In Love With a Slayer's Son

Summary: Robin shows up in Sunnydale a bit sooner and it changes everything. WARNING: non-canon character death.

Challenge: partially to answer a forum request/challenge by DeepBlueJoy, but also 'cause I wanted to re-write Robin as a more likeable character. He started out fine, but quickly became kind of an ass – in my opinion.

Timeline: AU end of season 6.

A/N: I know it's horrible of me to start another story...especially when classes are starting on Monday, but it's DBJ's fault for poking Musie.

Warning: Sorry Spike fans. He sorta deserved his fate though.

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Prologue: Robin to the Rescue

Outside 1630 Revello Drive

The day had finally arrived.

Robin Wood, son of Nikki Wood, was in Sunnydale, home of the most active Hellmouth in the world, preparing to meet the current Slayer. It had taken him awhile to set up his home and meet with the Sunnydale School District Superintendent about the upcoming school year. But now that that was all taken care of, it was time for his main purpose in coming to this town.

As he walked up to the house, Robin rehearsed what he was going to say to Buffy Summers. For so long he thought about meeting a current Slayer and passing along his mother's things to her…and if he was honest with himself, asking if he could fight by her side. He used every personal favor he had to track down where the latest one was stationed.

Luckily, their high school needed a principal for when they reopened in the fall. Given the strange statistics of that town, he guessed the reason they didn't care about his lack of experience was because they were desperate. He just finished his Masters degree so he met the technical requirements; it was the practical ones that he was weak on.

Even though he had the whole summer to prepare, he rushed to Sunnydale as soon as they called him back with the news that they were going to hire him. He wanted to meet Buffy and get that out of the way so he could concentrate on his job. As important as meeting her was, he still cared about doing the best he could for the students of Sunnydale High. After all, that's why he went into education in the first place.

Despite the closed windows, he heard a loud sound coming from the upstairs just as he was about to ring the doorbell. While he was considering what he should do, a woman's cry pieced the air, deciding the matter for him. If he was wrong, he could always apologize later.

Robin raced up the stairs where he heard sounds of a struggle from behind a closed door. Finding it locked, he forced it open with his shoulder and stopped in his tracks. Somehow a vampire had gotten into the Slayer's house, and looked like he was about to rape her – or another young woman who lived there. He could tell it was a vampire because of the fangs and brows.

Whether she was the Slayer or not, Robin reacted instinctively and pulled out a stake from his inside coat pocket, driving it into the vampire's back and straight through its heart.

"Are you okay?" he asked the battered woman sprawled on the floor at his feet. Given the bruises covering her body, he hoped she was the Slayer or else he was already too late to save her from most of the attack. That didn't sound right – even in his head. Any woman covered in bruises was a bad thing to see, but at least with a Slayer it was understandable? Well, he'd just keep his mouth shut and hopefully not make things worse.

Since she was on her stomach, it took a second for her to realize that her attacker was gone. When she did and turned over, Robin was rewarded with a beautiful woman staring up at him, tears threatening to fall from her hazel eyes.

When she didn't say anything right away, he introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Robin Wood. Are you Buffy Summers, the Slayer?" And there went that foot in the mouth disease he was worried about earlier.

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