After a lot of thinking and deliberations I have come to the decision that I am not working on any sequels until after the first of the year.

I am reaching that point of burnt out in my writing and do not want to just crank out some jibberish to meet a silly time constraint.

So, in order to do the stories justice here is the time line for the sequels I have planned:

3rd installment in the "Anger Management" series will begin posting around January 15th. Should wrap up mid February and the 4th and final installment will begin sometime in April.

"Who Is This" sequel will start posting around January 10th or so. – LOOK FOR AN EPOV OUTTAKE in the TEXAS WILDFIRES COMPILATION – go donate as little as $5!

"Fantasy Granted" sequel will post in February…..maybe sooner, just depends.

Please feel free to PM me on ffnet or hit me up on FB – kylamichelle hugsalot if you have questions, concerns, etc….

Thanks for understanding!