XIII. Gender Reveal

"...We're gonna have to stay here for an extra month," Zim explained to the face of his human friend on the monitor before him. "Is that okay?"

"Nooooo," Dib groaned, slamming his head down. "That's not okay! It's just me all by myself here! Gaz left, Gir is destroying EVERYTHING, and-"

"-Well, see you in a few months!" Zim ignored Dib's dilemma, giving him a wave goodbye before shutting off the hospital room's communicator, which he was lucky enough to get a hold of Dib back on Earth back at the base, where Dib was staying to help take care of Gir and Mimi...

Well, mainly Gir, anyway...

"...I'm praying for it to be a girl..."

"...And I'm praying for it to be a boy just to see your reaction," Zim joked, putting the last of his two smeets in their beds, which were side by side next to Tak's hospital bed. They had no rush to get home right away yet, so Zim and Tak decided to stay on Zeynxia for an extra month before heading out. The hospital offered a free extra two weeks for staying a month, and already those two weeks had passed. They were ready to head back to Earth in two days, and already they would be stuck in their Voot for an extra two months.

"How come you don't want a boy, Skoodge?" Tak asked, titling her head slightly from her spot on the bed.

Skoodge shrugged. "I find myself more suitable as the father of a little girl than a little boy. Don't ask why, that's just how I see it." He buried his face in his hands. "I still can't believe I'm having a smeet! I don't think I'm ready for this... I know if I have a son he'll start out early on wanting to be a warrior, and I'd rather deal with a little girl looking up at me for protection than a little boy wanting to be what I ended up not being."

"You conquered Blorch!" Tak reminded him, "I don't see why you doubt yourself, Skoodge. You'll be fine."

"And it looks like we're about to find out what the gender is now!" Zim stated, rubbing his hands with glee as he watched Tenn walk into the room, holding a white cake decorated with blue and pink icing.

Skoodge watched as Tenn placed the cake on the table in the corner. He quickly came up behind her, staring at the cake in confusion. "Ummm... What's the cake for? Didn't you find out the gender already?"

Already at two months, Tenn's belly was fully rounded, but even Tak and Zim noticed that her belly wasn't as big as Tak's had been, which Skoodge hoped meant that Tenn wasn't pregnant with two or more smeets. "Yep, I found out." There was a hint of excitement in her tone, which Skoodge caught, his anticipation spiking higher than before.

"Then what's the cake for?"

Zim too came up beside the expecting couple, staring at the cake in awe. "Oh man... That cake looks sooooo good." He glanced over at Tenn. "We get to eat this cake, right?"

"No, she's just going to throw it out the window," Tak retorted sarcastically. "Of course we're going to eat it! Why else would she bring a cake?" There was a pause. "Yeah, Tenn... Why did you bring a cake?"

Tenn grinned as she handed Skoodge a knife, which he was a bit baffled by. "Because! After I found out the gender of the smeet, I wanted to have a fun way to reveal the gender to all of you before you and Zim leave for Earth."

"And I'm holding a knife for what reason?" Skoodge asked, confused.

"Because you're going to cut the cake!"

"I know that, but what's that got to do with our smeets gender?"

"Inside the cake will either be pink or blue filling," Tenn explained, clapping her hands in excitement. "Pink for a girl, or blue for a boy. Whichever color it is will reveal if we're having a little girl or a little boy."

"I'm still betting it's a boy," Zim announced, leaning back against the wall beside the table, as he watched Skoodge prepare, with hesitation, to cut the cake.

"O-oh boy..." he said shakily, as the knife in his hand carefully cut into the cake.

"It could be a girl." Tak shrugged.

"Nah, it's going to be a boy," Zim repeated, chucking as he watched closely.

Not seeing any blue or pink frosting yet, Skoodge took a deep breath as he slid the knife back out, before making another cut next to the first one, making a perfect triangle. Once he was sure the piece was free and removable, he slid the knife back out, placing it on the table. He brought his shaky hands up, grabbing the removable piece of cake, gently, slowly pulling it out...

Zim leaned forward, while Tak held her breath.

"...It's a..."

Skoodge gaped at the blue filling inside the cake, stunned and in awe.


Zim grinned widely, throwing his hands in the air in triumph. "YES! I KNEW IT!" He glanced over at Skoodge, and upon seeing Skoodge's stunned expression, he burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHA, I TOLD YOU! HAHAHA!"

Even Tak couldn't contain her laughter, covering her mouth to keep from laughing to loud so her smeets could sleep. Though shockingly, despite Zim's loud and obnoxious laughter, the two smeets in their hospital cribs were sound asleep, and Tak had a feeling it was because they were quite used to their father's insane laughter from when they were inside her womb.

Tenn smiled, throwing her arms around Skoodge, who only stood there wide-eyed. "We're having a little boy!"

By this point Zim was doubled over with laughter, while Tenn couldn't help but beam with happiness. Though most mothers would want a daughter, she was excited to have a son, though she was oblivious to Skoodge's shock and slight disappointment.

But after a moment of staring at the blue filling from within the cake, he was able to come to terms with the gender of his future child. Boy or girl, it didn't matter to him.

Not anymore, anyway.

It took a few minutes went by before Zim finally calmed down, and when he did, he let out a breath. "Oh man... That was hilarious." However, he stood up straight and came up to Skoodge. "Having a son won't be all that bad. I should know: I have one now." Zim turned his head to get a good look at the two cribs over by Tak's hospital bed. "Well, I've got the best of both worlds, really. But in all seriousness, which I know isn't what I usually say or do: It's all good!"

"I know."

"...And believe me, I-" Zim paused. "Wait, what?"

"I know."

"You know? Weren't you just freaked out a second ago?"

"Yeah, I was," Skoodge answered, putting his arm around Tenn. "But not anymore." He gave his mate a peck on the cheek...

...Which Zim noticed. "Awwww... That's so sweet I might need to vomit now from it's sickly, disgusting sweetness."

Which, in turn, resulted in a slap to the back of the head by Tak.


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