Summer's POV.

It's the morning of school camp in Phillip Island, Nan is in the kitchen making Charlie some lunch. I'm standing next to my bed, smiling whilst looking at a picture of Andrew. Beep... Beep... Beep My phone went off. I walked to the kitchen where Nan stood, she had turned bright red, looked me in the eye and said.
"Summer, what in the world is Andrew calling you a BABE for?" Nan said furiously, half out the door still holding MY phone! I ran out to Nan stamping towards the Robinson's house.
"Nan, just get over it, you can't do anything, Andrew and I are in LOVE" I yelled, maybe a bit too loud because just at that second, Tash walks out of her house with her wheelie suitcase. I saw she was wearing headphones, probably listening to that Justin Beiber rubbish! Phew... I said in my mind. Nan came storming back to me, I was actually terrified, she had never been so angry in my life! Tash had walked past and she smiled so I smiled back.
"I thought I told you that you don't need Andrew" Nan growled, Charlie had just walked out and was standing behind me, with his arms wrapped around my leg.
"Nan, I'm old enough to make my own decisions now!" I said calmly, trying not to frighten Charlie.
"Well what about Natasha? Andrew can't be going out with two girls at once," Nan replied. I was almost in tears now when Andrew appeared walking out of his driveway. Andrew walks up behind me after Charlie runs off somewhere. He wraps his arms around my waist and Nan looks mortified, like she had just woken up from a bad dream.
"Well, I guess I'll leave you two to it, and Summer, come back and get your stuff for camp!" Nan said stubbornly, not even mentioning Andrew. Andrew kissed me on the cheek and i pulled him to follow me back to my house. I took him to my room, and shut the door. Andrew was looking at the photo of him on my desk.
"I suppose you got my text then?" Andrew asked.
"Err, no, I'll be back" I replied back, running out of the room to recieve my phone back from Nan. I snatched it off the bench and ran back, trying not to be caught by Nan.
"Well, Andrew, Nan got me in trouble, she read your text to me when you sent it and she saw it said babe in it and she got all furious" I said after Andrew saw the look on my face.