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A GAME CALLED LOVE: The Story Begins

"Naraku," Bankotsu almost growled, but stopped himself when he remember he didn't want the half demon to know that he was against him. Grunting, he softened his tone. "Why did you bring me back again?" The young mercenary questioned, his eyes searching for the evil half demon who had disappeared into the other room.

Naraku came back into the room only moments later, a small white haired baby in his arms.

"What the hell?" Bankotsu's look in his gaze questioning.

"I can't trust Kagura to guard my heart anymore, she's weak, and you're powerful; not to mention more reliable." Naraku smirked, his mouth an evil line. "If you agree, then as a reward, I'll bring the rest of the Shichinintai back from the dead. If you don't agree, however, I will send you back to the hell I saved you from. Now take the baby."

Bankotsu nodded and took the unusual looking infant into his arms knowing now was not the time to fight back.

'Now that that's handled, I can finally be rid of that pest Inuyasha and his group,' Naraku thought as he turned to head back into the other room where he could rejuvenate and thusly rest.


"Ow!" Shippo grumbled as he rubbed the bump Inuyasha had just given him.

"Ya shouldn't have called me a mutt, ya runt," Inuyasha growled equally frustrated. The group had been walking all day and all of them were exhausted from trudging so many hours. But now they had finally stopped to settle down for the night, opting to rest at a spot next to a rather nice lake with a hot springs not far away.

Standing a few feet away tired and annoyed Kagome rolled her eyes at the two. "Inuyasha," Kagome's voice was full of warning, a warning Inuyasha knew well.

Inuyasha flattened his ears to his head and shrugged in way of apology, something he would never say out loud but for Kagome, the girl with the chocolate brown eyes he loved so much, he would at least enact even if he was too stubborn to admit.

"Ya wouldn't wanna hurt me," He covered up as he reached out and brushed a strand of stray hair from her face. "'cause I'll make ya regret it." He smirked at the blush spreading across her cheeks.

"Try me," She smirked as he jumped a good distance away from her, before she sat him. "Okay guys," She called. "Who's gonna go get the firewood?" Kagome asked not really directing the chore to anyone.

"I guess I should," Sango volunteered standing up from her resting spot. Miroku nodded, stretching slightly before he too stood and went to go collect some water for the stew. Which left Inuyasha to go hunt for the rest of the meal leaving Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara alone as was how it usually went.

Kagome sighed as she sat down beside Shippo, "Why do you two have to always fight?"

"I don't know," The little boy shrugged, "he always starts it though". He grumbled as Kagome reached into her yellow back and pulled out some candy. Shippo's eyes gleamed for the sugary treat, but Kagome held it over his head.

"Only if you and Inuyasha don't fight for a week," Kagome smirked.

Shippo jumped a few times then gave up nodding his head in agreement, snatching the treat before he ran off to enjoy his candy.

"Kagome!" Came the sound of Sango's voice from behind Kagome causing her to turn. "When we're done eating, you wanna go to the hot spring I found?"

"Sure," Kagome agreed with a smile. "Sounds relaxing after such a long day!"

Soon after they were finished eating both women gathered their bathing supplies to leave, sending death glares towards both their hanyou and lecherous monk.

"Don't you dare peek, monk." Sango ground out, her eyes narrowed, almost scary.

"Why my dear Sango, you wound me." Miroku boosted, bringing a hand to his heart in fake pain.

"Sure, pervert."

Kagome smiled at the exchange before turning her own eyes on the hanyou sitting comfortably against a nearby tree. "That goes for you too Inuyasha." She called to him waiting for him to open one eye in response before continuing. "If I even think you're peeking I'll sit you so many times that you'll miss seeing the sky."

The hanyou grunted in understanding before standing and popping his neck. "I ain't gonna look, don't worry." He mumbled as he stretched and walked across the campsite, his golden eyes watching her hold her shower bag. "Ya want me to carry that for ya," He blushed as he realized what that might imply. "I mean, take it there, drop it off, and then come back here to guard the monk?"

Kagome smiled at the sweet gesture, a faint blush on her cheeks as she shook her head regrettably no. "I'll be fine but, thanks for the offer."

He smiled in return, before he nodded in the direction of the spring. "Get going, it'll be dark soon."

"Okay, we'll be back in a little bit, be good!" She called as she stepped away from him, heading in the direction Sango and Shippo had already started walking in only to stop when a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder. Startled she turned only to see Inuyasha's clawed hand, followed by a face covered by bangs. "Inuyasha?"

"Be safe." He muttered before letting go, tilting his head up just enough to where Kagome could see his blushing face.
Kagome blushed in return, "I will." She whispered before stepping away again, this time walking off without being stopped her heart pounding in her chest. 'What was that all about,' Her mind raced with questions. 'Was he, worried about me because, he likes me? Well duh Kagome, he likes you but does he love you or, is he still in love with Kikyo?'

"Kagome hurry up!" Sango yelled from some distance away bringing Kagome out of her thoughts.

"Coming!" She called unaware that from the darkness she was being studied by a familiar pair of dangerous eyes.

'Is this the wench that is always by Inuyasha's side?' Bankotsu pondered as he watched the young girl undress, her companion already in the spring. 'Hmp, the human that Naraku is always trying to keep from the mutt.' His eyes watched intensely studying the girl's every curve as she removed her shirt and skirt, revealing a strange material that covered her breast. 'She is beautiful.' He noted. 'So beautiful that I'd never just throw her away.' He huffed looking away forcing the thoughts out of his head. 'I better get back, I don't want to start a fight with the mutt this close to nightfall. I have to get back to that brat, anyway.'


Back at camp Miroku and Inuyasha found themselves alone, sitting around the fire staring into the flames. Both lost in their own thoughts, or at least Inuyasha was lost in his own thoughts. Beside him Miroku sat, his eyes shifting between the hanyou and the flames, studying his friend, a question plaguing him.

"Inuyasha," He started nonchalantly, leaning towards his friend in order to gain the half demon's attention.

"What monk?" The hanyou mumbled back, looking at Miroku wearily as if he knew something unwanted was coming.

"It's been a while since it was just the two of us. You... me... a fire... no Shippo or women."

"Your point?"

"I just thought now would be a good time to talk."

"About what?" The hanyou raised an eyebrow, scooting away from the advancing monk.

"I don't know," Miroku drew out a smirk on his face. "A certain girl from the future."

Inuyasha frowned deeply, "What about her?"

"Well, I was wondering about you and her, more specially."

The hanyou rolled his eyes and grunted. "There ain't a her and me."

"That's not what it looked like just now, when you oh so delicately touched her arm. Pretty bold for a guy like you."

Inuyasha growled in response but made no move to correct the monk. Over the year they had spent practically living together he had mellowed some in regards to his only male friend, leaving him pretty much vulnerable to any questions the monk might ask him. It was both a good and a bad thing. Good for the monk, bad for him.

"So what are your feelings for Kagome?" The monk continued. 'It's not like I don't know,' He told himself mentally. 'Everyone knows, a rock could figure it out. It's kind of depressing. I just want to here it from the hanyou's mouth.'

"I don't know." Inuyasha shrugged evading the question, just because he would let the monk live after asking, didn't mean he would answer.

"I think you do." Miroku pressed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "You're just not enough of a man to admit to it."

"Shut the fuck up." Inuyasha growled as he stood, looming over Miroku with anger drawn taunt in his whole body.

"Ah," the monk continued calmly eyes closed. "So you agree."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth, he knew the monk was right, the damn monk was always right. Huffing, defenseless he set back down, he just didn't have any fight in him anymore when it came to Miroku. "You won't tell anyone?"

"You have my unbreakable trust." Miroku assured, both eyes opened now looking at Inuyasha expectantly.

The hanyou nodded blinking several times as he shifted uncomfortably from his cross legged position. "Honestly," He began, his voice almost sounding timid. "I think I, well, I want her to be my…my…" He started to choke, coughing into his hand a few times before he was barely able to whisper. "…my m-m-mate".

Miroku smirked behind his raised sleeve, attempting not to embarrass the hanyou further in fear of retaliation. "I think the feeling is mutual, my friend." The monk chuckled unwittingly causing the embarrassment he had been trying to prevent surface.

"Ow," He winced as the expected fist met with his head leaving a bump above his raven pony tail, just like many other victims before him.

"Keh" Was Inuyasha's only response as the now truly wounded Miroku walked off to find something in Kagome's bag to lessen the pain leaving Inuyasha alone and unaware that someone had in fact overheard his and Miroku's conversation.

"Inuyasha," The ease dropper called, low enough that Inuyasha's sensitive ears would hear but Miroku's human ones would be unaware.

Inuyasha froze, his ears swerving in the direction of the force, well aware of who had spoken."K-Kikyo?" It echoed in his mind, slowly, trying to not draw attention to himself, Inuyasha stood, stretching innocently before bending at the knees and jumping into a nearby tree. He glanced down to see if Miroku had noticed but the man was preoccupied rummaging through Kagome's bag. Thankful, Inuyasha gulped, and turned sniffing the air for the dead Miko's scent, he found it without even trying.

"It is her." He mumbled as he looked back to camp and then in the direction the scent came from, his heart torn. In one way he knew, knew that he owed it to Kikyo to see her, after all she had died for him, she could have killed him but she sealed him away instead, on the other hand, Kagome had lived for him, something amazing and heart wrenching in itself. "Damn," He growled before he shook his head clearing his thoughts. He knew what he had to do.

Taking off into the trees he followed the scent, surprised by how close the woman actually was. She was no more than a hundred yards away, and very close to the hot springs where Kagome and Sango and the runt were bathing. He cursed his luck at the thought but continued on, stopping once he entered the clearing where Kikyo waited.

Silently, he jumped to the ground, stepping carefully into the clearing where the Miko sat.

"Kikyo?" He questioned softly.

Said woman turned her eyes dark and contemplative. "Inuyasha," She replied her eyes sad. "I heard you, your words to the monk, you love my reincarnation that much, that you would want to take her for your mate?"

The hanyou stood stunned not wanting to lie but also not wanting to answer.

"Your silence says as much." Kikyo answered for him instead, shaking her head back and forth slowly. "I did love you," She added, her voice breaking slightly but still as controlled and tame as it ever was. "But, I died long ago. I chose to give you a second chance at life and all I have done is take that away." The dead woman turned, her eyes shinning with what appeared to be tears…Inuyasha hadn't known she could cry in her current clay form. "I just want you to be happy."

"Kikyo." Inuyasha whispered his voice deep with emotion and confusion.

"And if being with her, with Kagome, can make you happy then I want you to be with her."

Inuyasha stood stunned, his mouth hanging open and his eyes set huge in his head. "You…would do that for me?"

"That is what love is, isn't it? Kagome taught me that."

Inuyasha felt his heart pound in his chest, a part of him thinking it might have been a mistake, a trick but as he watched Kikyo, the tears, the sad eyes, the smile that should have been a frown, he knew it was for real. "Thank you," was all he could get out.

Kikyo moved closer then, her hands extending to touch either one of his cheeks. "In exchange just grant me one wish, one last thing before I die."

"Anything." Inuyasha told her with a sad smile.

"Kiss me," She whispered so low that no one but Inuyasha could hear. "Kiss me one last time before I go."

Inuyasha nodded having no reason to not comply, he bent forward as he had down only a few times in his life and pressed his lips gently to the woman's lips who had been his first love, the first person (with the exception of his mother) to ever accept him even a little.

Unfortunately fate is a hard master to deal with because this, this kiss, this secluded clearing in the forest, the two ex-lovers standing in it, all of this was all Kagome saw, the girl completely unaware of what had happen prior.


The voice was like water on the hanyou's back. Hastily he pulled away from Kikyo, the dead priestess always disappearing, dust on the wind as the souls she had used to maintain her body escaped causing it to instantly decay. He gulped at the sight, a part of him feeling a great sense of loss but a bigger and more important part of him knew that was something bigger at hand. Like the breaking heart of the girl he really wanted. "She had always had the worst timing." He chastised as he cursed under his breath.

He started to sprint away but stopped himself, his heart telling him he had one last thing to do. Turning slightly he looked back at the pile of dust that had once been Kikyo. "Goodbye." He called faintly as he watched the dust blow in the wind. "And thank you."


Kagome ran as fast and as far as her toned legs would take her, the burning in her calves and thighs nothing to her injured mind. Panting she dodged trees and roots, never looking back as tears streamed down her baby soft cheeks. "Stupid!" She screamed at herself between gulps of air. "I was so stupid." She yelled louder. "Why did I think he'd actually chose me, love me! I should've known he'd always love Kikyo, I've never be anything better than second choice. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' She continued to yell at herself in her mind.

It didn't even register in her mind that night had fallen, and she had no idea where she was, let alone where she was going. All she could focus on was the scene she had witnessed, the kiss, the gentle embrace, the fact that Inuyasha had appeared to initiate it. She ran for what felt like hours before the burning in her legs became too great and they gave way from under her, causing her to trip and fall.

"Ah!" She managed to scream as she tumbled over an upturned root, her body rolling, tumbling through the underbrush, finally stopping in front of a nearby tree. "Ow," She groaned as she forced herself onto her hands and knees, a bit of blood trickling from her left knee. Wincing she pushed herself to a sitting position and shook her head, attempting to empty the cobwebs from her mind. "Damn." She cursed briefly before looking around her confused and a little dazed from her fall. "Where am I?"

"Good question." Came a soft feminine voice from somewhere to her right.

Kagome froze at the sound, the voice hauntingly familiar and yet hard to place. "Who's there?" She called into the dark only to be answered by a faint chuckle.

"Don't remember my voice, Kagome." The woman said her voice sounding like venom. "Maybe I should refresh your memory."
Instantly Kagome felt her body go completely stiff as if under the control of someone or something. "Wh…?" She tried to get out but found her voice stuck in her throat.

Spots began to form in her vision and she gasped struggling but unable to stop the black out from happening. And then, everything was dark except for a faint light she could just barely make out.

"What the hell is happening?" She wondered as the light began to grow, bigger and bigger, "What is that?" She questioned only to have her inquiry answered as the light flashed brighter, casting an image in front of her, like a movie projector from her time, the image of Inuyasha directly in front of her one the make shift scream.

She could see the hanyou's face, the panic that had overtaken his handsome features.

'I've seen this before but where?' She didn't have to wonder long as the scene before her grew until another person was standing the frame, herself. 'This is when I almost shot him with the arrow just like Kikyo did!' Gritting her teeth she willed her Miko powers to the surface pushing the image away from her vision so she could see the woman she knew from back then. "Tsubaki!" She screamed as her vision returned, revealing the dark Miko before her.

"So glad you remembered." The woman clicked her tongue with a smirk. "My only question is what are you doing out here, did something happen between you and your puppy?"

The question hit Kagome hard, taking all the fight out of her as she looked at the black miko with troubled chocolate orbs, unable to deny the truth behind the woman's statement. 'He loves her, he loves Kikyo and not me.' She found herself thinking, her earlier pain coming back tenfold. 'I'm nothing but a worthless copy to him, second best, second choice, second place.' Unable to control herself she limply nodded, the rest of her body still under the other woman's control.

Tsubaki smiled, her grin as beautiful as it was evil. 'How convenient, I won't even have to work to separate them like last time. Her loyalty to that damn puppy is already cracked. Thank kami, wouldn't want my pretty face to get a scratch.' Tsubaki thought. 'I'll just put a minor spell on her, a little revenge, so she can suffer as I have suffered.' She chuckled darkly. 'Let's see…a hairless spell? Nah.' She scrunched up her nose. 'Perhaps a Frog spell? No, what prince would kiss her?' She thought snidely. 'Wait, maybe a love spell?' The dark miko nodded her head as she glanced at her captive making sure the heartbroken girl had not moved. 'Break her heart like she broke me.'

She smirked when she noticed Kagome's down heartened appearance, the normally annoyingly vibrant girl hunched and surprisingly accepting of her current predicament.

'Yes, a love spell would tamper with her heart more than anything else I could do. I'll make you fall in love with everyman you see,' She smirked, the evil in her heart radiating at her inner thoughts. 'It will tear you and your puppy apart at the seams.' Lifting one hand above her head she smiled darkly before bringing her staff down, hitting Kagome hard enough that the confused girl didn't even know what had happened, but instead simply fell, knocked out.

"When you wake up Kagome, you're life will be a living hell."


"Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted, he had lost the girl's scent some time ago much to his own surprise and now he could only call out to her in the woods, looking desperately for the woman he had hurt but more importantly wanted to tell he loved her. "Kagoooomee?" He drew out as panic hit his heart, deep and painful. "Oh kami, what if she's hurt, what if a demon came and caught off guard?" He felt bile raise in his throat at the thought. "Damn it, where is she? KAGOME!" Inuyasha kept crying out to the world, his heart clutching in his chest as every worst case scenario played over and over again in his head.

It was just now morning, he could see the light coming through the trees, he had been up all night looking, the whole group working with him, Sango in the sky with Kirara and Shippo with Miroku on the ground yet they had found nothing not even a trace.

Exhausted Sango and Kirara landed, the young demon exterminator completed mentally drained as well as her pet. Said large demon stretched before transforming to her smaller form, her body far too exhausted to maintain the larger demon transformation. "Did you find anything Miroku?" Sango asked as she walked up beside the monk.

Miroku only shook his head slowly, the bags under his eyes dark as he reached a hand up to rub them, the other holding onto an already passed out Shippo. "Nothing, did you see anything from above?"

"Nothing." Sango confirmed with a shake of her head. "How's Inuyasha?"

"How do you think?" Miroku replied as he stretched, discreetly taking a moment to lean behind Sango and gaze at her ass, one hand slowly making its way towards the girls rear end.

"Miroku?" Sango groaned as she side stepped just missing the impending grope. "Now is not the tim—," Her sentence died midair as she noticed something strange on the ground.

"I was just lightening the mood." Miroku mumbled unaware of Sango's discovery.

"Houshi-sama," Sango called as she bent down picking up a scrap of red cloth, holding it out towards the perverted monk. "Isn't this Kagome's?"

From his spot, nearly a quarter of a mile away Inuyasha heard her words, his ears twitching as they picked up Sango's voice and the name Kagome that had left the girls lips. Moving faster than even a cheetah, the demon arrived at the very spot Miroku and Sango stood within seconds, moving quickly towards the demon exterminator his eyes frozen on the piece of cloth.

"That's Kagome's." He identified instantly recognizing the part of her school uniform. Amazed he sniffed the air around him, trying to see if he could find her scent in the clearing. Sure enough, the scent was fresh and predominant in the area Sango had found the clue. "I got'a scent." He said breathlessly as he took off without even a glance. "It goes this way!"

Sango and Miroku didn't even question him as they took off after them, Shippo still on Kirara.


"Well, this is weird." Bankotsu's voice rang into the forest a few miles away from where Inuyasha and the rest of the gang were looking for Kagome. He glanced around confused before finally focusing his attention on the sleeping form of one Kagome Higurashi. "Why is she…here? Wouldn't that Inuyasha mutt make sure she's alright?" He tilted his head to the side, blinking as he watched the girl sleep. "It's not like him to just leave her." He shrugged. "Whatever, I guess this makes my job much easier, and very convenient."

Carefully, so as not to wake his hostage, he bent down picking Kagome up and tossing her over his shoulder, her lack of weight surprising him.

"She's so light." He mused, "If I'm not careful I'll break her and then she won't make a good hostage at all." He snorted at the thought as he loosened his grip on her and brought her to his front instead of over his shoulder, holding her like a sleeping child. For a second he looked at her, studing her face as she slept sounded. "She really is pretty." He mumbled as he watched her slightly parted lips taking in tiny gulps of air.

Blinking rapidly he shook his head, turning this way and that, checking his surroundings for any unwanted visitors before he sprang into the trees making his way to the secret cave he currently called his home.

Kagome's eyes slowly fluttered opened, the light hitting them harshly causing them to close again. 'Why does my head feel so heavy?' She wondered silently as the pounding in her skull increased. "I need some Advil," She thought as she forced her eyes to open. "Where's my ba…g?" Her voice trailed off as she took in her surroundings, she wasn't at camp, she wasn't at home, she wasn't at the village, she was at any place she recognized. "W-w-where am I?" She thought, her heart beating rapidly as she pushed herself to a sitting position.

"Hm," A male voice came to her ears. "I never thought you'd wake up." He looked into the farthest section of the cave to make sure that the baby was hidden well enough out of sight. Impressed of himself for his job well done, he looked back at his hostage.

Her eyes grew large as she turned taking in the man sitting only a few feet away. 'Is that…Bankotsu?' Her mind panicked. "Oh my god!" She screamed as she forced herself to her shaky legs, moving as far away from the man as possible. "Why are you here?" She screeched as she stared at him, her heart pounding just like her head. "What happened to Tsubaki? How did you get me, where did you find me, where's this?"

"Do you have to yell!" Bankotsu groaned as he covered his ears, Kagome's screeching giving him a headache as well. "There's no need to be hysterical."

"No need!" Kagome continued to scream. "I think there's a great big need!"

Bankotsu gritted his teeth standing impatiently, marching towards Kagome. "Just stop yelling and I'll answer your questions."

"Don't you come one step closer." Kagome threatened as she backed herself into the wall.

Bankotsu's sighed and held up his hands in a sign of resignation. "Fine, I won't come closer if you stop yelling."

"You'll answer my questions?" Kagome asked, this time more calm as her adrenaline started to ebb.

"I will." Bankotsu nodded. "Just no more yelling."

Kagome shook her head up and down in agreement. "What happened to Tsubaki?"

"I don't know." Bankotsu answered honestly as he went to sit back where he had been before Kagome had violently awoken. "When I found you, you were alone."

"I was?" Kagome questioned perplexed. "So she was gone?"

"Yes, you were unconscious on the ground, I picked you up and took you here."

Kagome blinked in surprise. "You brought me here, but why?" She questioned, 'Did he bring me here to help me? But, he works with Naraku.'

"I figured you'd make a good hostage."

Kagome narrowed her eyes darkly, her earlier thoughts gone. "So that's it, are you gonna give me to Naraku too."

"No," He muttered with a shrug. "Naraku can kiss my indecisive ass."

Kagome blinked surprise. "But you work for him."

"Tst," He snorted. "No one works for Naraku, they slave for Naraku. That pampas bastard with die and deserve it and when he does I'll get the jewel shards and all will be well with the universe."

"But…," Kagome started, only to stop. "What's going on, Bankotsu isn't a good guy, he tried to kill us for Naraku, he fought under Naraku and now, he's acting like he hates the man's guts." Gulping Kagome gathered her courage to talk. "So why, do you need for a hostage then, I won't do you any good with Naraku."

"It's not Naraku I want you for." Bankotsu said with a smirk. "It's that runt Inuyasha."

Kagome felt her heart tighten at the name, all of her earlier memories pouring back into her causing her eyes to water with pain.

Bankotsu furrowed her eyebrows entranced by the display. "Why are you crying wench?" he grunted out, cringing when her water filled brown eyes looked at him. 'She's so strong, a Miko, fierce and determined, to see her so vulnerable is...just plain weird.' Shifting uncomfortably he turned away from her, looking at the food that was cooking above the fire instead. "You don't have to tell me," He forced out. "I don't give a damn anyway."

"Inuyasha..." Kagome attempted to speak anyway, just needing to tell anyone of her pain, it didn't matter who. It was soothing just to talk and be heard. "I doubt I'll be of use with him either."

Bankotsu turned towards her quickly as the words came out of the young woman's mouth. "That's new." He mumbled as he stood, watching the tears cascade down the girls face. "What could have caused this?"

"I don't mean anything to him." Kagome continued as she tried to wipe her face with her dirty sleeve.

Bankotsu cringed at the sight of dirt smudges forming on her face from the action. "Disgusting." He muttered to himself, looking for anything clean for her to use. Spotting a cloth he generally used for bathing, he snatched it and hastily threw it in her direction. "Here, wipe your face with that, your sleeve is filthy."

Kagome caught the offered cloth completely in shock. "Why?" She whispered as she held the fabric in her hand, her eyes still shinning with tears. "Why are you being…so…not mean?"

Bankotsu chuckled amused. "You have a pathetic way with words." He grunted as he set leaned down over the fire, stirring the stew he was making. "I have no reason to treat you badly."

"I see." Kagome confirmed her understanding with a nod. "I still don't trust you."

"I'd be worried if you did." Bankotsu told her bluntly. "The facts are you are useless to me if you're hurt. I won't be able to get anything from anyone with a dead or beat up Miko. Plus, you have an ability I need."

Kagome narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?" She asked shortly.

"You see the shards right? That's why the mutt kept you?"

She winced at his words but sadly nodded her head, knowing (albeit wrongfully) that they were true.

"I need to find as many shards as possible and you are going to help me. If things go wrong, I'll use you as a hostage, simple enough. If you resist, I'll kill you." He said bluntly, turning to look at her, his eyes full of promise and also…strangely lies.

"Fine," Kagome agreed knowing that for the moment it was her only option.

"I'm glad we understand each other. Here," He handed her a bowl he had filled with the strange soup. "Eat it."

She eyed it wearily.

"I'm eating from the same pot, it's not poisoned." He ground out as he took his own bowl, thrusting hers into her unaccepting hands.

Kagome nodded slightly. "That's not what I'm worried about." She told him hotly.

"What is then?"

"A man like you is probably not a very good cook."

Bankotsu growled low in his throat but ignored the comment. "You better be glad you're useful."

Kagome sighed at his words, her heart clutching in her chest as she looked down at her food. 'Inuyasha,' She whispered if only to herself. 'I know you don't love me but please, if you even like a little, rescue me.' She watched as the tears fell into the bowl, hitting the stew with small splashes. 'I just want to be where you are.'

Author's notes-

Many thanks to Inuma Asahi De, for basically helping me through this minor flaw stage of my story. Thanks to you, this story will be ten times better!

More thanks, Inuma Asahi De, for editing it so it had a better base. Don't worry, I appreciate all of your help and I will make sure I mention you in all my Author's notes ^_^