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"Amu-chan! Wake up!" yelled Ran, Miki, and Su. They had just gotten kidnapped, by the Black Lynx no doubt.


"Amu-chan!" yelled the trio again, not realizing that Amu was waking up with a head splitting headache. Amu got up and rubbed her throbbing head. She wished she hadn't woken up, just so that her head would not hurt so much.

"Where in the seven hells are we?" Amu asked her charas. She ignored Su's scolding and looked around at her surroundings. She had been asleep on a hideous yet slightly comfortable cot. There was a table that had a pillow for her charas and a couple of books. A bright lamp that seemed to not have a switch hanged above the table. There was also a television and radio, but nothing else.

"Amu-chan…" Amu turned around and looked at her three worried Shugo Charas. Seeing that Amu was paying attention to them and not the room, Ran continued to speak. "We were all kidnapped Amu-chan. You have been sleeping for a whole day."

"How do you know?" Amu asked them. There wasn't a single window in the whole fucking room to see the sun's or moon's light, which would have been comforting.

"There is a digital clock behind you that shows both date and time." Su told her. She was finishing checking Amu for any injuries when Miki flew up to Amu and looked her into her eyes.

"We saw someone put a black rose and lynx on the floor. We are with the Black Lynx." Amu stared at Miki, remembering every horrible thing she had ever heard of them. Of all kids and teenagers kidnapped, only one had returned. The girl had brought frightening tales of what happened to the people taken by the Black Lynx. Terrifying images rushed by in her mind, each worse than the one before it. While Amu was contemplating her fate, the only door leading into the room opened. The light from the lamp instantly dimmed, making it so that Amu could barely see anything.

"Hello my little strawberry…"

- Back to the Present -

"I wish this night could last forever." Amu said aloud. She practically floated above the ground, and Ran wasn't there.

"Sorry, but I can't let that happen Black Lynx." Amu turned around, surprised and scared. In front of her was the Black Lynx's greatest foe, the police, dozens of them. They covered every entrance to the hallway and crept ever so slowly closer.

"If you are ever caught, toss your cellphone away, but remember to keep the hidden transmitter. Once both are separated from each other, all people in the Black Lynx will receive a signal." Ikuto's words came to her, making her for some reason feel calmer. Amu slowly got her iPhone from a hidden pocket in the belt, and before they could stop her, threw it at them. Not a single officer noticed the tiny transmitter hidden between her fingers. While the police group stalled, believing it for a moment to be a bomb, she ran away. Yet before she could get away, many hands grabbed her. The only thing she could now possibly do was yell for help, hoping Ikuto would hear her.

She was taken out by the back door of the restaurant to a police car that was waiting. Though it was more like a dozen police cars. While being practically dragged by the officers she heard murmurs of the workers, hateful and hurtful comments. But they didn't compare to what the officers were saying, she couldn't even believe they thought that! The most insulting came from a policeman that was in the driver's seat.

"So this is the Boss's lover? Looks a little young don't you think. But Black Lynx already has a bad reputation, they should live up to it, shouldn't they? Ha-ha!" All the officers joined him until a woman walked up to them. They all instantly shut up. She was dressed professionally, but that didn't had the evil spark in her eyes.

"And who is this? If I remember correctly, I told you to get the Boss." The woman glared at them, making shivers run down Amu's spine. The officers all gulped and pushed a member forward. When he began to talk, or tried to, 4 others handcuffed Amu and pushed her into the car. "Stop you incompetent fools! I won't let you put her in there until I hear a very convincing story." Amu was then taken out roughly. For once Amu was thankful for the special made wig she wore. No matter how hard they shook her, it would not fall off. "So speak!" Amu was brought back to reality by the woman's shrill voice. Finally, one officer manned up.

"We got inside information that this girl will tell us everything about the Black Lynx. All the way to the beginning." At this the officer talking grinned a sickening smile. If Nagihiko and Nadeshiko had not trained her in acting, Amu would have given herself away, if not earlier now. She was absolutely terrified. Not only was she now in enemy territory, but somebody in the Black Lynx had betrayed everyone.

- Ikuto in the restaurant -


Ikuto bolted up and ran towards the voice. His heart pounded loudly in his chest, speeding up as his fear rose with every second. Amu would never scream for help. Not his Amu. He arrived at a secluded hallway from where he believed the scream had originated. Nobody was there, but he got a glimpse of about 10 too many people. He paid no attention to them, preoccupied in finding Amu. He stepped toward a different hallway when he heard a crack! underneath his foot. He lifted his foot and found a small iPhone with a pink cover splashed with paintings of strawberries and cats. Fear grabbed his heart tightly, nearly breaking it. His Amu was captured, and that hurt him much worse than breaking the promise made when Black Lynx was first created.

- The Beginning; 5 years ago -

"I can eat more ramen than you!"

"I can eat more!"

"No me!"



Ikuto sighed at the arguing Utau and Kukai. He hoped they wouldn't run off to a ramen challenge, something that happened often. He went up to them to stop them or he would never have a chance to tell them is plans.

"Utau! Kukai! Shut the hell up! Geez, it's practically impossible to talk with you two together." Ikuto ran his hand through his hair, wondering what to think of his little sister and best friend. "I'm running away with Yoru. You guys can come with me if you want. If you don't just promise me you won't tell anybody. I want it to be a grave secret." Utau started to cry quietly. Iru and Eru went up to her and comforted her best they could. Kukai and Daichi stood still, absorbing all Ikuto had said.

"When?" Kukai asked quietly.

"I'm not sure of the exact date. But I'm planning to leave next week." Ikuto replied, allowing himself to feel a bit of hope that they would go with him.

"Well, we have our work cut out for us then, don't we?" Utau said. She stood up straight, putting up a brave face. Eru and Iru floated defiantly next to her. Ikuto smiled at his little sister and his brother like friend.

"Don't worry guys, I have plans" Ikuto replied.

"One question Tsukiyomi. What are we going to do once we run away?" Kukai asked.

"Become a gang. I promise I won't let us get caught. I was thinking on the name, the Black Lynx." He smirked, watching their reaction. Both Utau and Kukai smiled, ready for the future, facing the world by themselves.

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