if you come back here, I'll change your life."

All his buddies started howling like fools and I just smiled. I looked over the list of inmates we were transporting. They all had files and I decided to read them to kill time.

Prisoner 6661313 was Edward Anthony Cullen, age twenty-six, sentenced to life in prison for the murder of six men. I glanced further down his record and saw that he'd had a bunch of armed robberies leading up to his killing spree.

"Fuck, bitch, you're making me hard smelling so good, are you going to take care of this or what?" prisoner 6906969 complained. I was leaning back against the grate as I read and he was sniffing my hair.

"Shut the fuck up, James. She ain't touching you even in your dreams. Just jack off like you always do, or do you want to see if you can rape one of these boys in this enclosed space?" Edward challenged him.

I looked up at him and smiled, silently thanking him, but he just looked away. "Whatcha reading?" he asked looking to the back of the van. I was almost unsure if he was talking to me, but I was the only one reading anything.

"Just trying to get to know my travel mates a bit better," I said holding up his file and he smirked.

"They ain't got half the shit I done in there, honey," he nodded to the folder. "If you want to get to know me better, baby, feel free to come back here. I'll make sure no one else touches you but me. I'll bet your hair does smell fucking awesome."

I was not sure what to say to that. "Maybe when I'm done reading," I winked and settled in, going back to the files.

I read 6906969's file next. His name was James Hunter and he was also sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of ten women ranging in ages from twelve to fifty-eight. It looked like James was just your standard sick in the head bastard. No wonder my hair was making him horny. I got up and moved to Edward's side of the grate away from James because he was just downright creepy.

James groaned and Edward scooted closer to the grate. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as I flipped to the next file. "He's right you know, you smell as awesome as you look," he whispered.

I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. I said thank you and I think it startled him. I learned fast that if you were nice and polite to the inmates, they wouldn't get too crazy on you. It helped to have some control of the situation.

I opened the next file, 5318008, Emmett McCarty. He was sentenced to life as well for murder and as an accessory to Edward Cullen's crimes. I wondered why in hell they were letting those two stay together.

File 6599032 was Jasper Whitlock. He had the same rap sheet as Emmett McCarty and I turned and looked at Edward. "Looks like you're riding with your buddies."

He smiled. "Yeah, we're close; we grew up together, beat the shit out of the assholes in school that fucked with us and knocked over a few liquor stores growing up. We've got each other's backs."

I heard James groaning and made the mistake of looking over at him to see him leering at me while rubbing himself through his clothes. I must have visibly flinched because Edward frowned and followed my line of sight. He picked up his shackled feet and slammed them hard into James' crotch, making him scream and fold over. "There, problem solved," he said and I leaned back against the grate again. I felt his hot breath on my neck. "I told you I would take care of you, baby."

"Thank you," I said and offered him a soft smile, turning to the side of the van so only he could see it.

I opened the last file; it was 3453451, Demetri Santiago. I didn't understand why he was in with this mess of people. It looked like his major crimes were all computer stuff. He had emptied a few bank accounts, but had done nothing violent, not like the other guys. "Why is he with you?" I asked pointing to Demetri's file.

Edward smiled. "Because he's a good guy and has our backs. I wouldn't want to leave him behind. Besides, James has a thing for him." I saw Demetri cringe. "Luckily for Demetri, he can still whoop James into submission." He kicked James' foot, "Ain't that right, James? You're just waiting for the boy to get hurt so you can fuck him hard, huh?"

James groaned, still holding his crotch. I looked back at Edward.

"Don't mind him, sweet cheeks. He's out of commission for a while."

I smiled slightly and looked away. I could tell this was going to be a long, crazy ride.

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