Prepare the Masses

By: Paco the Taco Maker

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha or Shugo Chara. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Peach Pitt respectively.

Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): InuYasha/Shugo Chara

Pairing(s): Male! Kagome (Kazuo) Higurashi/Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language, Magical Violence, Nudity, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: Kazuo didn't know what the whole deal with the eggs was about, but he couldn't lie about liking the way cat boy looked in those leather pants.

A/N: I couldn't resist doing this challenge when Shi-chan had told me about it. *^_^* I hope that you all will enjoy my first drabble fic. With Shi-chan's permission, I'm calling Male! Kagome, Kazuo. Just so no one gets confused and end up visualizing female Kagome in his place. He will also have three eggs, because of a specific request I received. Well let's get on with this.

Slowly he blinked as he took in the sight in front of his eyes in disbelief. Right there under his pillows were three eggs as if they belonged there. Half-lidded eyes closed as he laid back down on his bed on the other pillow, away from the eggs and tried to force himself back to sleep. There could be no other explanation for what was going on, but that it was all a dream. When he woke up, the eggs would be gone and he could begin his day with his slow preparations for his first day in his new high school.

The International Christian University High School, the fact that he was good enough to be accepted in was a point of pride for his beloved aunt.

Opening one eye, he glanced over at the clock and sighed as he saw that he didn't have the time to go back to sleep. Turning around to face the eggs, he had a sleepy deadpanned expression as he saw they were still there. Groaning, he rubbed his right eye with the back of his hand as he sat up on the bed. Picking up one of the eggs and scratching the back of his head, Higurashi Kazuo wondered why these kinds of things always happened to him.

First, it was a magical well that transported him into the Feudal Era, and now some kind of mysterious eggs that held some kind of magical powers appear in his bed. Placing the egg carefully by the others, he threw his legs over the side of his large bed and stood up. It seemed that like the adventure in the past, he would have to take this all in stride. Otherwise he would be stressing himself out more than necessary.

Grumbling, he went into a closet and grabbed a fluffy towel to wrap the eggs in. Something told him that they would be important for some reason or other. Rubbing his belly under his shirt with a snort, he made his way back to the bed with a towel and wrapped up the eggs. Looking down at them, he knew the he wouldn't think about eating eggs for quite a bit of time.

'But I will be having some toast though.'

And so begins the time-travelling priest's first day in Tokyo.

Well this is the end of Chapter 1. If I have uploaded this, then I've already gotten about 20 chapters done. I hope that you all enjoyed it and will stick around for the next update.

Kazuo's Eggs:

Red and orange egg with the kanji for "Nine" on the front; Chara: Unknown

A Black and Blue egg with whip-like design wrapped around it; Chara: Unknown

A Green and white egg with a Rose in the center, surrounded by leaves; Chara: Unknown

Just thought you would want to know the designs of the eggs before the next chapter. *^_^*