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~We Met Once More at the Amusement Park~

The next morning, Hilda found herself staring up at the ceiling with a dazed expression. "I can't stop feeling like this… I know I should because of what my Mom said. Especially since Ash said he came all the way from Kanto… Long distance relationships never work out, do they?"

Her Pokémon, who were eating berries they had gotten out of her bag, stared at her in confusion. They really had no idea what was wrong with their trainer and made the assumption that she wasn't feeling well. Scrappy was the first one who took the initiative and jumped onto the bed next to Hilda and pulled her head back. "Scraf…TY!" She headbutted the brunette in her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and forcing her to sit up.

"What in the— SCRAPPY!"

"Scrafty," the Hoodlum Pokémon said, smiling like she had done a good thing.

"How many times have I told you not to do that…?" The trainer groaned and held onto her aching stomach. She got out of the bed and started to return her Pokémon into their balls. When she was done, she sighed. What was she going to do today? She was tired of training at the Battle Club, and she'd already won on all of the lines on the Battle Subway.

"Maybe I'll just…take a walk and try to sort out my thoughts…" Hilda muttered under her breath.


Hilda later found herself walking down the street, staring down at the ground in thought. She tried to think up ways to get herself to stop feeling this way about Ash. He lived in another country, which meant that as soon as he was done competing in the Unova League, he was gone forever. Not to mention that all their meetings were simply pure chance, and that Ash seemingly had no interest in her, otherwise he would do what guys on television sitcoms and romance movies do to get her attention. Plus, what were the chances of them meeting up again?

"Hilda!" At the sound of that familiar voice, the brunette flinched and stopped walking. She turned around to see Ash running towards her with Cilan and Iris behind him. Were the chances higher than she thought? "Hey there!"

"Uh, hey. What does this make it: three times we've first met?" Hilda asked with an arched eyebrow. "It's like something's trying to push us together, huh?" She mentally cursed herself for that statement. She made it sound like she was trying to get with him!

"Who's this, Ash?" Iris asked.

"Hm? Ah, I remember you!" Cilan exclaimed. "You're Hilda! You fought and won against Chili with your Snivy."

"You remember that? I don't know whether or not to be touched…" The girl trainer said, sticking her tongue out sheepishly while she scratched her cheek.

"That still doesn't explain how she met Ash," the younger girl persisted.

"We, uh, met on the Battle Subway. She's the one who beat me on the last run," Ash explained. "And the reason why I came back so late yesterday was because we met at the Battle Club and spent the rest of the day together."

Iris gave him a sly look. "What was that? Together? Like a date?" She asked with a smirk.

"N-NOT A DATE!" Ash and Hilda shouted at the same time with red cheeks, everyone flinching at the sound of their voices together.

"We just had lunch and went to see a movie together as part of a bet," Hilda lied, not willing to admit that the movie was her idea.

"Right. We just went as friends," Ash said, feeling his cheeks heat up more.

"Relax, relax! Of course it wasn't a date! I mean, how could some immature guy who doesn't even recognize love amongst Pokémon know what to do on a date with a girl—and that's only in the unlikely chance that there's a girl out there who could stand you and your recklessness."

"Now, now! When it comes to love, there's at least one person out there for everyone. When the time comes, Ash will experience the wonderful flavor that comes with the taste of first love!" Cilan exclaimed, holding a hand up in the air dramatically. "Even if there are others, none can compare to the taste of one's first love! It makes the heart race, the mind go off track at the thought of that one person, and the slightest contact from that person sends a sensation through the body like no other!"

"Kinda like…" Ash began.

"Being shocked by Thunderbolt," he and Hilda spoke at the same time. As soon as they said that, they looked at each other and blushed furiously.

"Uhhh, I-I gotta go! Catch you later!" The brunette shouted as she ran off, trying to control her incessant blushing.

"What was that about?" Iris asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Pika…?" Pikachu stared in confusion at Ash, who was staring down at the ground with wide eyes and still blushing. "Pika-pi?" He tapped his friend on the cheek.

'I can't believe it. Cilan has to be wrong for a change, right? This can't be…!' The raven-haired boy gulped, unable to finish the thought.

"Ash? What's wrong with you?" Iris asked, staring at the blushing teen.

Cilan stared at Ash until his eyes widened. "Could it be…? Those eyes. That ever-darkening blush. There's no doubt about it!" He clapped his hands down on the younger boy's shoulder, eyes sparkling with amusement. "You're in love with Hilda!"

"WHAT?" Iris shouted loudly, causing Axew to pop out of her hair. "I know you said that there's someone out there for everyone, but it's still kinda weird to think that someone like Ash even pays attention to girls!"

"N-no, I'm not!" Ash insisted, shaking his head

"No need to deny your true feelings. Anyone can see that you're attracted to her," the Gym leader stated knowingly.

"I really don't think of her that way!"

"It's no use trying to hide your feelings. What matters now is finding out how she feels about you!"

Ash gulped. "I-I don't really believe this, but…if I wanted to know how she felt, how would I go about it…?"

"It's simple. Just ask her out on a date. You could even use the the computer at the Battle Club to set up the time. From there, all you'd need to do is figure out a nice quiet place where you two can talk," Cilan explained.

"Like the amusement park!" Iris exclaimed.

"The amusement park has certainly imprinted itself on your mind, hasn't?"

"No, I mean that there's a Ferris wheel at the amusement park! As soon as they get on it, they'll be alone, and he can tell her that he loves her!"

"Ahhhh… That's a great plan, Iris!"

"Of course!" The Dragon Master-in-training said, looking proud with herself. She then turned to Ash with fire burning in her eyes. "And as soon as you two are up at the top, you have to unleash your confess with such burning passion, she'll have no choice but to say 'I love you, Ash Ketchum'!"

"Maybe not quite like that," Cilan said with a sigh. "In situations like this, one only has to grab hold of their beloved's hand," he grabbed hold of Iris's hand, "Look lovingly into their eyes," he locked eyes with Iris, making her flinch, "And say: 'I'm deeply, madly in love with you. Please tell me if you feel the same way…'"

The purple-haired girl stared in silence before she started to laugh. "HAHAHAHA! That's so…corny!"

The green-haired teen flinched. "What…? Corny?"

Ash was too busy crouching on the ground with Pikachu and Axew standing in front of him, staring curiously at the trainer as he muttered, "I'm still not sure about this…"


That night, Ash stood outside of Nimbasa's amusement park waiting for Hilda, wrenching his hands nervously. Pikachu sat on his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

"I'm so nervous… I'm not even sure if she'll show up," he mumbled.

"Hey!" At the sound of a familiar voice, the dark-haired boy raised his head and saw Hilda running towards him.

Ash started to smile and waved. "Hey! I almost thought you wouldn't come."

"Hi, Ash! Hi, Pikachu~!" Hilda cooed, petting Pikachu on the head.


"Of course I was going to come! This is your chance to repay me for my kindness yesterday," the brunette continued, folding her arms across her chest. "But you better not try anything fresh!"

"O-of course, of course! I wouldn't ever want to!"

"Are you insinuating that I'm not attractive enough to feel up?" The brunette asked with a glare.

Ash flinched. "I didn't mean—!"

"I'm joking, I'm joking," Hilda said with a smile, taking hold of Ash's hand. The jolt she felt when they touched seemed stronger now than it had been before. "Let's go have some fun, huh?" She pulled him into the amusement park, where they eventually blended in with the crowd and disappeared from the sight of Cilan and Iris, who were watching them from around a corner.

"I still don't know why we couldn't follow them," Iris huffed, folding her arms across her chest.

"It would seem odd if we were following them around on their date. And besides, Ash asked us not to follow him," Cilan stated.

"But how do we know he's going to get it right? He might goof up if we aren't there to tell him what to do!"

"All he has to do say what's on his mind."

"That's what I'm afraid of…"


To both of their surprise, the night didn't start off so bad. They played games, ate junk food, and overall enjoyed each other's company. And neither one said a thing when the other would grab their hand and drag them over to something of interest.

"Hey, let's go on the Ferris Wheel next!" Ash exclaimed, pointing to the ride in the distance.

Hilda stopped sipping her drink and stared up at it. "The…Ferris Wheel?" She didn't think she could go on that again. Not after what had happened several nights before that…


Hilda stepped out of the Pokémon Center that night with confidence. She'd be challenging the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, Elesa, for her fourth badge. As soon as she turned around the corner, she saw a pair of Team Plasma members harassing an old man and a little kid.

"Hand over your Pokémon!" One of the grunts shouted.

"No! It's mine!" The boy cried.

"Typical. You think that just because you put a Pokémon inside of a ball that it belongs to you. Well, it's not. So give it to us!" The other grunt grabbed hold of the boy's Poké Ball and pushed him down while prying the ball out of his fingers. The child cried.

"Please, give my grandson back his Pokémon! He just got it the other day!" The old man pleaded. "I'll give you all of mine, but just don't take his!"

One of the grunts smirked. "Really? In that case, we'll take those, too!"

"These creeps again…? I must have bad luck to run into Team Plasma for three cities straight…" Hilda reached for a Poké Ball and threw it out, releasing Verde, still a Snivy at the time. The little grass snake Pokémon frowned as it recognized the people who once tried to take him away from his trainer. "Verde, use Vine Whip!"

"Snivy!" Verde's vines shot out of his collar and grabbed the kid's Poké Ball out of the grunt's hand before retracting. Verde caught the ball, holding it up over his head with a smirk. "Sni."

"Hey, you! What do you think you're doing?"

"Stopping you creeps! Stealing from kids and old people! Really! You guys don't have any morals!" Hilda shouted. "And don't go telling me that you're doing a good thing! I've heard it a million times from the other creeps that I fought!"

One of the grunts started to fume and pulled out a Poké Ball. "I won't tolerate a kid badmouthing Team Plasma! Go, Watchog!" He threw out the ball and released a Watchog, which was glaring at her Snivy malevolently. "Use Crunch!"

The Watchog ran forward, opening its jaws to bite down on Verde. "Leaf Blade!" The pronged leaf on the tip of his tail glowed before Verde flipped forward and slammed it on the taller Pokémon's face with enough force to knock it out in one blow. "Wanna go for another round?" Hilda asked, folding her arms across her chest while Verde smirked and the grunt returned his Watchog.

He turned to his fellow grunt. "Gimme your Pokémon!"

"What? I'm not going to do that! Besides, mine is the same as yours!"

"Then we have only one option left…RUN!" The two grunts ran off in a hurry, running into the amusement park.

Hilda and Verde ran after them, the Pokémon tossing the Poké Ball in his hands aside. After running to the middle of the park, they couldn't find any sight of them. "Dang it! They got away." She suddenly felt someone grab hold of her arm and pull her over in one direction. She looked up and saw a familiar face. "N?"

"If you're looking for Team Plasma, I saw them come this way," the green-haired young man said as he continued to pull Hilda towards the Ferris wheel with Verde following behind her. Once they stopped, she managed to pull her arm out of his grip. "Oh. It doesn't seem like they're here…"

"Whatever… I'm used to those guys disappearing into thin air like that."

N seemed to ignore her and pointed at the Ferris wheel. "We may be able to spot them from up on the Ferris wheel."

The brunette gave a mute nod. After all, they were wearing those ridiculous getups. They should be easy to spot. Within a few minutes, Hilda, Verde, and N were sitting in a car of the Ferris wheel together. N said some nonsense about formulas and Ferris Wheels while Hilda and Verde looked out of the windows of the car. They forgot about Team Plasma for a second when they saw the view of all the lights from the city and the amusement park below, and then…

"I should tell you that I am the king of Team Plasma."

As soon as he said those words, her mind with uncharacteristically blank. Normally, she would have gone on a tirade at hearing such a statement, but she was in a state of shock. Here she thought she had met such a nice person on her journey, but he was just another creep. When they got off, he asked if she understood him and his goals. Hilda held her Snivy in her arms, her grip the only thing holding back the furious Grass type.

"Yeah… I understand… I understand that you're a creep just like the rest of those guys! I understand that you're as two-faced as they are! And I hope you understand how much I hate—no, despise you for making me think we were friends, and I hope I never have to see any of your rotten faces again!" She shouted loudly before running past N and disappearing into the crowd.

A short while later, she found herself doubled over in front of a building. She didn't notice she was crying until she noticed her tears dropping onto Verde's head, slightly annoying him. "You just can't trust strangers, huh…?"

"Hey. You okay?" The brunette stood up straight and turned around to see Nimbasa City's Elesa, standing with her hand on her hip. She looked up and saw that in her anger, she had stopped right in front of the Nimbasa City Gym.

"Uhh… Yeah. I just lost all my money playing a game. …Aren't you the Gym Leader of the Nimbasa Gym?" When she nodded, Hilda smirked, forcing the bad event that occurred minutes ago to the back of her mind. "I'm Hilda, and I wanna challenge you!"


When she snapped out of it, Hilda realized that they were already standing in line for the Ferris wheel. They were about to get on the last car, it seemed.

"It's the last one. Good thing we got here in time," Ash commented.

"Yeah…" Hilda said with a forced smile. She didn't want to go on this thing again after what happened.

"WHAT? Wait a second; we're supposed to go on the Ferris wheel!" A girl was heard shouting from behind them. "I won't have this perfect night end without a ride on the Ferris Wheel!" Ash and Hilda turned around to see a young couple who were probably a few years older than them standing behind them, the girl looking furious and the boy looking embarrassed at his girlfriend's outburst. She grabbed hold of her date's hand and tried to force her way past Ash and Hilda when the dark-haired boy stepped in her way.

"Oh, no! We were in line, so we get to go on the Ferris wheel!"

"Look, I don't think you'd understand, but this is our first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend, and the best way for said date to end is with a ride on the Ferris wheel. So move over, buster!"

"If you wanna go on, just wait in line for the next time!"

"Uh…he's got a point there," the young man said, scratching the back of his head.

His girlfriend turned her head to glare at him. "If we wait, that'll just take the magic out of it!" She turned back to Ash, face reddening. "So just let us go on!"

"I said 'No'!"

"Pika-pi! PI-KA-CHU!" Pikachu threw in his two cents.

"I have no idea what you just said, but I don't like it!" The young woman snapped at the electric mouse.

"C'mon on, baby! You're arguing with a Pokémon now…!" Her boyfriend tried to calm her down and tried to pull her back, but she kept getting up in Ash's face.

"You better let us into the car or you'll be sorry!"

"How many times do I have to tell you 'No'?"

"Fine!" She reached into her purse and pulled out a Poké Ball. "Let's have a double battle! Two-on-two! The winners get to go on the Ferris Wheel!"

Ash opened his mouth, ready to accept when Hilda placed her hand over his mouth. "You know what? I'm not in the mood for a two-on-two battle tonight. Let's go find somewhere else to relax, Ash!" She spoke quickly as she dragged the dark-haired trainer away from the Ferris wheel with her hand still over his mouth.


"Having a Pokémon battle over the last seat on the Ferris Wheel. Really. That's kinda childish…" Hilda mumbled after she and Ash sat on a bench at the waterfront, the lights of the amusement park reflected in the water.

Ash inwardly cringed and looked down at the water. She'd pretty much just called him a child. He remembered being told once that you shouldn't have Pokémon battles to settle arguments. Unfortunately, he seemed to forget that tonight in his attempt to make sure everything went as smoothly as Iris and Cilan said it should be. And in that attempt, he came off looking like a kid to Hilda.

"So, have you never been on a Ferris Wheel before?" The girl asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Huh?" Ash raised his head and looked at her. "Oh. Uh…no. I already went on it with my friends on our first night in Nimbasa."

"Sooo why were you willing to fight tooth and nail to get on it and not just wait for the next go-around?"

The boy felt his cheeks heat up. "I…uh…wanted to set the mood?" He answered with a hint of uncertainty.

The girl arched an eyebrow. "Set the mood?" She suddenly started to blush and stuttered, "S-set the mood? What for?"

"Uh… B-because…I wanted to ask you something." At those words, Pikachu seemed to have the sense to jump off Ash's shoulder and go check out his reflection in the water.


"Do you…remember what Cilan said this morning? About how when you're around your first love, your heart races and you can't stop thinking about them when you aren't with them…and how when you touch them, you touch them, you feel a kind of sensation?"


"When we were holding hands tonight, did you…feel anything?" Who cares if he didn't do this exactly the way Cilan and Iris told him he should? At least he got it out…kind of.

Hilda gulped and her blush got darker. "Like…electricity?"

Ash nodded. "Like getting hit by one of Pikachu's Thunderbolts."

"Like getting shocked by a Blitzle on a rainy day…" She scooted over a bit closer to him, forgetting what she promised herself and what her mother told her. There'll be other loves, but your first love's always the most memorable, right? "I wonder… What does that sensation feel like when two people…kiss?"

"It must…really be something," he said, chuckling as he inched closer to her as well. They locked hands and he could feel that wonderful warm sensation like electricity coursing through him. After a few seconds of staring at each other hard in the eye, Ash threw caution to the wind and leaned in for the kiss.

When their lips collided, they felt something course through their bodies with greater power than mere hand-to-hand contact. It felt like being shocked by Zapdos, Raikou and Thundurus combined without the pain. In the movies, they said that you see fireworks when you kiss. For them, they saw blue lightning and heard a beastly roar to boot. And it all only lasted for a few seconds.

Once they separated, Ash had a slightly dazed look and a stupid smile on his face. Hilda lightly touched her lips, in complete awe. Then a sly smile appeared on her face and she pretty much pushed Ash down onto the bench and leaned down over him. "What do you say we go for another round? And this time, we do it French?" She quoted from one of the movies they saw the other night. At his confused expression, Hilda laughed, making Ash smile before she leaned down for the next kiss.

Pikachu stared at them in confusion before turning around to stare at the lights' reflected in the water. Just chalk it up to another example of odd human behavior…


The next day, the bridge leading out of the Nimbasa City and towards Driftveil City had finally been repaired. Dozens of people, plenty of which were trainers aiming for the Pokémon League, were already on their way out of the Nimbasa. Amongst those people were Ash, Iris and Cilan, the first of the trio smiling and humming happily to himself. Iris, on the other hand, looked peeved.

"Why won't you tell us what happened last night? After all the help we gave you?" Iris exclaimed, folding her arms across her chest.

"What happened that night is between me and Hilda," Ash said, still smiling.

Pikachu and Axew were sitting on top of their trainers' heads, the electric mouse explaining to the Tusk Pokémon what had happened the night before with numerous gestures, ending by falling flat on his stomach and kissing Ash's hat, pretending like he was Hilda on top of Ash.

"We don't necessarily need to know what happened exactly last night. Just by seeing Ash act like this, you can pretty much tell that things went his way. Am I right?" Cilan asked with a smile.


"Hey, Ash!" The group stopped walking when they saw Hilda running towards them. "Just wanted to wish you luck at Driftveil City."

"Thanks. You, too! After we both get the next badge, we'll definitely have another battle!"

"You're on!" The two of them smiled at each other until Hilda suddenly pecked him on the lips. "You might get more if we happen to meet in Driftveil City…" She said with a sly smile before turning around and running off, inwardly laughing at how Iris started to loudly tease Ash for what happened. Even if he wasn't going to be in Unova forever, Hilda would make the most out of her 'first love'.

…But, if she happened to learn how much a trip from Unova to Kanto cost, then maybe


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