When his laughter stops, I hump him hard, hoping his smile will return.

He stares at me all sad, so I sit back and groan.

I tell him I'm fucking sorry. I don't want Emmett. I swear I fucking don't.

His frown tells me I'll have to do better.

I glare, 'cause I've never had to fucking work to be with anyone before – ever.

When I demand that he just tell me what he fucking wants from me, he yells out something I don't expect.

He says he wants to wake up with me tomorrow. That's all. Tomorrow and every day after that.


The moment I shout out what it is I've really wanted, I shut my eyes real tight.

Then I blurt some more.

He never finished college and his life seems pretty perfect, so why do I have to stay in stupid school? All I want to do is dance and fuck my gorgeous boyfriend. Why should I have to listen to my dad?

I think I might be pouting.

I swear I'll run away.

My perv hugs me hard, whispering that if I run he'll just have to chase me and we both know what would happen next.

He smiles, and I smile back.


The End (for now)

Thanks for coming along on another crazy ride with these boys. For those who have been asking about the outtake where Punk met Perv's mom, it will be posted soon.