EPOV Outtake 5 At the End of the Path

Kids were loud, busy, and annoying. Those little shits were into everything as soon as they figured out the whole walking thing. Little Eddie skipped walking and went straight to running. Little fucker had a death wish, constantly running headlong, not giving a damn. Maybe he figured it was safe because he knew I was there watching him, and I was. He was safe. I would kill anyone or anything that hurt my boy.

I had to admit, when we took the kids out to see the chicks, I was prepared to kill that fucking rooster. Imagine my surprise when little Eddie didn't give two shits about the chicks and went straight for the rooster. He chased that fucker all over the yard trying to grab its tail. Fuck yeah, that was my boy.

My little girl was his complete opposite. She was calculating and quiet. Every step she took was measured and thought through before she took it. She would watch her brother with annoyance and disdain. Looked like she was going to be a snobby bitch when she grew up, and I was okay with that. No one was touching my princess and it was good that she got that through her head now. She was better than all the fuckers here and everywhere so they better not ever look at her twice.

By age two, my boy was talking and babbling up a storm. Again, little Marie just quietly looked at him annoyed. She only said a few basic words, Da da being one of them. Then one day as I was in my office working, Bella came in with the kids following her around like those damn chicks she liked so much.

Eddie went to get on my lap, but to everyone's surprise, Marie grabbed his arm, yanking him back and surprising us all. She grabbed my leg, unable to climb up it like her monkey brother but shouted at him, "MY DADDY! No, Eddie!"

I did my best not to laugh at my little girl. Apparently, she thought I was paying too much attention to her brother and I had to admit he was easier for me to play with, but I knew from then on that I needed to put more effort into my daughter. I picked her up and cuddled her on my lap, kissing her on the head. She smiled up at me brilliantly. She looked just like her perfect mother.

Bella had picked up our son who was getting ready to come back at his sister with a vengeance. Turned out he did get something from me, my temper. That was going to suck balls when he was older. Right now, Bella could just pick him up and calm him. Maybe he had a chance to be a good man with Bella being here for him.

I didn't know why, but my kids loved me and were constantly seeking me out. At six years old, the twins were my little sidekicks. I set up little desks in my office. That was where they did their 'work'. Bella was homeschooling the kids and it was my job to make sure they finished their work before they left their desks. Eddie, the little fucker, was always trying to get out of work. You would think he had a fucking bladder infection they way he needed to go to the bathroom constantly. Lucky for him, I had a bathroom right in my office. I think his face actually fell when I pointed it out to him. I knew that little shit just wanted to run around and escape his schoolwork. The kids had it fucking easy. They only had to do about two hours of work in the morning and they were off the rest of the day. Marie loved it and would frequently ask me questions about her work. I think she just wanted my attention. I didn't mind giving it to her. I had read up on it and dads were important to little a girl's self-esteem. 'What I read!' After that, I made more of an effort to talk to her and tell her she looked beautiful because she did, just like her mother.

At thirteen, Eddie was an obnoxious fucker and Marie was a moody thing. You just looked at her wrong and she would either shout at you or bust out crying. I was ready to kill everyone when Bella stopped me. She scared the shit out of me when she told me Marie had PMS. She was a baby, she couldn't have that. Bella kissed my cheek and told me our babies were growing up.

I finally believed her when I caught Eddie in the barn with his hand on Alicia's boob. Yeah, for a little twelve year old, she was stacked. I knew Emmett would have killed him if he had caught him groping his daughter. The fucker had the nerve to tell me he was just getting a bug out of her shirt. I picked him up by his scruff and told him that his Uncle Emmett wouldn't mind shooting his hand off next time he went to grab a 'bug' in his daughter's shirt.

At sixteen, I caught him fucking her in the same place. Thank god he had a condom on. How did I know this? Because I pulled the fucker off of her. I was relieved to find that she was a willing participant, but I warned my boy again that his nuts were on the line. I let him know Emmett had killed men for lesser offenses.

At nineteen, I watched my boy walk up to Emmett scared shitless and asked to marry his daughter. I thought he was too young, but Emmett surprised me and gave his permission. I was worried that my boy was rushing into things. He had only really been around our families. Emmett had Alicia who was a year younger than the twins, and a son that was three years younger than them. Jasper had a boy, Jacob, who was two years younger than my kids and a little girl that was four years younger. I didn't like the way his boy, Jacob, would look at my Marie. Thank god she never gave him the time of day. She stayed for her brother's wedding and afterward, she approached me with her mother and I knew what she would be asking. I didn't want to let her go.

Marie went to the states to live with her grandfather, Charlie, so she could go to college. I didn't like her being so far away so I couldn't kill the fuckers that looked at her. I was pleased to find out that my daughter was arrested for assault. I guess some guy grabbed her ass and she went ballistic on him. That was my girl. Thank god Charlie knew some people and got her off. I think it was fucking awesome my girl put the fucker in the hospital. Yeah, she took after her old man. I knew if she was a dude with more muscle, the fucker would have been dead. I would have been okay with that, too.

My girl was going to school to be a doctor. Bella had already had her taking online courses I didn't know about, so I was surprised when I heard she already had half of her degree before she left. My girl was a brain and I loved it. I think I probably would have been smart if I'd been given a chance, maybe even gone to medical school myself.

I was surprised when it came time for her to do her residency that she decided to do it in Mexico to be close to the family. She applied for citizenship and I worried that she might not get it if they found out that I was her father. Bella assured me that the Mexican government didn't see us as criminals. We took out Juan and his lackeys and kept the peace in our territory. We were considered 'farmers' and Bella somehow paid taxes on this place. I didn't know how, but she did. When I asked her about it, she said that she came back legally and requested citizenship years ago. Go figure, my girl was a Mexican and I didn't even know it. She had everything transferred from Juan into her name with fake sale papers. They way she ran things you would think we were fucking saints.

I found out what was happening to all the extra animals we had been raising. I mean fuck, who needed fifty fucking pigs? We had ten to start with, you know, a decent number, but that shot through the roof when Emmett had them all fucking each other. We had five pig litters or whatever the fuck they were called. Turned out my girl kept in touch with Julio and he would help her give them to people in the neighboring villages. She was doing that kind of shit all the time. Every summer, I realized the farm was overrun with new animals because Emmett was an immature dickhead and bred the animals for fun. Bella would slowly start making the animals disappear, only keeping what we needed for ourselves and I guess enough to breed again for next year to give to people. I didn't complain because I figured we should do some kind of penance for the way we tore through their village. I never felt bad about killing people before, but the way we were welcomed into the community made me feel kind of bad for killing that family for their house, even if they were having some kind of weird freaky foursome at the time. I still wondered if those girls were raping that guy. That was just freaking nuts.

I helped fund my baby girl's clinic. She was a woman's doctor and she was going to deliver my first grandbaby. Turned out Alicia was pregnant with a little girl. I hoped my son was as freaked out as I was about it. Not about being a grandpa, but having to keep another girl safe. Shit, I realized this never ended. Once they passed me my granddaughter, I couldn't help but smile. They named her Bella Rose and she was perfect. I took my son out for shooting practice just in case.

Bella told me Jacob would be working at the clinic with Marie. I didn't like this, but then I realized the fucker had been gone for a few years and I hadn't even noticed. I needed to keep better tabs on him. I still didn't like the way he looked at my girl. When I found out that he was a woman's doctor like my girl, I wanted to kill him. He better not think he would ever be looking at my girl's parts. Bella thought I was overreacting. She didn't realize our daughter was never getting married.

Bella asked me if it would be so bad for her to get married and be happy like us. We'd had a small ceremony when the kids were about three. It took that long to convince a preacher it was safe to come here and do it. Turned out, Julio made good on his word and made sure everyone knew to stay away from us. Mary Alice and Rosalie were our witnesses; Bella insisted we use them just to be sure it was legal and all. I really didn't give a fuck. As long as she was mine, I didn't care if there was a paper saying it, but I guess it made her dad feel better. I got that.

Jacob came and asked me for Marie's hand in marriage. Bella had to hold me back as I shouted at the fucker, screaming he'd better not have laid a hand on her. Once Bella got me back in my seat and Jacob in his, he told me that he'd loved Marie since they were little and that he hadn't even asked her out yet, but once he did, he planned on convincing her to marry him. Turned out the fucker only went to school to be a doctor so he could work with her and help her fulfill her dream of having a free clinic. I pointed out that Marie put a guy in the hospital and he smiled and just said, "I know," with a goofy grin on his face. Fuck, that bastard was going to be my son in law, I just knew it.

Bella was straightening my tie. I couldn't believe I was wearing one, but as I looked down at my wife, I couldn't help but think she was still the most beautiful woman in the world. She kissed me and smiled at me. I gave her the hanky out of my pocket because I knew she was going to be crying her eyes out as I walked my daughter down the aisle to Jacob. I still couldn't believe she had said yes to the fucker, but then my wife pointed out the way they looked at each other and I knew I couldn't kill the fucker on the sly. They didn't look at each other like a couple of horny kids, but with what I knew was love. I knew what love looked like now because my girl, my wife, my Bella looked at me like that, like I was the best thing that ever happened to her. Even if I didn't understand it, I believed it. She loved me and fuck if didn't love her more than anything else in the world. Even if I never got to go to Heaven and be in His presence, I had to thank God that she was mine. She was willing to follow me down the devil's path and never turned back.

I couldn't imagine Heaven being any better than that.

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