Hi this is my second fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. All of them are older and have their Shugo charas. I am going to include all characters in this but Rima, Nagihiko, and Nadeshiko are going to appear in later chapters. And yes Nagihiko and Nadeshiko are going to be twins. Finally, I want to thank Eve-chan for editing this because I know she doesn't like reading.

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~o~n~ ~t~o~ ~t~h~e~ ~s~t~o~r~y~ ~^~_~^~

"Are you sure it's exactly one year after?" asked an anxious Tadase. "At exactly this time last year she was gone. Why isn't she here yet?"

"Calm down Tadase-kun," said seven-year old Ami. "You know how the Black Lynx are." A small figure floating by her nodded. Kiseki knew exactly how Tadase felt, being his Shugo chara and all. He flew over to comfort Tadase as best as he could, while Ami comforted her parents. Soon a small group of detectives and police arrived, along with Tadase's best friend Kairi.

On the other side of the street, unknown to the group, was a young teenager watching and noting their every single move.

"Boss, all suspects are united together. All is clear. No problem should arise during the mission." She talked to what at a distance seemed like an ordinary cell phone. But up close it was noticeable as the new transmitter seen on the news, created by the notorious gang Black Lynx.

"Very well Yaya-chan. Inform us if anything happens," said the Boss. He looked at the fourteen-year old pink haired girl next to him. She smiled. "Yaya-chan, Utau is on the other side of the street also. You both know what to do." Turning off the transmitter he looked at the house in front of them. It was the first time they were going to legally steal. But, other than that it was the exact same as all the others. He was here for the girl next to him. For the girl he loved. For Amu.

"Ikuto? Are you alright. We don't have to do this if you don't want to." Amu told the Boss. With one nod of his head, she took out her house keys. "Good thing I didn't throw them out," she said with a small smile. "And good thing they didn't change the lock."

Everyone knew the plan. Yaya and eighteen-year old Utau would watch her family and detectives. Kukai, fifteen years old, would be on lookout outside the house along with all the Shugo charas. They didn't bring the whole crew because this was a small project. There were Eru and Iru, who belonged to Utau. Yaya had Pepe. Ikuto's was Yoru. The twins also had them. Nagihiko had Rhythm while Nadeshiko had Temari. Amu had the most, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia. The last group, Amu and Ikuto, would go inside and take what they wanted. Except that they had certain rules. They did not take food, clothes, pictures, and items that would most likely be of sentimental value.

"Amu, you may take whatever you want. Just remember our rules." Ikuto told Amu, even though she was the one that usually had to remind him.

"Ikuto, come on I need your help with some things." Amu said. And that was when he noticed that she had a couple of empty cardboard boxes with her. "But first take what you want." So Ikuto took three glass cats that looked like Yoru, one of them holding a strawberry. "Oh, those my mother bought once because she thought they were cute. But she never really cared for them. My room is this way." It turned out her room was the last one on the second floor, filled with items not moved since she disappeared.

"So this is your room. It doesn't suit you at all." Ikuto commented, while Amu nodded and looked around. "So the boxes were to fill them with stuff from here?"

"Yeah that's what they're for. My mom wanted me to have a dream room like Ami's. So one week while I was gone on a trip from school she redid everything. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I didn't like it or to paint everything back to the way it was." Amu told Ikuto. She then started to fill the boxes. She had some devil and angel items perfect for Utau. Cute plushies for sweet baby-like, thirteen-year old Yaya. Some sport equipment never used for Kukai. Items that were blue or cat related for Ikuto. A basketball for her friend Nagihiko. Fans that Amu knew dance-loving Nadeshiko would like. Gag manga that Rima would love to have. And some items for all the Shugo chara. Finally she got items for herself. One was her special Humpty Lock that meant the world to her. She also couldn't forget the box that used to hold her chara eggs. She got other items that expressed her. And finally all her trademark x-clips. When she saw Ikuto looking at her she said, "You know Ikuto, accessories aren't really clothes. They're actually items people use to decorate their clothing. I'm not breaking a rule."

On the other side of town with Amu's parents….

"Utau-chi! They're leaving!" Yaya told Utau.

"Don't worry over tiny things Yaya-chan. I can easily distract them for a while. Meanwhile call Kukai and tell him that they're giving up on Amu coming back." Utau told Yaya. Yaya then saw Utau talking with the group. Soon she had them walking in the opposite direction of the house. But once they reached a certain point Utau slipped out.

"What did you tell them, Utau-chi?" asked Yaya.

"Oh, just that I thought I saw somebody over a couple of blocks away being forced into a car." Utau told Yaya.

Back at Amu's house…

"Man what is taking them so long? It's not like they're going to take everything from there." Kukai wined.

"Shame on you Kukai-kun ~desu! You never complain when we're taking items from a sport fanatic." Su scolded him.

"Well…" From the past year, everyone in the gang had learned not to argue with either a mad or worried Su. Either way she was going to win due to her scolding.

"It's okay Kukai-kun. Amu had some sport equipment that she never used. So she's obviously going to get it for you. I actually made her get all that stuff myself." A hyper Ran told Kukai. Kukai flashed his trademark smile at Ran. Everyone said that if there was a contest on smiling Kukai would win. That is everyone but Ikuto. It was a known fact by everyone that Ikuto was in love with Amu. Kukai was checking out the scenery when he noticed a large group going toward the house.

"Ran! Yoru! Go quickly and find Amu and Ikuto. Yaya didn't call us to tell us that they're coming back!" Kukai told the worried charas.

Back with Utau and Yaya

"Yaya you did tell Kukai that they were heading back, right?" Utau asked a carefree Yaya. But Yaya was too busy looking at all the candy to listen to Utau.

"Utau-chi! I just remembered that I forgot to call Kukai!" Yaya said all of a sudden. "What are we going to do?" But Utau just looked up at the heavens. She knew that her brother and Amu were too good to get caught by a small group of detectives and cops.

Amu was just finishing packing up everything neatly into the boxes when Yoru and Ran hurried in.

"Ran? Yoru? What's going on?" Amu asked.

"Amu-chan! They're back and in front of the house right now!" Ran told. Amu was worried but both she and Ikuto knew what to do in case this had happened. Actually they had barely escaped this way many times.

"Ran chara change! Ikuto out the window facing the street!" Amu said. When she and Ikuto jumped out she couldn't help but just remember the previous year.

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