I. News

Zim sat across from his mate, eyeing her suspiciously as she fiddled with her fingers nervously. "So… what exactly did you want to talk to me about?"

Tak didn't meet his stare, instead she was staring down at her stomach. Zim had noticed over the last week that something odd had been going on, and that Tak had been acting rather… not herself. She had been acting differently, and Tak had discovered why. "Well… Zim… I-"

"-You're what?"

Tak regained composure, inhaling deeply before starting her sentence again. Her nerves were getting the best of her. "I-"

"-You're what?"

Now she was getting annoyed. "I-"

"-You're what?"

Tak clenched her teeth together, glaring at Zim. "I'm-"

"You're WHAT?"


"You're WHA-?"

"I'M PREGNANT!" Tak finally blurted out, rather loudly. From the outburst, she felt something kick inside her belly. Little pairs of feet. She calmed down for the smeet's sake.

Zim titled his head to the side. "What's 'pregnant'?" Irkens had been born from tubs for thousands of years, because irkens didn't mate for the fact that their Paks disabled them from feeling any emotions, 'love' being one of them. However, Zim had been banished from Irk and realized that he had been a defect his entire life. His Pak, because of the information of his realization for being defected, enabled his Pak to let him feel emotions. Since Tak had been banished along with Zim, and labeled also a "defect", her Pak enabled her to feel emotions as well.

And it was that reason why Zim had no idea what "pregnant" meant, and neither did Tak, up until a few days before when she felt something kicking inside her, and was told by Computer that she indeed, as he put it, "had a bun in the over," - the human slang term for "pregnant". Tak didn't know how she felt about this at all.

Tak sighed, "'Pregnant' means that I am a carrying an offspring in my stomach. A smeet. You're smeet."

Zim stared at her, not moving. Tak tried to read his expression to predict how badly his outburst would be, but his expression was hard to read.

He burst out laughing, startling Tak to the point where she nearly fell out of her seat. Zim laughed, long and hard, doubling over from the humor. She had not been expecting this reaction.

He calmed down after a couple of minuets. "Ahhhh, that's a good one, Tak! You really know how to pull a great joke! You even had me fooled all week!"

Rolling her eyes, Tak grabbed Zim's hand as he continued laughing, and placed it over her belly. Almost immediately, the smeet inside Tak started kicking, and just as immediately, Zim's laughter died down when he felt the kicking under his hand. "Ehh…what is that kicking from your belly?"

"It's a smeet," Tak responded, softly. "Our smeet."

Now she really did expect him to explode on her at any moment, to freak out like he normally did and start shrieking at the top of his lungs. But instead, Zim slowly looked up at Tak, and the two of them started into each other's eyes…

Before Zim promptly fainted.

A/N: This will basically be one-shots about Zim and Tak's journey into parenthood. Lol, poor, poor Zim… XD Please read and review (nicely)! ;P