Tem months later, John walked up the stairs to the flat at Baker Street. He found Sherlock in the kitchen, looking at something through his microscope.

"Ah, John, you're here! Did you bring food?"

"No, I've come to pick you up for dinner. I was concerned that you might not remember the engagement if I didn't come and get you."

"What do you mean? I came for dinner. I remember it distinctly."

"That was in March, Sherlock. It's now August and you said you'd come."

"Fine, fine!" He got up from the microscope with a glare and started rooting around for his coat and scarf.

"Mary's been cooking up a storm and she'd be upset if you weren't there."

"Why? It's just dinner. We could have got a take-away."

"Well, she wanted to do something nice. Come on."

"No, wait." Sherlock caught John's arm and turned him so he could look at him. John glanced around the room, before he finally met Sherlock's eyes. His face contorted as he tried to look nonchalant but he couldn't hold it for long before he grinned.

"Stop it," he said.

"Stop what?"

"Deducing me! Stop it!"

Sherlock grinned too. "Really? How far along is she?"

"Sherlock! I'm not telling you until... OK, she's ten weeks. We had an early scan and it's there, it's heart's beating, it has all its limbs!" He did a brief hop of pent up excitement.


"Yep! So far, so good."

Sherlock smiled. "Congratulations."

"Thanks. Right, let's go. Oh, before we do though, I got you a gift. I was going to wait, but you might as well have it now."

"For me? What is it?" He tore the brown paper from the small package. "Your book!"

"Yeah. I felt you ought to own a copy. It's signed."

Sherlock flicked through to the dedication page.

'To Godless-Father, Sherlock Holmes. Don't mess this up! Love, Major John Watson. MD.'

There you are. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm currently working on a Twisted Lip story which should be up soon. After that, I'm thinking of doing a case that Sherlock works around the time that John's baby is born. I'm interested to see it all from his point of view and to see how he copes without John's presence.

Somewhat sadly, that might well be my lot until after Season 2 is aired. But who knows what might happen in between times. I might well stumble across another short story that I want to play with.

Thanks again for all the reviews and support!

Pip xxx