Time Period: Months Later

Place: A Hospital Lobby

Action: Experiencing abdominal cramps, Faith along with Angel and Scarlet enter the lobby

Faith (bending over in pain): Ouch!

Angel (rubbing Faith's stomach): Hold on, baby

Faith (feeling sensation down below): Something is coming out of me. I feel pressure down below.

Scarlet (frightened): OH MY..

Faith (squeezing Scarlet's hand): Don't worry, baby. I will be ok.

A nurse (helping Faith into a wheelchair): I will take care of you, sweetheart

Faith: Thanks

Angel: How can I help?

Faith: You can look after Scarlet

Scene: The Hospital Delivery Room

Scenario: The Birth, D&C Procedure

Faith (crying and screaming as she pushes): AHA..AHA

Seth (speaking to Faith inside her mind): I am here, Faith

The doctor (breaking through the foggy mist): It was a boy