Chapter 25: Jealousy

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Hospital/Summers home

While she was recovering from her gunshot wound, Buffy filled in some of the blank spots that Bernie had from reading the summaries of her first years in Sunnydale. The former Watcher could tell that the summaries were written by two different men because apart from a couple weeks at the beginning, Giles' reports showed a growing concern for his Slayer while Wes' were cold and detached. It was easy to see why the Council was worried about Giles' attachment to Buffy. It also made it confusing as hell why he'd leave all of a sudden.

They could tell she was leaving a lot out of the story when she explained how she and her friends stopped Glory the previous spring. The fact that she died to close the portal told Bernie why Giles' reports stopped coming. It had taken him several months before he could send in that last report on Nikki's death – and he hadn't had to witness it firsthand. The poor man must have been devastated!

Hormonal Robin reared his head again when Buffy told them about the resurrection spell her friends had cast. "What the hell were they thinking?! If the portal to Glory's world could tear apart all of reality, they should have left well enough alone!"

"Hell was exactly what they were thinking about," Buffy cut in quickly. "And the fact that I could be suffering there every minute they left me there. Was it the smartest thing to do? Probably not, but I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing if it was one of them or Dawnie that went through the portal."

Again Bernie was struck with the feeling that she wasn't telling them everything. But seeing as how she and her friends were the only ones who could give them the answers, he tried to decide how important it was to know the whole story. Maybe someday – when they knew they could trust him and Robin – they'd tell them everything. Until then, he'd have to remind his adopted son that trust had to be earned and maintained before they were given an insider's pass to the Slayer's life.

The Magic Box

The next day…

Robin watched Buffy train with Wes and felt a little betrayed. He saved her from being raped, but she was confiding in Wes about the events around her death and resurrection. Given a couple of the outbursts the reinstated Watcher made, he obviously got more details, too.

As soon as that betrayed feeling rose up, it was smacked in the head by logic. One, she knew this Wes guy longer; two, he saved her life; three, he was her Watcher. If she couldn't confide in her Watcher, they had no business working together. Still didn't help his feelings of jealousy when he saw the easy way Wes had with putting his hands all over Buffy's body as they trained!

Inside the training room

If he had been able to actually hear what was going on between the Slayer and Watcher, Robin would have felt a little better. What looked like comfortable camaraderie to him was more like exes going on a second 'first' date.

With both of them recovering from their respective wounds, their training couldn't get very physical without endangering their recovery. That left doing forms from different martial arts disciplines. Occasionally, Wes would have to put his hand on Buffy's leg or back or other body part to make an adjustment.

And while he got more details about the fight and her resurrection, Buffy still withheld one or two parts – like Giles killing Ben to stop Glory…and having to dig her way out of her grave. She didn't see that those things would be relevant and would only serve to get her friends into trouble. If she knew the extent of Wes' personality changes, she'd know that Giles' ruthlessness wouldn't bother him in the slightest, but he would take issue with the grave thing.

"So what else is going on in Sunnydale these days?" Wes inquired as he watched her go through another kata.

"Strangely enough, our 'big bad' for the year was Warren. Well, him and his geek minions," Buffy corrected herself. "Most of the crap we had to put up with – other than our own stuff – was because of them."

"This reminds me, young lady, that I have a bone to pick with you!" Wes scolded in his best mock-officious tone. The question that followed was quite serious though. "Why didn't you properly assess the danger that Warren presented? You kept your gaze on his face instead of watching his body language."

Buffy sighed and stopped her kata to face him. "I know, I know. Even with all the stuff he pulled I just kept thinking 'he's only human' and that meant he couldn't harm me as bad as a demon could. And I keep forgetting about guns being used as weapons – despite this being the third time I was shot at…or was it the fourth? Darla, Taka police lady, actual police guy and Warren. Yeah, fourth," she finished counting them off, much to the bemusement of her Watcher.

He patted the couch next to him and handed her a towel and bottle of water. "Most Slayers before you didn't last long enough to learn that humanity is as much of a threat to humanity as demons are. I'm not talking about wars or crimes either. I don't want you feeling like you have to become a caped crusader or something equally foolish. There are humans who use magick or other means to help demons try to end/control the world. There's an inter-dimensional law firm with a branch in LA doing just that. And they hate Angel immensely."

"The three animal place, right?" Buffy asked in her usual quirky way of butchering names.

"Wolfram & Hart, yes," Wes confirmed. "He introduced himself by shoving one of their biggest clients – a vampire – through their necro-tempered windows during the day."

"Not sure what necro-tempered is, but I'm guessing not a good thing for the good guys. Kinda would have like to watch that meeting. Sounds like fun," she replied wistfully. "I miss the good old days where things were only slightly grey. Demons were to be slayed – except for Angel; humans were to be saved. I suppose it only gets more complicated the older we get?"

"I believe it beats the alternative, however," Wes managed to quip back, bringing a small smile to her face. Not the reminder of heaven, but the fact that he felt comfortable enough to relax and say something like that to her.

Outside the room, Robin was feeling more and more jealous as the pair sat next to each other and starting talking. Worse was when Wes reached in his bag to pull out a cookie and hand it to Buffy. The bright smile and hug she gave him was like a punch to his gut.

He could almost hear Bernie berating him for being worse than a teenager. If he wanted a chance with Buffy, he'd have to tell her he wanted one.

"Ask the girl out before you drive us all crazy," Bernie hissed in his ear.

Oh, it wasn't Robin's imagination after all! Well, that made him feel a little foolish. He turned to his mentor/father and nodded. "Okay, I'll ask her out for dinner tonight," he promised.

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