Zeus POV

"I am King of the Gods!" I bellowed, "I can do as I please!"

Hera scoffed. "How can you set an example to the mortals? Do our marriage vows mean anything to you?"

Gah! Hera is so annoying. By Kronos! I think I'm going deaf! I'd rather stick my ass in Tartarus!

"OUR MARRIAGE MEANS NOTHING NOW!" I yelled after finally losing it. I've had enough of Hera's stubborn rants.

….Then it was quiet…

Hera remained regal and statuesque just as any other Queen of Olympus should be.

Hmm… maybe that was too harsh….

Guilt was creeping slowly into my system.

"Gaia's sake, Hera! Say something!"

Hera being finally quiet was rare and weird of her.

Hera bit her lip. Her luminous violet eyes softened. For a second, I'd gotten a glimpse of the insecure and vulnerable Hera. It was so….. not Hera.

But her gaze coldened at once. I nearly shivered.

"You're right, Zeus. It doesn't." She smiled coldy and turned her smooth, ivory back to me.

I sighed and put my hand on her shoulder. "Hera. I'm sorry."

She shook my hand off. "It doesn't matter."

I forced myself to turn away and mist-travel to Europa, leaving Hera alone in the great Olympian Halls… sobbing.

Hera POV

Too tired to be yelled at.

Too tired to see another with Zeus's seed.

Too tired to wait for him.

Too tired to be lonely.

"Gaia's sake, Hera! Say something!" He yells but all I'm thinking of is his other words echoing in my head.

Means nothing... Nothing...Nothing...

I gave him 500 centuries of obedience and all he gives to me is infidelity.

Right now, I want to run to my dearest Hebe and cry my heart out to her but my feet felt somehow rooted to the cold marble floor.

I clench my fists and willed myself to act queenly.

I forced a reserved smile on my lips but it never reached my eyes.

"You're right, Zeus. It doesn't."

Tears were threatening to escape my lashes so I turned away to hide my face.

"Hera. I'm sorry."

I felt his hand on my shoulder.

I shook it off. "It doesn't matter."

I don't need sympathy. Especially from that blasted idiot, Zeus.

I felt him dissolve into the mist.

...probably off to that whore, Europa...

I'm tired of Zeus.

I'm tired of being Hera...