Unheard Pleas

Chapter 1

Hancock, well that's a guy. Sort of like Superman really, but without the cape...and with lots of attitude too.

You see not a million years ago the real life 'super hero' relocated here to the Big Apple from L.A, telling us some sob story about a finding another like him and not being able to be around her because he might die.

That's complete baloney as I figured the City of Angels had finally lost patience with the guy and told him to beat it!

I am Corey Brooks by the way, esteemed journalist (I wish) with the New York Times and for the last year or so I have been following Hancock with a great deal of interest. Like most kids my age I consumed comic heroes and cartoons by the truckload so imagine how I felt when this real life demigod dropped in on us? Out of this world! The inner child once again found an outlet and the journalist in me saw a Pulitzer Prize!

Hancock and his eagle side kick Atlas had been making a real name for themselves around the city. On his first day working he had put out an apartment fire, stopped a runaway subway car from shooting off the elevated track and saved a pregnant woman from drowning when her car went into the Hudson River.

I was there to report on all of those events, I even got an exclusive comment from the man himself: 'Get out of my face asshole!'

You see Hancock was beginning to fall off the wagon a little bit, having come from L.A 'clean and sober' (actually his words) but without his beloved PR guy Ray in tow. Ray's wife Mary was the 'other' hero in this picture and the one which our boy had to avoid or die.