Nilemon grinned, holding the Darkness Loader tauntingly in front of the blonde. "I really had to work at getting this, y'know. DarkKnightmon doesn't just hand them out to anybody." The blonde didn't look up. Nilemon, slightly irked at being ignored, decided to widen his grin and step up the taunting. "By the way, weren't you the one DarkKnightmon used to finish the original?"

Nilemon glanced upwards at the boy's shackled hands, noticing the fists clench tighter at his words. He continued, "So, really, you're kinda responsible for the Death Generals, aren't you? Well, not just kinda, more like, mostly! You're mostly responsible!"

"...Shut up."

"It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for you!"

"Shut up."

"Man, how does that feel? Whenever you fight a Death General, do you ever feel like you're to blame?"

"Shut up!"

Kiriha lunged at his captor crocodile, but with the chains and all restraining him, it just looked like a flail. He winced; the wild movement didn't help his bruised wrists or the cuts near his shoulders at all. Or any of the cuts on his body, really. He forced himself to calm down, instead glaring daggers at Nilemon before shifting his attention to something behind him.

Nilemon smirked, following Kiriha's pained gaze to the figures on the screen of a beaten and bound Monitamon.

"That jerk! Only he would leave at a time like this!" The red dragon digimon stormed about the dining hall in a huff, loudly complaining to everyone in earshot. "Eh, I'm sure he has his reasons, Shoutmon," a goggle-wearing boy reasoned. Meanwhile, a bulky beetle-like robot shared a worried glance with a small pink rabbit, and began to speak. "Ngaah-"

"He's always had his own reasons, but they've never been good ones!" The dragon, Shoutmon, interrupted. "Ng-"

"I wouldn't put it past Kiriha-kun to try and fight the Bagura army himself, especially considering his attitude the past few days," a new person added.


"Ah... You do have a point, Nene..."


"See, Taiki? He-"


Everyone immediately turned in shock to the owner of the shrill wail, a slightly blushing Cutemon. "B-ballistamon and I saw Kiriha leave early this morning. Neither of us didn't think much of it," the rabbit looked to the beetle, Ballistamon, then continued, "...until now."

Taiki looked to both Cutemon and Ballistamon. "Did either of you catch where he was going?"

Both answered no.

"I see..." Taiki stared down at the floor while thinking. Kiriha could take care of himself, and his army was more than capable... But, still, something seemed off. Then, an idea came to him, and he flicked his goggles as they caught the light of the room. "We still need to defend here, but that doesn't mean we can't also look for Kiriha. I'll need a few of you to accompany Beelzebumon in a search party, and the rest of us will defend here. I'm thinki-"

A sudden crashing noise interrupted the boy, and he and the rest of his comrades rushed to the front door of the castle. Both Taiki and Nene instinctively reached for their Xros Loaders. "Is Bagura already attacking?" Taiki asked a nearby Shamanmon. "Thankfully, no," a different Digimon replied, a swankily dressed Turuiemon, "But it's still not good news."

The front doors were opened, and the guards had the front gates open just enough for most of Xros Heart to slip through.