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How well do you know Punk & Perv?

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I told him I would visit him tomorrow. I have to work; he just has to be good until then.

At ten a.m. he sent a text. Oops, he doesn't have any clean shirts. He hopes Dr. Cullen doesn't mind if he is dirty.

At one p.m. he sent a picture of his cock. He's horny; he wants it sucked.

Just now, he sent a video of him jerking off in the university library, shooting jizz into his hand while I can hear people talking in the background.

He moans my name as he comes.

I drive fast.


Jasper points out the freakishly angry-looking dude pacing up and down outside the library. I squeal, then cover my mouth. The hot librarian dude presses one finger to his lips, hushing me.

I blow him a kiss.

He blows one back.

Fist-pumping in slow motion, I moonwalk over to the door and press my nose against the glass.

It's Perv!

So hot.

So pissed.


When he finally looks up, I do the robot. I know he likes that. He's just pretending when he shakes his fucking head and starts to walk away.

He's missed me.