Prepare the Masses

By: Paco the Taco Maker

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha or Shugo Chara. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Peach Pitt respectively.

Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): InuYasha/Shugo Chara

Pairing(s): Male! Kagome (Kazuo) Higurashi/Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language, Magical Violence, Nudity, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Supernatural, etc.

Summary: Kazuo didn't know what the whole deal with the eggs was about, but he couldn't lie about liking the way cat boy looked in those leather pants.

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The crack of a whip echoed throughout the construction site as Kazuo gave chase. Ikuto cursed as he flipped and used his feline grace to dodge the whip. Glaring at his pursuer, he gritted his teeth and lifted a hand up. "With this paw, I'll get rid of you!" Lashing out, a large blue paw appeared out of thin air and tried to swipe at the Character Changed – Ikuto snorted, male. Not even seeming worried at the incoming strike coming his way – Kazuo closed his eyes and just swayed over to the side and dodged the paw without much effort.

Opening his eyes, he glanced over and saw the claw marks that were etched into the steel. Whistling, he grinned cheekily at the other. "Such a feisty kitten you are, it only makes me want to subdue you even more." Licking his lips after, Kazuo laughed at the furious blush that took residence once more on the other's face. Clenching his fists, the tanzanite-eyed cat boy snarled.

"Don't play with me you asshole! This has nothing to do with you! What are you getting out of interfering with my affairs!"

Ikuto was frustrated!

Frustrated dammit!

Nothing had ever worked him up into this state, even the bastards at Easter. Then here comes this guy out of nowhere who basically hits on him without regards to common decency, and seems to be acquiring a taste of screwing with the cat boy! Kazuo raised an eyebrow, and tilted his head to the side. "Hmm, why am I getting involved you say?" With a flick of his wrist, he had the whip wrapped around his arm as he brought his other hand up to scratch the back of his head. Furrowing his brow, he tilted his head to the side and made the whip come back and wrap around his arm.

"That's a good question…"

He tilted his head to the side and hummed in thought. But then a smirk slithered onto his face, and he locked his eyes onto Ikuto's tense frame. "I guess it's because I want to – there usually isn't any other reason as to why I do things besides that I want to." Lashing out suddenly, the smirk widened on his face as the whip wrapped around the other male's slender body causing a startled yelp to leave his lips. Yanking the whip, he wrapped his arm around the bluenette's waist and brought him against his body with a chuckle.

Ikuto hackles rose up and he hissed angrily – resembling much to Kazuo's amusement, the animal that possessed his extra appendages. Ikuto glared straight into Kazuo's eyes and his scowl only grew deeper as the other's amusement seemed to grow. "If you don't let go of me right now…" Humming, the black-haired boy raised an eyebrow questioningly while squeezing the cat boy around the waist a bit.

"If I don't let you go?"

The mocking tone in the boy's voice only caused the nails on his hands to lengthen, and he lashed out at his captor in anger. Gasps came from the opening of the construction site, and Ikuto knew it had to be the Kiddy King that had shown up a bit and the girl whose eggs he was going to snatch until this bastard showed up. Seeing the long scratches on Kazuo's cheek, a smug smirk started to form when he noticed how tightly the other's grip was becoming by the second. A pair of lips then pressed against his neck, and the arm that was around his waist kept him spooned against the blue-eyed asshole.

Yelping at the sudden feel of a tongue dragging across his neck, he was shocked as his body slackened in the other's arms and could only stare in shock as the other pulled away from his neck to reveal darkened eyes. Ominous chuckles slipped from Kazuo's lips as he brought a hand up to grasp Ikuto's chin and tilt his head back. "My naughty kitten, you have no idea of what you've just done…" Licking his lips sensually, the tanzanite-eyed egg snatcher for Easter could feel some kind of energy coming off of the other male that made shivers rush up and down his spine.

Smirking at how distracted the boy in his arms was by the pheromones that he was giving off, Kazuo gripped the other by his hair and tilted his head back further.

"You have no idea how much that you've just turned me on."

With that said, he slammed his lips against Ikuto's.

End of Chapter 7

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Kazuo's Eggs:

Red and orange egg with the kanji for "Nine" on the front; Chara: Unknown

A Black and Blue egg with whip-like design wrapped around it; Chara: Katsu

A Green and white egg with a Rose in the center, surrounded by leaves; Chara: Unknown

Just thought you would want to know the designs of the eggs before the next chapter. *^_^*